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Wednesday 10 June 2020


I promised this on Monday, I've have had quite a lot on but here it is, better late than never.
I did this yesterday but the video was about twenty minutes long which I thought excessive. If anyone would like clarification or for me to delve into more complex stuff then just ask. If you follow this video then your header will fit and the body and sidebar will be something like good enough. I have tried to replicate the problem some have of headers and images appearing semi randomly. I can't make it do it. I do recommend saving your Blog as the video shows. If you have added any HTML code into the Body then it is advisable to go to the HTML view, press control 'A' then Control 'C' and paste it into the Note Book with Control 'V'. From there you can save it to somewhere sensible.

If anything is confusing then let me know. Computers are rather odd beasts but it is difficult to do any lasting harm so play about and have fun.


  1. I tried out the new Blogger a few days ago. For me it was useless. I copy and paste the code for my photos from Flicker but the new Blogger corrupted the code and they didn't show. Maybe that's been solved now.

    1. John, this post was composed in the old version as the new one was not accepting video a week or so ago. Google are a bit anyhow, I suspect they use cheapo labour* and never check what they are doing. The template interface seems okay. This HOWTO was made for a lady who is having a little bother with her new template and is far from being alone.

      * Upskilling is, I think, the new phrase for folk being a bit thick.

  2. Well I have managed to solve my problem of having a photo on one side and the text on the other and going around it. So far. The problem is that I can't actually find a consistent sequence of actions to achieve the same thing each time. I'm sure I'll crack it if I spend enough time which I will have to. At the moment technology is bugging me. I have two printers both of which have been throwing random wobblies the last few days. One can waste a lot of time sorting things like that out. Fortunately the weather is not garden weather.

    1. Graham, I tried using the Offset button but it doesn't do anything on my machine. I assume Google are working on it so best leave it a day or so. There should be a report problems button but I haven't used it for years as they never bother replying.
      I don't have a printer but can remember achieving print queues of mind boggling length.