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Monday 29 June 2020


Yesterday was vile but the rain was warmish. I have a quad to sort out but I can't get it under cover so yesterday I did the crossword and played in Blender.
This is a fractal produced using Maths and Vector Maths nodes in the Shader editor. The green nodes are a simple group and can be copied and pasted as often as one desires.

This is the node tree before it's grouped. This could be done using Animation Nodes and a Loop, I could also include the 'Z' axis for a 3D Fractal. If anyone is interested I could do a video HowTo.

This caused a bit of a stir in the usual circles but I like it.
Unfortunately it had to be repainted.
Have a good week.

PS. this came to my attention much later. It's priceless.
The BBC must be hiring editors from the Guardian. 

Another thing that I've been pondering. Have the BBC decided if the Reading murders were a homophobic or Islamic attack? Come on BBC I need to know.

Friday 26 June 2020


The White rabbit was a character in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I must confess I have never read the book so will rectify this omission quicksticks. I first remember it as a song by Jefferson Airplane written by their vocalist Grace Slick. I never got heavily into psychedelia but did have a crush on Grace all on the strength of her photo on an album cover. A girl made me a tie dye T-shirt. Cutting edge I was. I even had an Arlo Guthrie album, Alice's Restaurant, crap. I had another by a bloke called Bob Dylan, okayish I liked Dylan. I was more interested in motorbikes and climbing and in those days my peers thought me a bit poofy liking hippy stuff. Being a poof was not something one broadcast, just like wanking. It just wasn't the done thing to disseminate (excuse the verb) . It's Poof parade season and fortunately it has been curtailed by BatFlu.

  I have a white rabbit again this year.
This is several generations on and every year the rabbits get less white. This one is more of tinged rabbit.

I have consigned the Newton's Cradle to the 'Far too Hard For Adrian' file. I'm looking for something else to occupy my limited grey cells.

I see the Enrichers have kicked off in Glasgow. A man was shot after going on a stabathalon. That's the way to deal with them. Non of this southern nambypamby Reading business. No point in having armed police if they are going to get down on one knee in front of folk that hate them. However the Police must be well trained to discharge a firearm in public as collateral damage is very difficult to assess in the fraction of a second it takes to top vermin. 

We had a Gypo infestation about three years ago, they have moved on to softer targets now as one hit his own head with a hammer. The Bizzies did wonder about that but as his family were told. " Hitting oneself with hammers could become a hereditary problem." Nothing came of it, Gypos take defeat, they don't like authority so won't shop one but it isn't nice to deal with. Gypos are brighter than sub Saharan Africans who should be easy as they are wimps and generally a bit thick but muzzies have to be watched. Some will die to kill. They even kill virtue signalling folk who try and help them. Pandering to their distorted view on reality only encourages them.

Why do we keep importing them without the will to control them? A mystery to me. I guess white lives matter less than the indigenous population and virtue signalling.

A sad post but have a good weekend. Sorry about the composition, Blogger threw a wobbly. Sorted now. I threatened it with a hammer.

Wednesday 24 June 2020


I have spent hours trying to get the Blender Physics whatsit to simulate a Newton's Cradle. I can make it do it.......a bit using the hinge constraint and a single suspension wire but not if I use two and without two it isn't a cradle, it doesn't work with the point constraint either. Whilst writing the last few words I have thought of something I've not tried. I'll have another go in a bit. If that doesn't work then it will go in the large file titled "Too Difficult for Adrian."

It's fine up to this point, the strings maybe a bit poofy but the material doesn't affect anything. It all goes chaotic as soon as I play the simulation. It's worse than the blasted waterwheel and it can get filed with it if there's anymore nonsense.

I haven't seen much news so don't know if Wee Nippy is letting us out (or in, heaven forbid) or not and if she is, what we are supposed to wear. I called at the supermarket on my way home and it was quiet, a good job as I was in a rush. Quiet it may have been but I managed to find the loonie There it was standing in front of the bread racks fully clothed in mask gloves and what looked like a shower cap, poor mite was obviously trying to recall what bread looked like. After a few minutes I said excuse me I only want this one and grabbed my malted bloomer. She went ballistic, you've no mask, have you washed your hands? I beat a hasty retreat and left her screaming SUPERVISOR......supervisor.....supervisoor. It got quieter as I hit the cheese and yogurt bit. Could have been worse, I could have been behind her at the tobacco counter waiting while she had them check dozens of lottery tickets.
 I did hear of the chap flying a White Lives Matter banner over a footy game, I thought nothing of it until the screeching started. Not to worry, it took the snowflakes minds off the Muzzie stabbing lots of homosexualists in Reading, that shut them up. Pity they didn't fly the banner earlier the murdering scumbag may have desisted.

Have fun.

