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Friday 30 November 2012

INQUIRY. (30/11/12)

From floods to freezing in a couple of days.  It was really cold last night. So cold I was up for a tiddle at just the back of midnight. So chilly was it that I had trouble finding anything to tiddle out of. After a few minutes of frantic searching and mission accomplished I went back to bed only to find that the dogs had pinched the warm bit. Life in the camper can be a trial at times.

I couldn’t get warm again so got dressed, switched the heating on, had a brew and set the camera to manual. Yesterday morning I noticed we had a full moon so decided to wrap up and brave the elements for a shot of it. I no longer own a long lens so gone are the composite shots of yore.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Moon and Jupiter…..it’s the little light above the tree or I hope it is, I no longer have a current almanac.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I swung the camera through a hundred and eighty degrees and took a picture of Venus.  Back in the dark ages when navigation by sextant was the only way to find ones way around I used to like the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter. They are difficult to mistake for anything else and one can usually see the horizon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Another one of the Moon…………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the one I went out to take in the first place……I just got distracted.

We have had an interesting week in the UK. A new Bank of England Governor has been appointed. He’s from Canada, like the geese but hopefully he’ll be a bit brighter and not such a nuisance.

The Leveson report has been published. It was commissioned by Dithery Dave some sixteen months ago to deliberate, collect evidence and advise on controlling the media. Six million pounds it has cost so far and after promising to implement it unless it proved completely bonkers Dithery has decided not to endorse it. This despite him praising it’s accuracy and thoroughness. We are now to have a draft bill and no doubt a vote in 2030. I suggest we have an inquiry into the judicial report, into Parliament and into Dithery. When one can’t decide have an inquiry…..works fine in most circumstances but I wonder how long it takes him to order a meal in a restaurant?

Have a great weekend and keep warm.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

SPRINGS. (27/11/12)

There are springs springing up in the most unlikely places. The whole area is awash but things are improving. The constant rain of the last thirty hours has been replaced by heavy showers.

I went for a quick wander this morning.

novflood panmor   This is my South Lake.

PB274692_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1     It creeps nearer the van but not to worry it won’t get that far.

PB274697_698_699_700_701_tonemapped_edited-1    The North Lake…..I’m not wading through that lot. It’s ridiculous but try as I might I can’t think of any way of blaming a politician…..pity!

I hope you are all surviving…..we are better off here than many areas of the country. I must make a break for the shop as I suspect it may snow soon. That will be fun on top of all this water.

Have a good week and stay safe.

Saturday 24 November 2012

CHARITY. (24/11/12)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                            A Corner of Ullswater taken in March 2010.

Roll on winter, another cold damp day here. The photo above was taken on a good day, a proper cold winters day.

We have a new Archbishop of Canterbury. He is  in charge of the Church of England. He is much like the Prime Minister, Dithery.has been away in Europe this week snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

They think they are in charge but the head of the Church of England. The head of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth is Her majesty the Queen. About time she showed a bit of leadership and commercial acumen. We subjects are hungry and could well become revolting. She could usefully start by grabbing a bit of loot from the Aussies…..We could do with some of their Wealth…..In the unlikely event that she does something useful and goes begging I’ll leave the Common bit  for a later debate.

The new Archbishop is Justin (Oil) We(l)lerby. A man who emigrated from the city and oil industry for more lucrative pastures.

He is in for a rough ride…I admire him for being in favour of  Bishopresses, he is a bit homophobic. Gays aren’t predatory so if you aren’t interested just keep your shirt tucked in…..  I don’t know whether he believes in God…!…I have not noticed his comments on that…..Could be me…I can get distracted at times and miss the plot.

It has been a big debate this week, he lost! Good job he didn’t take on the job at Chelsea Football Club. The managers there don’t get a second chance.

Some in the church are against lady priests never mind promoting the ones they have. Priests? I thought the C of E had Vicars. That’s what I called them when I was part of the flock. Priests were the papist kiddy diddlers in my day…..I must be getting old!… Anyway it appears that despite having a woman as head of the church we can’t have them in middle management……The workings of the Lord are indeed mysterious.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This morning we walked in freezing fog and ice to the shop……It wasn’t a good trip….the bloody dogs got excited when I slipped on the ice and I ended up sitting on my bum, a big trip. Such is life. The dogs thought it hilarious. They’ll learn when they don’t get a bit of my chicken dinner…..Wee Buggers!

I must be in favour as Bells Whisky was on offer at £15.00p for a litre and as you can see, I did my bit for charity by purchasing a bottle. I had always assumed that Help for Heroes was in aid of wounded soldiers. Now I know differently……It’s a charity that dedicates itself to carrying drunks home!…..A worthy cause!

Enjoy next week and have fun.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

APATHY. (20/11/12)

Yesterday started out full off promise but soon degenerated into a typical damp and dismal autumnal experience.

