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Monday 27 February 2012

LOST (27/02/12)

It’s been a weekend of rugby, and wandering. I never got to the seaside but had a walk up the Tees. It didn’t go to plan and I found myself wandering the fringes of one agricultural field after another. I should have taken a map. It was a good wander even though I had little idea where it was I walked.



_2261573_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1       This little Packhorse Bridge spans Clow Beck. It’s a tributary of the Tees. The steel gates and wall behind it are part of the Tees flood defence system. A necessary nuisance.

clowbeck2     This little ford on Clow Beck I found after I was lost. A grand spot, I’m glad I found it and even happier that the threatening clouds remained just that.

All images are HDR and are five shots –2EV to +2EV. The water is a –1EV shot reintroduced.

Have a good time, I’m heading back to Cumbria but will have a night in the Northern Pennines on the way.


Sunday 26 February 2012

COOL BUT FINE (26/02/12)

I am back in Croft near Darlington for the weekend. The weather has been abysmal over in Cumbria so no photographs at all. I’m hoping for a trip to the seaside today but to get myself back into posting mood here are a couple from yesterday.

_2251568_69_70_71_72_tonemapped_edited-1   The River Tees at Hurworth Place.

_2251563_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1    Croft Bridge. I have dozens of images of this because although I like it and there is precious little else of interest around here.

I’ll do my best to get my blogging head on but the weather has been awfully depressing over the past month. It depressed me anyway!

Have a good week.

Saturday 18 February 2012

AM I A ROBERT? (18/02/12)

I must be because Google are getting really annoying….Annoying to the point where I really feel that blogland is more trouble than it’s worth. I accept the new interface has speeded up a bit but I still feel it’s slow and self indulgent…..like the templates that have a big picture as a desk top background. The comment moderation is now a real pain. I can have up to three goes….after a beer…. two before…deciphering the bloody letters.Then I have to type another word. Please, please disable comment moderation. You will get a bit of spam….some of the spam I get is better than the post I wrote.

  1. ArtJun 5, 2011 04:58 AM

    Adrian you are a judgmental prick.
  2. ADRIANJun 5, 2011 08:30 AM

    Art, that makes two of us at least. Judgement is good. Prick! Your choice of adjective not mine. Have fun.

My only regret is that the correspondence was so limited.

I’ve just realized it says….’Prove you are not a Robot.’….Silly dyslexic me! Ignore the first paragraph.

The weather here is sunny with hail. It’s not nice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Spring is sprung the first lamb I’ve seen this year. It’s a twin but it’s sibling was slow to stand and was being mobbed by three Carrion Crows. I climbed the field wall and stood it up, gave it a rub and  got a good shove in the leg from mum…ungrateful are sheep.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Here it is, it will be fine now. It’s feeding so unless the weather gets really wet it will make some lovely chops.

The clothes are washed, the food is on board so tomorrow I'm away back to Coniston then over the hill to County Durham for next weekend. Internet will be more miss than hit.

Have a good week.

Thursday 16 February 2012

IT’S BEEN OVER A WEEK (16/02/12)

I’m still in the land of the living and back on the internet. Thank you very much to all those concerned about my welfare. I do have good days and bad but feel fit at the moment. I love winter I’m so fit that the new crampons and ice axe are starting to look a wee bit secondhand.

There are areas of the lake District still cut off from communication to a greater or lesser extent. If there is one thing worse than no internet or phone signal it is an intermittent connection to the rest of the world. It almost drives me ‘ More Insaner’!

I have found an area where I’ve been truly happy so will be back in Torver for a few days next week and then on to Ravenglass. I am at Meathrop Fell, it’s just over the river from Leighton Moss in a corner of Morecambe Bay. There is nothing here to shout about…..except Pork Pies, they are a camel march away!

I’m feeling guilty for my ignoring blogland. I hope this guilt is enough to promote a positive attitude towards catching up. Over the next few days.

_2071505_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1   A very belated Valentine's card to all the the ladies…………..The above view of Derwentwater was taken on the last good day for the best part of a week

I left Keswick a week last Wednesday. There was no lying snow under fifteen hundred feet. Dropping down the hill into Grassmere on the A519 the poor camper had white wall tyres………..very smart! The snow was down to the valley bottom. It made the run from Ambleside through to Coniston a challenge. A narrow twisty road reduced by the snow plough to an even twistyer narrower road. No bother, it’s winter but I could have done without it being….. ‘Bin Day’.

Bloody refuse wagons everywhere. Even a green waste one……….Who in their right mind indulges in under snow gardening?……I chatted to one lad on the collection truck……….’Don’t you go spoiling this. We Are Job and Finish!………..It’s a proper job and not seasonal.’… Okay! I can live with him.