Friday 19 June 2020


It is vile here this morning, nasty wet misting stuff. 
Yesterday the dogs had a long overdue haircut. The council are moaning about the haircutter being open but then they get paid whether they work or not. 

It's always the same. They are standing together and as soon as I've got the camera sorted one decides to have a tiddle and the other disappears under a car.

Here they are, a bit damp but reasonably clean and tidy.

I've been playing with a pendulum in Blender as I would like to make an animated Newtons Cradle. It is harder than I thought it would be.
This is as far as I've got. Hang on a minute or two I'll show you it in motion. It could be anything in a still.

Now to develop this further. I can see it keeping me amused for a while.
Have a good weekend and don't go kissing bats or politicians.

Tuesday 16 June 2020


Blender 2.83 is out and has been for a while but I downloaded it first thing and decided to make something relaxing as I needed to relax.

Not perfect but not too shabby for a forty minute job.
That's all for today and try to avoid pissing in the street as it warrants a spell in jail under our new Common Purpose Marxist regime. I'll have to let the lads and lassies know that it is unacceptable to just hop off the tractors or quads for a quick leak.

Sunday 14 June 2020


Messages in Scotland means a shopping list. This can cause confusion to foreigners like me if one is stopped and asked. "Has yous got my messages?" Likewise it is normal when cashing up at the till to hear them say. "Is that yous?" When you are leaving they invariably say. "SeeYous." Funny folk they are but I like them.

I have been shopping, not messaging for some of the older folk, (come to think some are younger than me). It's getting a bit of a pain after god knows how many weeks. I have mentioned that it would be nice to resign from the task but they are frightened. The sodding BBC, ITV, politicians, papers, doctors and other useless twats have told them they will die if they go near a shop. Die of bloody cold if they go to queue in winter possibly.
 I have one chap with a brain tumour, they operated just after Christmas but nothing since as they are dealing with BatFlu and dancing for Tiktok. He hasn't been well recently so he phoned his GP, he gets the grupenfugheress who like most is a fascist revelling in her power with no sense of self awareness, empathy and minimal medical knowledge. Wants to know his grandmothers shoe size and what is wrong. He was throwing up. " Do you mean vomiting?" Of cause he did you stupid cow. The doctor phones back over a day later and says stop eating solids and sip water. By this time I had been to the chemists and got Dioralyte, called at the Co-Op for a brown loaf and half a dozen bananas. He eats toasted bread with mashed banana on and drinks rehydration salts. A week later he is much better but not feeling like seeing another banana or a doctor.
 When this is over they want sacking sans pension. Difficult with GPs as they are only peripherally part of the NHS. I remember years ago meeting competent ones and there must still be some here and there who work with altruism. 

After all this we could, decimate the NHS, save a fortune and get back to a system that is not there solely for the benefit of employees. 

I am thinking of sticking 20% on the messages from next month. Doubt I will but the threat may be enough.

The paper work is worth a shilling or two.

Have a great week and don't weaken and if you do don't rely on the NHS.

Saturday 13 June 2020


I don't have many friends but I do have acquaintances. My default position when confronted by people with views opposed to my own is to evaluate their size and likely threat and either take the piss or back off quick sticks. This gets more difficult with age as I can't run as fast as I used to.....Can't run at all if I'm honest.
I worry myself from time to time, a couple of years ago I was heading into the Co-Op having parked on the wide bit of pavement when I was accosted by a very small Scot. I know these wee Jimmies can be lethal so I politely enquired how I could help. By shifting that fucking car he said. He was the National Party candidate and was trying to set his stall up to sell coffee mugs, little saltires and those badges with a money bag on. They look like this.
  I said I'll be a couple of minutes, I only want bread and milk, when I come back I'll buy a mug. Off I went telling him that in the unlikely event he got a rush on the keys were in and he could shift the car along a bit, ignore the dogs they are okay, they are both Scottish, a bit nippy maybe but you'll be used to that . I was a bit longer than anticipated due to an old wifey with loads of lottery tickets to check. Got back and went to peruse his merchandise £6.00p for a mug. I thought, me and my big mouth. I did offer to give him £1.50p but unfortunately that was insufficient and stuffing a leaflet into my hand he bade me farewell....Scottish words to that effect anyway. 
 I never discriminate based on colour or nationality, I do not like thieves, virtue signallers or hypocrites. There are more than enough of these to keep me amused. This BLM nonsense needs stopping. Antifa, XR and all those silly buggers need a good slap as do the Football Lads but they do have an excuse as they are very tribal and have to be segregated from each other whilst watching a game. I really object to extremists like Momentum and have very little time for politicians or the media. This has no bearing on their colour. All lives matter.......with a few exceptions. 
It's all very confusing a bit like this.

Have a great weekend and try to avoid throwing bricks at horses or vandalising the towns and cities of what is a  tolerant nation.

