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Sunday 31 July 2016

TEASER. (31/07/16)

It has been dry but quite windy here today. This morning I found something revolting but it had passed it’s disgusting state.


  No not Slime Mould I find this attractive and interesting.


  This is what I found a Stinkhorn but without any real stink left, at their most powerful they smell worse than a bloated and burst dead sheep on a hot July day. I think there are three more to arrive. I would really like to find one of the really special ones that have a beautiful net veil around them


This is one of them and they can grow from this egg to a full Stinkhorn in a few hours. As they are only about half a mile away I have checked three times today but it hasn’t altered yet. I hope they are in full stink tomorrow first thing in the morning. Somewhere I have some good pictures of one but I doubt I could find them.

That’s all, I’ll try for some video tomorrow if there is enough light and I can stand the smell. I may even take a trowel and a box and dig an egg up for a timelapse. Have a good week.

Saturday 30 July 2016

BREAKFAST. (30/07/16)

Things have been a bit on the lean side for the last couple of days. I collected a good handful of vegetation from a mower deck last night but there was nothing exciting to snap. I have a few pictures of a Common harvestman but that’s about it.




It is carrying a Red Velvet Mite so I did get two for the price of one.

This morning I took this and can’t remember what it is.



That’s all for today.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

GOOD AND BAD. (27/07/16)

I’m in a quandary today. As many readers will have gathered I’m all in favour of a minimalist government. I know what we have is not fit for purpose. Towel Heads running round chopping, shooting, blowing folk up they need to be curtailed. That poor French priest had his damn head chopped off and though I can find some mitigating excuses I would have been content with castrating naughty priests.

Frau Mongol let all these buggers into Europe as her native population hadn’t been bonking enough and they are short of willing labour. Now we infidels are suffering. Let’s keep a sense of proportion the Irish attacked heads of state and our establishment, they also accepted collateral casualties but for the most part did give warnings that there would be a big bang in an hour and where. The Islamists don’t bother with that and are difficult to handle, they have no fear of death, they expect to be greeted by dozens of virgin girls in paradise. They are insane; what man in his right mind would want loads of women expressing opinions for eternity and how do you find that many nubile dead virgin girls.

They don’t like pigs, they don’t like us so I suggest that the atomised bits of future idiots are interred with a pig and their victims. Word will get around. Just to reinforce the message the BBC could stop calling them insane and call them murderers.

The good news is that despite Tessa Maybe being in charge or worryingly because she is, Glasco are investing in the UK, Deutsche Borse have asked to be  considered as partners in the London Stock Exchange. The latter needs serious consideration but I believe  capitalism will find for or against on the merits of profit/risk, not a prerequisite skill for bankers I’ll admit. We have a capitalist society folk that have a skill can and should expect serious remuneration for it. I also believe that sometimes one has to work for nothing and in the good times look after the cripples and otherwise unemployable, not look after air brained talking heads and politicians it’s not something Big Government employees will willing accept.

Doctors are generally less competent than vets. Teachers are less competent than most they teach but will insist it’s a stressful job looking after the norm. If you can’t control a kid then you will have a problem with adults in the real world.

I read the BBC news but don’t watch it as even though I am for the worker I dislike the high salaries paid to the fuckwits and the talking heads they employ. I really detest incompetence, interference and big governance encourages it.

The BBC was only ever an establishment tool to feed establishment ideas to the plebeians. We paid thrice for it, once through taxation, then to buy the machine and we willingly paid for a licence to watch it. A genius was Mr Raith. He got dubbed for it by the Queen.

I have a few snaps, Today, after my graft, I let the hens out, topped up their drinking water, collected one egg from the idle old ladies, took a bit of money and got visitors to sign the book with a nice comment that only reflects the positive attributes of this camp site. Non of that Trip Advisory derogatory shite is allowed here and all that after a late night getting a grain dryer auger to extend or become erect, what a job. Wish I could remember those erection days. Three hundred Arab virgins would be wasted on me.

I went to the shop……………………

Through the wood.wood  Down to the road.


and a couple of views from the road.



Have fun because I did with these. As a bonus I also have fresh milk, potatoes and veg plus sausages for tea. No porridge tomorrow I have fresh coffee and Pains au Chocolate. I’ll still have coffee, next year and it ought to be cheaper but by gum the pastry rolls with chocolate will be twice the price. I sound like Daft Dithery.

Have fun. Why do government employees look out of the window in the afternoon?

It gives them something to do between lunch, tea and clocking out.

Tuesday 26 July 2016

ONE OF THOSE. (26/07/16)

I have had a quiet day today but did have a long walk this morning. Tomorrow I will have a wander into town and see what there is to see.

All todays pictures are insects. I’ll start with Honey Bees collecting pollen from St John’s Wart._V0G0306

  Almost a full load, the orange blobs are pollen sacks.

  This one has it’s head in focus._V0G0313

_V0G0314              This is a Dance Fly, Empis sp.

_V0G0315                            This one is awaiting a further look through the book. Had a look or several looks and am going for Rhipidia maculata.

_V0G0305                 A Green Orb Weaver.

_V0G0300                         Frog Hopper.

_V0G0297                           One of Those.


That’s all for today.

