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Friday 21 June 2019


This week has been a little tedious. The Conservatives brightened it up by finding a complete idiot and fantasist to stand for Prime Minister. He didn't last long, more is the pity. Great he was and the fragrant Beth Rigby dabbing her tears of woe at Rory's demise were a sight to behold. The Reeeing in the MSM was great.

I have found something new to learn. I am using or starting to use animation nodes in Blender 2.80. The problem is that the node add-on is in development and Blender is still in Beta. The chap who designed them is a real star. JACQUES LUCKE. They are great and save writing loads of script or hours of manual key framing. Unfortunately I couldn't make them work, I assume it is more my cack handedness and lack of nous rather than his programming. After a few hours frustration I found an Austrian chap called Chris Prenninger, he has had much more success than I have and now has his own build of Jacques script. If you click the link he explains it for idiots like me. Pity all teachers aren't in his league. It would help were I a bit more computer literate but I keep struggling on and learning.
This looks a mess cos it is a mess but even getting the render was a brain teaser. I had to use viewport render or Blender crashed. The joys of bumbling about in new software.
I've done a little video. I think it may help. There again it may not.
Have a good weekend.

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