Wednesday 10 June 2020


I promised this on Monday, I've have had quite a lot on but here it is, better late than never.
I did this yesterday but the video was about twenty minutes long which I thought excessive. If anyone would like clarification or for me to delve into more complex stuff then just ask. If you follow this video then your header will fit and the body and sidebar will be something like good enough. I have tried to replicate the problem some have of headers and images appearing semi randomly. I can't make it do it. I do recommend saving your Blog as the video shows. If you have added any HTML code into the Body then it is advisable to go to the HTML view, press control 'A' then Control 'C' and paste it into the Note Book with Control 'V'. From there you can save it to somewhere sensible.

If anything is confusing then let me know. Computers are rather odd beasts but it is difficult to do any lasting harm so play about and have fun.

Saturday 6 June 2020


A quick post to put recent vandalism in perspective.
 It's seventy five years since the D-Day landings. Look at your war memorials with, sadness, gratitude and respect. Honour them and what they represent and don't deface them with mindless graffiti. Save your 'Kumbayas' and 'We Shall Overcomes' for those that deserve it and not some drug addled, violent, career criminal. A disgrace you are if you support him or think the manner of his demise inappropriate. Just get a life and think of something constructive to do instead of encouraging gullible, ill prepared idiots to further your irrational dislike of Boris or Trump. Neither are anything like perfect but much better than the alternative.
Please stop this nonsense now. 
Here endeth Saturdays sermon.

PS. I know I have missed out Poland, a few French some Indians, several Nepalis forgive me I couldn't think how to fit all the flags in.

Thursday 4 June 2020


I have been a bit busy as the car needs an MOT and required some work. I did go insecting  but didn't find anything worthwhile so here are a couple from the archives.
This is a Longhorn beetle.

I did notice a Horntail Wasp so will try and get a snap or two. They are massive but very hard to photograph unless you can pick them up. They don't sting as they are not really wasps but sawflies. Impressive they are so I'll pop out and try and find one.

Tuesday 2 June 2020


I spent yesterday sorting out the macro gear. I have decided to go insect hunting again. I won't have far to go as the Harridan of Holyrood is limiting everyone's travel to within five miles of home. It won't apply to me as I'm of no fixed abode. I doubt it will apply to the majority of the rest of the population either as many in Scotland have much further than that to travel to school, work, shops etc.
With the above in mind (Not the Harridan of Holyrood or wee Nippy as she is usually referred to) I have decided to start a new blog. I have done a rough draft of the header and registered the title. I notice that several bloggers seem to struggle when sorting their templates I'll record the whole process and make a short video. I suppose I better use the new UI* as from the end of the month there will be no choice.
* UI stands for User Interface. Could have saved doing an asterisk and in a different colour had I not been a smart arse. 
Not this rough, This is a Png. file and has an Alpha channel. It may look fine against my Blogger template but if you hang on a second I'll run it through Photoshop and pop it on a black background just in case..... Here we are. Could have saved doing this as well had I just published and had a look. 100% black never looks very nice, A proper graphic artist told me that and for once I agree with her.  She also ate horrible stuff like tofu, like soggy lard without the taste it is...Horrid.
I don't like the text so will have a look what a wire frame and bevel looks like, I like the font and downloaded it specially. It looks cool innit and makes me appear like all the twenty something and younger space cadets I wish to emulate in the 3D world. No Chance but SciFi text is a start.

This is funny. On Saturday morning young Lauren has a Zoom, OBS or some such session with her maths teacher. She dutifully logged on stuck a bit of tape over the camera and bribed her brother to sit out the lesson. The teacher isn't daft, he said Kyle go and fetch your sister. Kyle tried his best replying in a squeaky voice it's Lauren here. The daft buggers had covered the wrong camera. They may make excellent farmers but never in a BatFlu lock down will they make 3D modellers or maths graduates.
That's all for today, I'm away to try and get messages for folk in the glen. Bloody Co-Op shuts and opens on a whim. It's annoying when one has a six mile round trip to find them shut. Still it could be worse, we wouldn't starve as there are plenty of rabbits but I really don't like the taste of lactating rabbit nor the thought of little rabbits starving. There are plenty of sheep and pigs but I find as I get older I don't like slaughtering and butchering big animals. I expect I would manage were I hungry enough.

Monday 1 June 2020


This will only be of interest if you are using CAD. I was using FreeCAD yesterday to redraw the chain sprocket and as always finding it hard to switch between the workflow in Blender and FreeCAD. I remembered reading about PDT in Blender. It ships as an Add-On in version 2.82 so no messing with installation is required.
Precision Drawing Tool. This is it in Blender 2.90 Alpha as that is what I had open at the time.
It seems fine so I'll play a bit more and see how I get on.
I composed this in the new Blogger interface and it appears to work fine. If Pauline reads this then just ask and I'll show you how to enlarge your images.
Enjoy June, it's often a good month.