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Friday 1 July 2016

BUG BOX. (01/07/16)

I had a root through the bug box.


As I suspected it was a veritable treasure chest with hundreds of bugs, spiders and flies. Unfortunately there wasn’t a great deal of variety. I set up a quite complicated light system but the bugs were all moving too fast so I reverted to my tried and tested method which involves getting the insect on a bit of vegetation in my left hand. Supporting the lens on my left arm and then focusing and clicking. In retrospect I ought to have left one Speedlite to illuminate the blue card I was using for a back drop. I’ll do that next time.

Outnumbering all the other creatures by at least a hundred to one were Common Froghopper nymphs Philaenus spumaris.


I found one adult but it hopped I then found it again but it hopped again. I did eventually get one shot of it sitting on the back drop card but it has disappeared somewhere in the van now.


This is a minute bug about a couple of millimetres long but it could run really fast here it is on a bit of dandelion leaf. I thought it was one of the flat bugs but it isn’t and is too small in any case.


I was pleased to see several of these in the box. They are Grass Bugs Leptopterna dolabrata.



The second one is sitting on grass seeds which gives an idea of the size.


This is another Grass Bug but I haven’t identified it yet. It is now resident in the van as it escaped.


This is much quicker than the previous one so hence I only managed this three quarter back view.

I am hopeless at caterpillar identification, this wasn’t very lively at all so I sat it on the back of my hand. Be careful with hairy caterpillars as some of them cause quite severe irritation. This one was fine.


The bit on it’s back is a grass seed. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it. I put it back in the box then couldn’t find it again. The reddish blotch on my hand is not due to the caterpillar but is one of dozens caused by cutting disk sparks yesterday.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Great photos. The nymph in the first photo looks like it's smiling.

    You have a great deal of patience!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes it does Marie. It's also blowing bubbles out of the other end which is what they usually hide under. We call it Cuckoo spit.

  3. The Froghopper does look a bit like he's downed an extra pint of ale... All are very fine shots, Adrian.

    1. Thanks Bill I'm hoping I'll be like the hopper after lunch today.

  4. Love that first nymph image Adrian...it's a contented looking bug!

    Can't help with the 'minute' bug, sorry. Whilst looking I cam across this site.. the bug isn't featured, but it might be useful in the future? http://www.miridae.dk/fotoplancher.htm (I hope your Danish is up to scratch??)

    I think the caterpillar could be a first instar of the Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia...you could pop it in a container and try rearing it through?..it's food plants are Heather, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Sallows.

    Before snapping the bugs try popping them in a pot and put them in the fridge for a couple of hours..it doesn't harm them but slows them up just enough for a couple of snaps.

    Have fun...[;o)

    1. Trevor it does look a cheeky chappy.
      I am not sure where the caterpillar is as I released them all yesterday. I released the ones that didn't escape into the van.
      I have tried chilling them in the past but then I have to snap them on paper as getting them onto vegetation is a problem.
      I have spent ages looking for the tiny beast. Still no joy.

  5. you have a fantastic box ! and the images are really great and so sharp
    to see the bugs very well
    happy weekend Adrian

    1. Marty they are so delicate and complex I never tire of looking at them.

  6. Another brilliant series of macro shots Adrian. A great selection.

    1. John, collecting a handful or two of rubbish from the mower decks is the easy way to find them.

  7. Brilliant photos. But that first creature looks pi**ed. Happy - smug, even - but definitely pi**ed. What had you been giving it, Adrian?

    1. Frances it does look a little tired and emotional.