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Thursday, 16 August 2018


This is not a complaint but a matter of physics. I've been playing in Blender again. Here is the result. 

The materials are all simple and I did check for funny normals but must have missed one in the bottom glass dish as I see a nasty black mark, I failed to notice it until the render was over and as the render takes a minute and twenty seconds a frame and there are over a thousand frames I decided I could live with it. There is also a seam line, I did notice that but it is the Bezier curve I used to generate the dish. It does happen but not always and I have yet to find the solution.
Have fun, Blender 2.8 release has been delayed again. It looks good in Alpha but I suspect a new GPU may be required.
Forgot to say this is 2K so can be watched full screen if you click on the rectangular box at the bottom of the video. The gear wheel thingy will let you select resolution.