The County Council bosses have got a far bigger earner, they condone it. Who am I to argue……….I’m out of the system and the moral confusion and  corruption.

It’s not often I have anything good to say about Dithery Dave but his lassitude in tackling local politicians is commendable in this case. It is providing jobs. Raising the retirement age does the opposite so he has still not sorted the job. Only the arrogance of the ruling class in this country insulates them from the needs of the masses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            HI Boys! Alright? Any gentlemen of the other persuasion, here's your card……..If only out of political….nay….moral correctness……It is by an American called Robert Indiana….I hope!  It was sited at Chatsworth in Derbyshire a few years ago.

Very little to show for the week I’ve been away.

_2151555_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 The view from the van. Great to wake up to and better that I have to walk for a better one…….better for the dogs!

_2141550_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1The rock around Coniston is slate, these gate hinges are unique to the area. I think I’ve got it right….the hinge is the hole and the iron bit is the pintle. If I am perchance mistaken then feel free to educate me.

_2141545_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 Another wee bit of Coniston Water. A boring scene…..I Drag myself up here for good light….Ho! Hum!

I’ll do my best to catch up with your blogs…..Promise.

DeeBee…Pour tu………

No I can’t tell eleven things about me……I’m in love with a twenty six year old and her mother and Shirley who just works.  The pub they run. A retired school teacher. A sheep farmer or three. A civil engineer and the boss and Chef MIke,The Church House Inn at Torver. The countryside, the rain, the light, the weather, the food and the landlady’s daughter…..Am I repeating myself?….. Many more than eleven…..little about me though. I’m an old cripple……..

Tu est satisfait mon amour?


Have fun. It’s peeing down here.


Tuesday 7 February 2012


I was up and out before the break of day………it was cold, crisp and chilly. A beauty of a day was on the cards. No dramatic light but well worth a wander. I had breakfast…..scrambled egg with tomato, toast and ginger marmalade, the latter on the left over toast. I could hardly move…..made a change from porridge though.

Off we set down the lake, my mate has little legs but both lungs…he sets a cracking pace. I like to stroll. It is why I walk alone. I can have a sit down now and then.

_2071485_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1     What this is all about  I have no idea but I like the whimsy of it and it’s artistry. It is about a yard or metre  in diameter. 

_2071500_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1  A perfect morning for a chocolate box shot. It was cold my fingers were frozen. This is Old Man to the right and Skiddaw to the left…the water is Derwentwater. I quite fancied tackling Skiddaw today, glad I didn’t I struggled for breath on this walk.. On we wandered till we got lost. Then we found the jetty and crossed the road and walked up a steep hill till we found…………….


_2071515_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 Ashness Bridge…….It’s fine as bridges go. The most photographed bridge in the whole wide world it is. Doesn’t mean it’s a good bridge, it means it is accessible by car!…Idle fat folk we are in the UK.

On we wandered…………….this is a steep icy pull, I was about buggered but kept on plodding to the top of Low Moss. There I took this panorama.

DERW72121  It is a grand view but the weather was starting to become hazy. All the white houses are Keswick. The lake in the background is Bassenthwaite.  One of only a few lakes round these parts. We called for a pint on the way home at the Inn in Keswick. A most acceptable pint  it was.

Have fun……Tomorrow we are back to Torver near Coniston. I love the Lake District in winter. Internet will be a bit variable though.

Monday 6 February 2012

A LITTLE HARSH ( 06/02/12)

Yesterday I think I was a little over the top.I described Keswick as a dump. It is fine if you want to buy a fleece or cheap tat and brilliant if one wants serious kit. I endorse George Fisher.

  The dogs had a long overdue haircut today. This morning was foggy on our walk. No bother but fog and not mist. So no pictures.  Keswick is never cheap but the dogs are back to normal. well shorter than normal and they don’t smell of baby powder. _2061458_59_60_61_62_tonemapped_edited-1  The ‘Ol Main Drag’. I really can’t get into this place in winter. In summer…..I’ll not go into contemplating the horror.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The dogs… short hair but filthy as usual.

Dirty wee buggers.

See you all tomorrow. Wednesday we are back to Coniston. I hope the weather holds up, or down. I really feel for the boss at Heathrow……Another bonus down the toilet.

Have fun.

Sunday 5 February 2012


Yesterday the snow came by at noon as forecast. It quickly turned to rain, much to my disappointment. I woke this morning to a sub zero temperature but it clouded over. It’s just damp and dismal now.

