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Wednesday 24 June 2020


I have spent hours trying to get the Blender Physics whatsit to simulate a Newton's Cradle. I can make it do it.......a bit using the hinge constraint and a single suspension wire but not if I use two and without two it isn't a cradle, it doesn't work with the point constraint either. Whilst writing the last few words I have thought of something I've not tried. I'll have another go in a bit. If that doesn't work then it will go in the large file titled "Too Difficult for Adrian."

It's fine up to this point, the strings maybe a bit poofy but the material doesn't affect anything. It all goes chaotic as soon as I play the simulation. It's worse than the blasted waterwheel and it can get filed with it if there's anymore nonsense.

I haven't seen much news so don't know if Wee Nippy is letting us out (or in, heaven forbid) or not and if she is, what we are supposed to wear. I called at the supermarket on my way home and it was quiet, a good job as I was in a rush. Quiet it may have been but I managed to find the loonie There it was standing in front of the bread racks fully clothed in mask gloves and what looked like a shower cap, poor mite was obviously trying to recall what bread looked like. After a few minutes I said excuse me I only want this one and grabbed my malted bloomer. She went ballistic, you've no mask, have you washed your hands? I beat a hasty retreat and left her screaming SUPERVISOR......supervisor.....supervisoor. It got quieter as I hit the cheese and yogurt bit. Could have been worse, I could have been behind her at the tobacco counter waiting while she had them check dozens of lottery tickets.
 I did hear of the chap flying a White Lives Matter banner over a footy game, I thought nothing of it until the screeching started. Not to worry, it took the snowflakes minds off the Muzzie stabbing lots of homosexualists in Reading, that shut them up. Pity they didn't fly the banner earlier the murdering scumbag may have desisted.

Have fun.


  1. Agnie, There is nothing I like more than animals and the Bloody Blender.

  2. The woman in the charity shop started shouting at me yesterday. I pretended to be foreign. I was supposed to have sanitised and she knew I hadn't but shouted "have you sanitised?"

    1. Rachel, I seem to find one every couple of weeks.