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Sunday 14 June 2020


Messages in Scotland means a shopping list. This can cause confusion to foreigners like me if one is stopped and asked. "Has yous got my messages?" Likewise it is normal when cashing up at the till to hear them say. "Is that yous?" When you are leaving they invariably say. "SeeYous." Funny folk they are but I like them.

I have been shopping, not messaging for some of the older folk, (come to think some are younger than me). It's getting a bit of a pain after god knows how many weeks. I have mentioned that it would be nice to resign from the task but they are frightened. The sodding BBC, ITV, politicians, papers, doctors and other useless twats have told them they will die if they go near a shop. Die of bloody cold if they go to queue in winter possibly.
 I have one chap with a brain tumour, they operated just after Christmas but nothing since as they are dealing with BatFlu and dancing for Tiktok. He hasn't been well recently so he phoned his GP, he gets the grupenfugheress who like most is a fascist revelling in her power with no sense of self awareness, empathy and minimal medical knowledge. Wants to know his grandmothers shoe size and what is wrong. He was throwing up. " Do you mean vomiting?" Of cause he did you stupid cow. The doctor phones back over a day later and says stop eating solids and sip water. By this time I had been to the chemists and got Dioralyte, called at the Co-Op for a brown loaf and half a dozen bananas. He eats toasted bread with mashed banana on and drinks rehydration salts. A week later he is much better but not feeling like seeing another banana or a doctor.
 When this is over they want sacking sans pension. Difficult with GPs as they are only peripherally part of the NHS. I remember years ago meeting competent ones and there must still be some here and there who work with altruism. 

After all this we could, decimate the NHS, save a fortune and get back to a system that is not there solely for the benefit of employees. 

I am thinking of sticking 20% on the messages from next month. Doubt I will but the threat may be enough.

The paper work is worth a shilling or two.

Have a great week and don't weaken and if you do don't rely on the NHS.


  1. All the good GPs are dead, had a stroke or retired and sitting in a bathchair enjoying a glass of wine.

    My SIL is a nervous wreck and thinks she is going to die of COVID. She has BBC on all day. She can quote death statistics, at risk groups and today knew all about COPD, a new one for her, must have been on the lunch time bulletin. She has never smoked or drunk. I told her that she had nothing to worry about. She said she has high blood pressure and this is a COVID weak point (I am not sure of exact wording). I told her we are all going to die and the best thing that can come out of COVID is that we learn to accept this and deal with it like our parents did, hers and mine. I tried to point out age, underlying health conditions, all people here who have died, all three of them are 90 or over, and my SIL is still a nervous wreck, she didn't believe me. No kidding. I gave up and came home, bought a bottle of wine and stopped off for a kebab.

    1. Rachel, it is all bollocks. I'll bang a pan for the NHS. Bang one on one of their heads. They are frit but why I don't know. I can only put it down to the evil bastards that provide false news. Takes a silly person to believe it against all evidence to the contrary.