Untitled_Panorama1      An excellent sunrise.

After a wander to the shop I came back and started searching for pictures I suspected were missing.

A couple of years ago I had a hard drive destroy itself. I did manage to recover most of the images that I hadn’t backed up. I then installed two new drives and Windows 7….that, I remember, kept me out of mischief for a few days. On drive two I found them……Them, 75.8GB worth. Here are a couple from Whitby taken in April 2010.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADawn light on the beach.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Beach Huts taken an hour later.

Last Thursday we had elections all over the country to elect Police Commissioners…..Few bothered voting, average turnout was a dismal sixteen percent. This was another flagship policy from our leader Dithery. The low turn out was put down to apathy and ignorance. From the number of people that spoilt their ballot papers I suspect antipathy might be a more accurate assessment. London isn’t having a police commissioner…..I don’t know why unless Barmy Boris is doing the job alongside his mayoring.

It’s another warm damp day here so I going to settle down with a book.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Friday 16 November 2012

I HAVE DECIDED. (16/11/12)

Magpiemine  One from the bin….Magpie Mine near Sheldon in Derbyshire. The lump in the middle is the old Cornish Engine house.

I’ve decided at long last to buy an old and hopefully perfect Hasselblad and go back to film.

After a couple of years looking at digital shots and whilst admiring many of the images taken by competent folk, they never seem to have the depth and crispness that is possible with film. Having said that I’ve seen some bloody awful scanned film.

This has changed a bit for those using, Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad . All are making monster digital backs, up to eighty million pixels with big sensor sites and sites without filters. They are superb but they cost….  about five pence a pixel and one still needs.. The bane of anyone's life, a centre filter on wide angle lenses plus a colour correction shot against an opaque bit of white plastic to get rid of magenta colour shifts. Then the cheeky devils say the job is a ‘Good Un’….Forty thousand pounds and it doesn’t work….On your bikes and up your Private Bits! Leica were as bad. With the M8 they gave you a correction filter for the front of the lens….I’d still love an M8 rangefinder….I like their attitude. Agricultural though their solution is on five grands worth of camera. Just lend me one without the filter.

I was uninspired when I swapped my Olympus E-3 for the E-5. It had video…I like watching fillums but  I hate editing them.…..It had pre-programmed effects of all sorts of funny things….the same funny things that I do but why do they put them in and not something useful like an interval timer? I have PS Elements for doing funny things. All I want is a good RAW image and a JPEG, the later to save buying Lightroom and so save cataloguing time. I thought of switching to Canon and still would given unlimited finance. Their anti alias, anti infrared anti this and that filters do soften images and they are proud. So proud they popped them in front of the sensor.

At least Leica gave one the choice but not any more with the M9.  

After studying the job….I decided to retrograde. Back to the happy times of my youth when music was played in village halls with the whistling and a screeching of ‘feed back’ . A fight over a particularly nubile lady was commonplace and the Olympus OM1 was a real camera that cost a fortune and a Hasselblad cost two fortunes

It is horses for courses and the Lord forbid we were all the same.I hate shooting video. The best video man in the world is KEITH he wanders about and chats on his. An art form he should benefit from. It’s bloody hard to do, he spends ages filming bushes full of birds we can’t see and describing them but having been out with him I can assure you if he says they are there then they are there.

  Digital is coming of age but it isn’t there yet. It’s great for the web, the cameras are ten times better than monitors…or Minotaurs….or whatever the mythological  bull like thing was called. I have got to an age when all I want is a better camera than I will be capable of getting the best from.

The build of a Hasselblad! WOW! It is strong enough to forge steel in it’s dark shade, drop proof, freeze proof, crank up and fire, Hasselblad is the one for me. The racket it makes lets one know one has taken the shot. That’s why NASA took them to the moon, they possibly didn’t notice the noise in a vacuum but who am I to say? Having listened to two weeks of American elections I am convinced they can hear. Hasselblad are that good. Will work in freezing, will work in a heat wave, will even make the Stars and Stripes blow and flap on the moon. Cunning devils are the Swedes. There was I belittling Olympus for building effects into cameras….I’ll chew on soap…………..That tastes…..not too bad… much like a Big Mac.

I would never have found this company FFORDES if it hadn’t been for a lass who got a camera from them. Her blog is worth a look BROOKWOOD. Her images have come on a treat since she went to Ffordes.

Yes I’m plugging them  here is what I covet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         L… L….Looks a million dollars in yellow….I love it. FFORDES also have it and half a dozen others in black and chrome…One in gold for the seriously wealthy. They are just a wee box. A wee light proof box. I’m showing my age but I want one more than I want Uma Thurman.

