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Sunday 20 February 2022


 After ten days my new Kindle battery has arrived. It turned up at the stables a couple of days ago but I wasn't due to go horseing till today. 

Now Kindle Readers are pretty good but I had the screen go bonkers on my first one after fourteen months. Amazon were reasonable and after some argument I got a new one for forty pounds. I kept the old one and dug it out delved inside and removed it's battery about eighteen months ago as the battery in the new eight year old one was knackered. Now a couple of months ago I noticed the reclaimed battery was showing signs of age. I went on t'internet and was horrified to find that not only do different models of Readers have different batteries but it's also age dependant. After much scratching about I found the serial number of mine and ordered a new battery from Battery.com. They aren't cheap but you do get a new battery.

Here it is.

All's fine so far, but they are buggers to handle, being as thin as an After Eight mint and about as structurally stable. You don't want to snap one as they fizz and smoke. Now Amazon glue them in top and bottom. Don't try and lever them out or they will break and fizz and it's not nice. One has to warm them up with a hair dryer to soften the glue but not too much as they will go ape shit if you overdo it. Don't worry, the battery says on it that it's bomb proof to 60°C so I guess safe to twice that. I go to hot to my finger, not very scientific but enough to sort the double sided tape they stick them with.

I like how things from foreign countries now come with a proper customs form. Cost me nothing extra this time so nice to see. I'm surprised the lefties aren't in favour of this job creation. 

Not cheap but cheaper by far than a new Kindle. Amazon don't make a battery swap easy and Apple are much the same. Getting the back cover off takes hands as steady as a midwifes and the nerves of a bomb disposal bloke.

Why, when we are continually berated for polluting the planet, do government and big business make it so hard for me to do my bit? 

In other news it looks as if Canada has become Fascist. Who would have thought that a rather thick soy boy homosexualist like Justine Castro could get elected or once elected have the nerve to throw a paddy and come down with such draconian powers on a few truckers. It's coming to us in the UK. The New World Order despots are just practising on Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  


  1. Trudeau said such dreadful things about the truckers comparing them to Nazis and murderers that a group of Israeli doctors in Tel Aviv wrote an open letter to him saying he did not know much about Nazis and did not know what he was talking about and explained for him what the truckers were actually saying, doing and why.

    1. What I find incongruous is that BLM burn, loot and generally trash the place but are lauded by the snowflakes. As far as I know the Truckers have done no damage, have been feeding the homeless and keeping the place tidy.