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Tuesday, 16 June 2020


Blender 2.83 is out and has been for a while but I downloaded it first thing and decided to make something relaxing as I needed to relax.

Not perfect but not too shabby for a forty minute job.
That's all for today and try to avoid pissing in the street as it warrants a spell in jail under our new Common Purpose Marxist regime. I'll have to let the lads and lassies know that it is unacceptable to just hop off the tractors or quads for a quick leak.


  1. It doesn't seem right to me that the Magistrate admitted that in sentencing him to 14 days jail she was "responding to public opinion". It would be for sure that this "public opinion" she referred to did not know anything more than Twitter viral stuff and that he had pissed beside the plaque and not on it and that he had no idea there was a plaque there at all and he was drunk having consumed 16 pints of ale. He handed himself in to the police and was remorseful. At worst he urinated in the street. All public toilets were closed. On a Saturday night in Norwich pissing in the street is the last thing the police worry about having their hands full with street fights. The one or two that have been arrested for it have received nothing more than a reprimand and a fine. I feel sorry for the boy, a victim of Twitter, BBC, Guardian and social media and a weak lily livered Magistrate.

  2. Look up Emma Arbuthnot, she isn't your average magistrate but a Common Purpose slapper. She is far from weak and has previous for draconian sentencing.

  3. Oh, so she is one of them, happily following Twitter and the BBC.

  4. I am surprised she said she was sentencing as she did "responding to strong public opinion! . She might as well have just said she was doing it and missed that out. She sounds like a right tosser.

    1. Rachel I can't disagree. I think she not only sounds like one she is one.
      On a lighter note I see the Wendyball is back. I know you watch it but one thing concerns me. Have they been trained not to hawk, spit and shoot snot here there and everywhere. I can see it being a bit of a problem, that and them cuddling each other.

    2. They'll be firing snot along with the balls just as always. The fans should barge the turnstiles. Be much more useful to society that BLM.

    3. That's good to know. Antifa, BLM are neither use to man nor beast.