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Friday 25 February 2022


 Look at this.

From squiggles to individual points or in this case cubes. The cube can be swapped for a seed, petal or leaf.

It has a bit of a curve on the 'Z' axis all controllable. These are a bit far apart but that can be solved.

I just have to alter the scale factor but it also scales on 'Z' no worries. I can just adjust the fall off.

Now I've got this far it is easily adjustable. I like the new system, once I got into it separating the vector stream from the attributes it makes life much better. Thanks Blender.

Here is the node tree for any that fancy a go.

Not too bad as these things go. The colour ramp needs setting to either ease or B-Spline and it also requires the math multiply node in front as colour ramps are clamped. That had me baffled for a good while. There is probably a more elegant way of doing this but it works and is easily animated with key frames on the Count in the first node.
Now this has taken about six hours but were I to do it again it's a thirty minute job. It's all my cuckoos that waste time.

Now it's back to bed for me as I have to go out later, assuming I can get out.

Have the BBC reported Putin bombing hospitals or baby milk factories yet? It's usually their first lie in squabbles like this.