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Monday 29 June 2020


Yesterday was vile but the rain was warmish. I have a quad to sort out but I can't get it under cover so yesterday I did the crossword and played in Blender.
This is a fractal produced using Maths and Vector Maths nodes in the Shader editor. The green nodes are a simple group and can be copied and pasted as often as one desires.

This is the node tree before it's grouped. This could be done using Animation Nodes and a Loop, I could also include the 'Z' axis for a 3D Fractal. If anyone is interested I could do a video HowTo.

This caused a bit of a stir in the usual circles but I like it.
Unfortunately it had to be repainted.
Have a good week.

PS. this came to my attention much later. It's priceless.
The BBC must be hiring editors from the Guardian. 

Another thing that I've been pondering. Have the BBC decided if the Reading murders were a homophobic or Islamic attack? Come on BBC I need to know.


  1. It had to be repainted so wotthehellarchiewotthehell. As for the re-painting I think it's brilliant. Little did the Ginger Wonder know that a pandemic was going to make him spend that money anyway. He should have promised something more truthful and the gods might have spared him/us.

    1. Graham, they have spared us and the vast majority of the population. I guess it is easy to be critical with hindsight but I never thought it anything but bollocks. There was no need to panic or spend yet more money on the NHS.

    2. PS. Graham, you are a very kind person and I am a cynic who has been getting messages for the fearful from day zero. Our NHS has performed abysmally throughout this crisis and I expected little else. Cheap is not compatible with good value. The NHS is very expensive so I struggle to find any reason for this conundrum other than incompetence or greed by it's governors.

    3. Adrian, you and I will never agree on the fundamentals although, of course, the NHS could be better. However if you want to pay there is no problem with private insurance and private treatment. However a friend who was being operated on in a private hospital soon became critical and guess what, the hospital called an ambulance and mid operation (well they suspended it of course) he was transferred into the care of the NHS. My Godfather's brother in Canada was getting the very best of cancer care. His Insurance ran out. They said 'Tuf' and sent hime home to die. That's fine if you are happy with that system and the wealthy in the US, for example, are. I owe my life to the NHS from the groundbreaking treatment I had in 1959/60 to the treatment I've had and get today. But for the NHS I would not be here. You, and others, may well take the view that too many people are being kept alive and the pandemic should have been allowed to run its course. We will have to agree to differ (as we have managed to do on one or two topics for the last 13 years).

      I don't think the NHS has performed badly at all (apart from the people who took the decisions to send people untested into car homes). Most of the decisions relating to the pandemic have actually been taken outwith the NHS by politicians. The NHS just tries to keep people sent to them alive.

      Thank you. I would like to think that I am a kind person but, in reality, during this pandemic I have done half of bugger all and it has been you who has done all the good deeds. We are both fortunate to be living where there are few people with the illness.

      I've had relatives and a very very close friend (one of the most caring people I know) who have had very serious Covid-19 illnesses. They have all survived but I can tell you this. From what I have seen and heard it is an illness I do not want. The fact that I am at risk and would probably not survive anyway is just a further incentive to stay safe. I love life and I'm not ready to go yet.

  2. I like the plane with the Union Jack. I hate people who constantly knock everything and have only negative thoughts. They must be miserable people to live with.

    1. Rachel. I think it's wonderful and if they painted one of Gordon Browns carriers similarly it would be brilliant.