The lenses are almost automatic one determines an exposure value locks it and the picks ones desired speed or aperture. All without running out of electric… Spot on!…Almost! One has to wind the buggers up. Load film, I can’t wait  for the smell…..get it processed, then scan it if you ever want others to see the fruits of all this labour ont’tinternet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             Drop dead gorgeous they are even in black….No bloody batteries. Well there are in the exposure meter, It comes as an independent unit.

I’ll guess…. I could never work them, I’ll guess exposure then  I’ll guess I’ll have the yellow one. I will buy one or use the SLR as one or use the DSLR as a rough and ready guide.

A system change is not a whim or a waffle job. One is into serious money…..(Don’t look Steve at Fffordes….bugger. One too many ‘fs’)! I need treating gently. So do you so we’ll leave the ‘Fs’ till I pole up.

I also need extension tubes/ bellows, lenses. Odd bits and bats like remote cables, lens hoods, a scanner, a load of film cassettes, A Manfrotto geared tripod head to support the weight and that’s before I get into prismatic viewers/ screens. Filters! Almost forgot, I have a stack of Cokin ones but they need binning. Lee is what I want.

Still, all said, I thought I wanted a prime Canon 400mm and that is 6K. Second Hand. The prime 40mm and a100mm macro  will be two and a half grand a piece.. the camera body will be another two thousand second hand…... A Schneider tilt shift on a Canon another two thousand or so and it doesn’t get near what this can do but this doesn’t get near what any large format can achieve .Here is a rare and lovely beast….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            The Hasselblad Flexbody. A snip at a couple of grand…..Again image by kind permission of FFORDES. The Flexbody is not  that well thought of but it would be nice to own and learn to love the black sheep of the family. I wonder if they ever made them in pink or yellow?

Have fun and have a great weekend.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

A SPLASH OF COLOUR. (13/11/12)

Life is a struggle at the moment. I still get out but am not getting any good images. I found the last of the autumn colour this morning.

PB134626_27_28_29_30_tonemapped_edited-1       A few flowers on the gorse would not have gone amiss.

adrianfluteposeI forgot to include this wonderful image of an Adrian in his prime. Many thanks GLO you did an excellent job. Though you couldn’t know it I love the clothes.

I’m still trying with the flute but my fingers seem to have slowed down…..I’ll try that green mussel juice…….perchance I’ll have to stop playing my flute. I’ll also have to cut down on the cigarettes….It takes a hell of a lot out of me blowing across the damn thing. I was never any good on it but I was much younger and rubbish.

Enjoy the rest of your week…..I’m still hanging around waiting for the Hasselblad. When that day arrives then all pictures will be in square format.

Saturday 10 November 2012


It's the thought that counts it took me ages to get this far. If you left click it will go back to the start..
Hover your mouse over the picture.....it should revert back but I've got all muddled up. 

It's the thought that counts.
Just had another go...no better so press F5 and it will start over.
And another go.....bugger...still not as bad as being shot for something or other. I'll never make a Gook or Geek or a Squadie. Horses for courses.
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
The twentysomething go....Just popped Marks editing of my code in and still no joy.....I bet a pound to a shilling it's blogger giving me a hard time. Many thanks to Mark for his patience and help. It's all good fun.

Thursday 8 November 2012

PLAGEURISM. (08/11/12)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           On Tuesday I had to switch the radio off so went back to rooting about in old hard drives. My hard drives save things but I really must tell them to save things in folders. I couldn’t even remember taking this.  The only reason I could be sure it’s mine that there are five of them.

004_edited-1  Mine again same story. The first is I think is just north of Lowestoft and the second on the approaches to Copenhagen….. I hope!… I used to like windmills till I saw the latter.

I love news programmes, I don’t know why, I like to think that I want to know when Armageddon is coming. If I'm honest then I couldn't tell, I couldn’t care less and I’m a sad voyeur.

I got really pissed off with myself and the American election because I couldn’t tear myself away.

Two candidates Obama a Muslim but not practising, Romney a Mormon….possibly practising…he wears the vest and thank the Lord I can’t vouch for his knickers. Mitt does come across in the Old World as very insular and a touch more duplicitous than your average politician…He probably hears voices or worse can ask the voices……  He needs treatment!  I thought at first it was a bit of a close call…..Like a bag of M&Ms. They all taste the same but come in different colours….How does one pick the good one?…Roll ‘em out and gobble, gobble gobble …last one left uneaten is the winner.  Good a way of electing a leader as any.

I know that religion is not a barrier to election in America and for that I admire the Constitution. Your ancestors were in many cases fleeing persecution both religious and secular Many were forced by us and the Dutch to board a ship in Africa bound to the New World to work under slavery. It shouldn’t have happened but we live in today. Humans whatever colour  are the same as I am…….most are much better. the only ones I am wary of are the idiots that use belief in mumbo jumbo christ…god…jesus to attack me for my atheism.

