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Sunday, 10 July 2016

DAY TRIPPER. (10/07/16)

It has been another Soggy Sunday. Let us pray for not a Manic Monday. Please  pray that Adrian doesn’t have too much involvement in the 6m3  of redimix that will appear in trucks tomorrow. I like supervising; pour it dry I shout whilst the screeders are shouting add water. Idle folk are screeders. I know that dry concrete is good concrete. Even Romans knew that.
   This morning I took the dogs for an early wander and spent ages looking for Ringlet butterflies, I had seen a few on Saturday but hadn’t got a camera. I found one this morning but before I could take it’s picture Molly came to see what I was focussing on, sniffed it and away it went. I used some of my special words and we continued our walk.
I am not sure but although it is on a Nettle it isn’t a Nettle Weevil. I’m guessing but will go for a Clay-coloured Weevil, Otiorhynchus singularis. These are comical little insects though gardeners really don’t like them.
Shortly after taking the Weevil’s picture a flutter caught my eye but it took me a few minutes to locate it.
Ringlet Butterfly, Amphautopus hyperautus. I did try to get some better pictures but as I was getting down to it’s level it flew away. This one is better than the ones I’ve seen here before as it has proper rings the others have had more of black dots but I think they are similar creatures. This one looks perfect to me.
This is slime mold on a tree stump. I’ll keep an eye on it as it may coalesce and look spectacularly slimy or it may just die as it so often does. Time to head home for breakfast.
Just before ten o’clock Alfie’s mum turned up and we decided on another trip to Falkland. No sooner had we arrived than the heavens opened, I only had a fleece and there are few things worse than a soggy fleece, the arms just seem to stretch until my hands disappear and I metamorphose into a knuckle dragging simian. We were going to have a look round the Palace but it didn’t open till twelve and we decided to leave it for another day. Probably cost a fortune to get in so their tardiness saved a shilling or two. Here are a few pictures, much the same as last weeks but wetter and duller.

This Lodge is the gate house to a Victorian pile which I ought to get the name of. It’s is a posh lodge as usually when you look round the back of lodges they are cheap brick buildings with a posh frontage. This little pool ought to be teeming with Dragonflies but I didn’t find any today and there were non last week either.
The Bruce memorial, I’m sorry for the bunting but I didn’t put it there.
These are quite common in Falkland and I noticed them but just accepted them. I read the information board by the new war memorial and they are wedding lintels. Not something I’ve noticed anywhere else.

That’s all, have a good week.


  1. I will never think of slime mold in quite the same way ever again.

    The insects are beautiful as usual.

    The town looks lovely even when it's wet.

  2. That shot of the hillside meadow made my sox roll up and down! Beautiful! I certainly enjoyed the rest. Neat bug.

    1. Bill, for a wet day it was quite productive.

  3. The wedding lintel is interesting. This one is from 1750. Wow. Love it! Great post!

    1. Marie, I've never seen them anywhere else.

  4. I like the look of that town. The first shots is superb Adrian

  5. Adriaan I would also like to look around it looks really nice.

  6. Wow the lodge looks fantastic shame and surprised that there wasn't any dragonflies though.

    1. Douglas I was surprised but I don't see many in Scotland.

  7. I do love the running commentary of your day. Very amusing!! Great photos too.