Monday 25 July 2016

NEWS. (25/07/16)

I hear that economic disaster is just around the corner as Dave and Gideon predicted. Brazil, Argentina, Australia, America, New Zealand, China and India are all in the quue, I mean line, I can’t spell kew, they are wanting trade deals with us. The problem is they want to send all their unemployable citizens here, they want British law to be subservient to their law, they insist on fishing our waters and we will have to pay them billions of pounds a year for the privilege. That is completely ridiculous. Who would agree to terms like that?
I went to shift some hardcore and the rubble area is being shared with the pigs. I don’t know where all the others are but a couple came running so I asked them to pose.


They soon tired of the entertainment and settled down to a good wallow. I like animals and pigs are gentle intelligent beasts. Alf is frightened of them but Molly always has a chat with them, what they chat about I don’t know but I doubt they discuss politics. The spotted pig is a Black Spot and the black one is a Large Black/Wild Boar cross. There are about a dozen of them but as they have about five acres to wander in I’ll have to have a proper pig shooting day; I’ll also have to pop my wellies and waterproof trousers on as it’s all too easy to get covered in wet mud.
The excavator waiting to spread the hardcore, whilst I waste time talking to pigs.

This is quite a large moth and I’ll guess it’s a Grey Arches, Polia nebulosa.
This is a Red Campion seed pod and PHIL found one with a caterpillar. I didn’t but did find a caterpillar on an adjacent flower.

This must be a Campion Moth Caterpillar. Maybe it’s something else that is lost.
That’s all for today.

Sunday 24 July 2016

CONFUSION. (24/07/16)

The weather is normal summer , damp and warm. I am still getting out at least once a day insect hunting but now the fungi are starting to appear it gets very confusing. It’s bad enough returning to the van with one set of don’t knows but having two sets is silly.

_MG_6051 This Slime Mould is in the van on a front surfaced mirror. I collected it and some of the vegetation it was growing on and have set it up to see if I can get it to creep up on the porridge oats. If it does anything I’ll find some more and make a time lapse of it galloping along.



I am far from sure but I think this is a Marmalade Fly, Episyrphus balteatus. These hoverflies are the very devil to tell apart but it is attractive with the low evening flash lighting it up.

vmites This is a Harvestman carrying half a dozen or so Red Velvet Mites. It was on a Hawthorn leaf but it started wandering up my arm and I couldn’t be bothered to argue with it. I always assumed these Mites were parasitic but I read somewhere that they are just using the Harvestman as transport. It could be true.

Have a good week.

Friday 22 July 2016

ONE MONTH ON. (22/07/16)

I am amazed to still be here. The world didn’t end, I wasn’t gobbled up or even nibbled by man eating frogs; despite the best endeavours of the BBC the pound is worth much the same and the value of companies has collapsed upwards. The lying bloater Cameron has hopefully told us his last lie, I expect he will be offered a healthy stipend somewhere by someone with more money than sense who requires a rather slow, stupid and very flexible unprincipled mouthpiece.
I am collecting pictures much faster than I can post them so this morning I’ll show a few images from a soggy walk.
_MG_5968The first Sulphur Tuft I’ve seen this year.
_MG_5974I’m not sure I’ll have to wait for them to grow a bit.
_MG_5986Harvest time is fast approaching.
Lots of excitement this morning as the council have come to repair the road. They have left a Tardis toilet and a Bomag.
_MG_6009Alf and I thought this a good idea, should you find it silly or stupid then Moll will agree with you.
This is the road, it goes all the way to Perth but is only tarmac for another mile.
_MG_6014 A couple of views  from this ancient highway.
That’s all for today enjoy the weekend.

Thursday 21 July 2016

A WILD ONE. (21/07/16)

I was really lucky yesterday as not thirty minutes after returning from the mornings walk the sky turned blacker than a witches hat and it rained and poured for over three hours. The lightning was disappointing as all I saw were cloud strikes, better than nothing but I fancied something a bit more dramatic.

Screenshot_2 This German site makes storms very dramatic. You can have sound as well so if you fancy a look click HERE. They run in real time, or almost, so if there are no storms you will have to wait and return later, don’t wait too long as Deutsche Bank is on it’s last legs and this may affect the countries ability to indulge us in frivolity and trivia.

_MG_5925_HDRToday is back to the customary Scottish summer weather. I have lots of pictures but will have a Slime Mould day. I have found several lots this morning so will share them with you.


This is Physarum polycephalum.

This looks like young Jelly Antler but I think it is slime mould.

_V0G0268    I’ll have another walk and see what it is doing. There are quite a few fungi showing but I’ve not found any pristine examples yet.

I’ll leave you with a White Tailed Bumble bee admiring a thistle.


Tuesday 19 July 2016


It has been far too hot to do much today. The Mule now has a set of beautiful new tyres. _MG_5913_HDR_MG_5910_HDR

It is feeling shy but you can just make out the tyres.

I have been out a couple of times to try for some better pictures of the Common Sycamore Aphid. It is very difficult as they really don’t like the camera and fly away. I did manage a couple of shots.



Whilst searching Sycamore leaves I came across this little black nymph. I am still looking but am tending towards it being Orthonotus rufifrons.


Whilst I was tracking it this way and that as it explored the leaf I noticed it pass another aphid. Walk right over, would be more accurate but never mind.



I managed one shot of it on it’s own but then I lost it I’ll try and find another one and also what sort of one it is.

On the way back from the forest I spied several of these pretty little flies feeding on grass pollen.


I am going to guess again. It’s a Muscid Fly. Helina abdomninalis.

I have few plans for tomorrow but will have a look for something small to show you.