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Saturday 13 June 2020


I don't have many friends but I do have acquaintances. My default position when confronted by people with views opposed to my own is to evaluate their size and likely threat and either take the piss or back off quick sticks. This gets more difficult with age as I can't run as fast as I used to.....Can't run at all if I'm honest.
I worry myself from time to time, a couple of years ago I was heading into the Co-Op having parked on the wide bit of pavement when I was accosted by a very small Scot. I know these wee Jimmies can be lethal so I politely enquired how I could help. By shifting that fucking car he said. He was the National Party candidate and was trying to set his stall up to sell coffee mugs, little saltires and those badges with a money bag on. They look like this.
  I said I'll be a couple of minutes, I only want bread and milk, when I come back I'll buy a mug. Off I went telling him that in the unlikely event he got a rush on the keys were in and he could shift the car along a bit, ignore the dogs they are okay, they are both Scottish, a bit nippy maybe but you'll be used to that . I was a bit longer than anticipated due to an old wifey with loads of lottery tickets to check. Got back and went to peruse his merchandise £6.00p for a mug. I thought, me and my big mouth. I did offer to give him £1.50p but unfortunately that was insufficient and stuffing a leaflet into my hand he bade me farewell....Scottish words to that effect anyway. 
 I never discriminate based on colour or nationality, I do not like thieves, virtue signallers or hypocrites. There are more than enough of these to keep me amused. This BLM nonsense needs stopping. Antifa, XR and all those silly buggers need a good slap as do the Football Lads but they do have an excuse as they are very tribal and have to be segregated from each other whilst watching a game. I really object to extremists like Momentum and have very little time for politicians or the media. This has no bearing on their colour. All lives matter.......with a few exceptions. 
It's all very confusing a bit like this.

Have a great weekend and try to avoid throwing bricks at horses or vandalising the towns and cities of what is a  tolerant nation.


  1. The rings reminded me of being at the dentist, the sort of thing they show to take your mind off the drill.

    I was watching a young girl chanting something at Oxford University during a protest; she looked like an automatom. I wondered if I were to ask her to write a short essay setting out her protest arguments for me if she would have been able to. The brick throwers and the rioters and the violent ones looked like nothing more than thugs to me, black and white.

    1. Not been to a dentist in years.
      They are thugs easily manipulated thugs. If they can't win democratically then they'll be a nuisance. Most are there not for violence but to try and look cool. They just look silly.

  2. The rings are mesmerising (in a good way). Perhaps a hypnotist could make use of them in his or her work.

    SNP may mean Scottish National Party to you but it looks like the word "snip" without the vowel to me, and the bag underneath the letters may be a moneybag to you, but it looked to me, hanging beneath the word "snip" like it's doing, like another kind of bag, the little bag wot gets snipped during a castration. I'm sorry to have to report it but it's the God's honest truth. Someone should pass the word to the Scottish National Party. Not the message they're trying to send, I'd wager.

    1. Bob, The SNP are a rum lot. Most are okay but they have more than their fair share of loonies. I often walk with one of their organisers. I'll pass your query on and let you know the result. You could be correct for all I know but calling your party the Scrotum National Party seems a bit odd even for them.

  3. We've been following each other's blogs for many years but I'm glad don't meet in real life cos I don't think you'd like me or my views at all!

    I've been looking at clips on Twitter of the men in London fighting the police. I have no idea what they think they are doing. It's as if any ole fight will do!

    1. Lucy, you would be fine, whether I would is another matter. I don't live or socialise in a bubble. I even chat with communists or as they call themselves here Greens. I haven't voted in decades as it is a total waste of time and energy.
      Any ole fight probably will do but unlike the Antifa lot it will be with fists and not bricks. You will only see on TV what they want you to see. It was supposedly peaceful last weekend but twenty seven officers were injured and a horse had a nasty cut on it's nose.