. Treat everybody you meet with kindness. If they start to exhibit aggressive tendencies then hit them and hit them hard. Do it yourself!…Don’t ask others to do it for you….A young Squaddie here or a GI over there should not be a pawn in a politicians game…..Bring back jousting. Dithery has been honing is equestrian abilities. He borrowed an ‘orse from a person of dubious morality  but at least he is trying.

As I was saying…..I got fed up with politics and fired up some music. My computer fires up a random track. Bob Dylan..The Times they are a Changing was first up…..okay I can live with that. It then went to another Bob Dylan track…….God is on Their Side……A Bloody Fenian song he ripped off …..The Patriot Game by Liam Clancy..The Patriot Game. A much better song and so much sadder……my  music must be better organised than my pictures.

The war with the Fenians  is yet to reach a conclusion, we hates them and have done for a thousand years. It’s a good cause we want their country and we want theirs…Bugger all in Ireland so why can’t they have it back?

It’s so hard to hit the Irish…they play wonderful music, write wonderful books and much like us try and fight away their troubles. The female of the Urse speaking nation are the wonders of the female world. They say FECK  OFF like no other woman can. Just a big pity and a beauty that we are such near neighbours. Of course they do not attract the weak of heart. That’s why it’s Fenianesses fault there are so many catholic tiddler and toddler diddlers. Get a life in Ireland  and stop exporting your major asset. Your Ladies.

The  Fenian males are either normal, much like the females but less aggressive or Catholic paedophiles. Many of our lords and right wing politicians fall into the same category.

Grow up!  Own up you kiddy fuckers and If you can’t tackle a mature lady then give up and beat your own meat. DO NOT mess with kids. The UN should invade and police the Vatican. The House of Lords here should be purged of paedophiles . Buggery between consenting adults is fine, a bit smelly in a non fishy way perhaps. No worries, horses for courses.  Adult humans like adult dogs or sheep should be trusted with children. Those  that can’t stop molesting the weak should be shot. The same applies to those that can only find power over the weak by using that power. . Buy a Ferrari if your willy or fists don’t work.

Look at this wee lassies work…………………………………. Might be a big lassie for all I know…..she must be a film star to produce these magic  GIFFs



jamie-beck-22[4]                   Sheer plagiarism. Jamie Beck’s work is great I have spent two days trying to replicate it. Not a cat in hells chance for a muppet like me. Go here for a look at what else this film star can do……Look Here…. her work is harder to follow than it is to do…..  Bloody brilliant. it is though.

You all have a great weekend.

Monday 5 November 2012

A REAL TREAT. (05/11/12)

It was a touch chilly this morning but well worth going out.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Stump Puffballs. They went down a treat for breakfast with an omelette and a couple of rashers of bacon. It’s rare to find them in such good condition.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Mr Great Spotted Woodpecker. There are either two families calling or two males and one female. I enjoy having them round but four fat balls and half a tube of peanuts a day is getting a touch expensive.

I deleted the last post as I went over the top. Sorry about that, just a touch of lunacy.

I will be glad when Obama is back in power. The BBC are driving me mad. Non-stop coverage of the election and what is worse they spend their time interviewing strident, squawking, whingeing, semi-literate American ladies. How anyone lives with them screeching away is beyond me. How the BBC find them is a mystery. I spent ten years, on and off, working in the States and never came across this breed……most spoke like Uma Thurman…….most had bigger bums but Wowee!  That accent…brilliant!

It matters little to me which way the Americans vote. Democrats always seem more moral and balanced but with the exception of Clinton hellish boring. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mitt Romney could provide the entertainment that has been lacking since Reagan and George W Bush ceased giving their hilarious speeches. Clinton was pretty good but his only contribution to idiocy was his famous Watch My Lips speech….we all knew he really meant watch Monica’s lips.

I thought we were in for a good thunderstorm tonight.

PB054601_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1 This cumulus Nimbus really grew fast But there must have a band of cool air which stopped it in it’s climb to the heavens.

hamhd0511 It just settled into a bit of a smudge……I’ve seen worse smudges.

I  really am ready to move on. Doing my head in here….it shouldn’t be long now till I’m back on the road.

I’m writing and rehearsing for a few hours a day. Adrian’s Images is slowly going to retrograde into a Slidey-Road-Show. I’ve got a 6x6 slide projector and anticipate doing a wee chat and a showing of my ‘oliday snaps. I still need a screen if anyone has a redundant one. Ideally it should be clean and white.  There is no rush but bear in mind I’m not in the first flush of youth!  It will be a good six months till I get enough slides together along with the prints to go with them. I’ll also need music….no bother I have a flute I’ve not played for a year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It’s made by Boozy and Hawkes, it needs a polish and a blow or two but I’ll get up to speed……Should it be spelt Boosey and Hawkes?……I prefer Boozy!

Have a good week.