I was listening to the radio this morning and it appears there are several feet of snow in London and the Home Counties…..A spokesman for Heathrow airport was interviewed and he proudly stated that as a precaution he had cancelled a third of all flights. This, to avoid any disruption to travel!………….Is it me? Or is he a complete lunatic?

I then popped round blogland for a while and found this gem at rambles with a camera. Thanks Andrew, it is great and just added to my good humour.

I had another breakfast to celebrate and then strolled out to have a look around Keswick and a bit of Dewentwater. I wasn’t expecting much, Keswick town is a dump and the light didn’t look promising on the lake. I’m happy. I have many images of this area but none quite like these.

_2051408_09_10_11_12_tonemapped_edited-1  Isthmus Bay looking south up the lake. Not that there are many lakes in the Lake District most are Waters or Meres and the wee ones are Tarns.

_2051413_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1 Isthmus Bay with Derwent Isle and Cat Bells on the horizon.

On we strolled to Friar’s Crag….It’s all of ten feet high but a convenient place to walk to and the view is grand.

dwpan5212 This is as good as it got. I’ll get this reprocessed and printed very, very big. For the purists I have checked and of the fifteen images that you are looking at I can juggle to avoid any blown Highlights.  There is detail in the shadows……I’m really glad I went out. I did shoot over fifty of this view, so have plenty to play with.

_2051443_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1 Portinscale and Derwentwater Marina from Friar's Crag or thereabouts.

_2051448_49_50_51_52_tonemapped_edited-1 We are on our way back to town. Town Cass on the left and Crow park on the right. Skiddaw is in the cloud. My mate fancied a hard day up there………….another nutter. Wandering about on frozen ice in fog….No Thanks!

_2051453_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1 A spot of colour to end with……this image is flipped horizontally. It gives a better perspective for me. I offered to take their picture so I could get this couple together. Miserable lass! Said NO. I think she thought I was a pederast.

All images today are HDR and posted in the order they were shot……I’m a good boy on a Sunday. I’m off out again now for a play with Contre Jour. I like shooting into the sun.

Have a grand week, tomorrow Rachel is coming to pick the dogs up for a long overdue haircut. Peace for a couple of hours or so.

Saturday 4 February 2012

A SENIOR MOMENT (04/02/12)

I lost the van keys last night when out walking the dogs. Never slept a wink.  It’s really difficult to retrace ones steps. I took four passes over our walk and missed them. By Jiminy! The dogs thought all their birthdays had come at once. Going walks in the dark is great for them, they set a fox up. The yipping must have been heard in Keswick. No good for finding keys though. A real pain finding two terriers in the dark it was!..Little darlings!!

  A mate rolled up at lunch time today and said fancy giving the dogs a run?….Why not, life can’t get worse. We had only walked for ten minutes and I found the keys. I felt like crying…..silly me!…. I’ll get a spare set cut. I never lock the camper anyway! The gas locker, diesel filler and all it’s other lockers were locked. I was shitting myself. The levers that open them are only accessible with a key….Daft idea! …..Don’t camper designers know they are selling vehicles to folk in the first stages of Alzheimer's? Obviously not.Silly buggers!

I took an Alka Seltser.  Efficacious in every case.

Today the Met Office were predicting disaster. It has snowed but is raining now. No sign of the wind. I really hope and pray that the last few days are not the end of winter.

Keys are hung up……best place for keys!….Dogs have a hair cut on Monday….We should get a walk tomorrow…..They have gas here….They have a clothes washer here…The truck is clean, well, cleanish and life is back to normal.

A Beck……………..I love them but this is from last week. It’s HDR as most of my images are._2011339_40_41_42_43_tonemapped     Torver Beck….I delight in observing these little corners.

Have fun and I’ll see you from a very dismal Derwentwater tomorrow.

Friday 3 February 2012

SORRY (03/02/12)

I have to apologise for being so dilatory in replying to all your wonderful comments. I have spent today shopping and arranging the dogs haircut.

Then I read in the Western Gazette, usually a local paper of endless amusement, that the authorities are culling Canada Geese on Windermere, apparently they are shitting in the lake…dirty birds. There are a lot around but they are a bit smaller than our native Grey Lags and a whole heap quieter. I don’t disagree with wildlife management but if one shoots a goose one should shoot it’s mate. They pair for life. Am I correct in this assumption? Are the shooters aware of this and are they breaking the law? I was under the impression that wildfowl shooting finished at the end of January……Perhaps Canadians are fair game? Or perchance geese are not just big ducks!

_2011314_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1Dawn on a Beck.

Have fun, I’m catching up only to fall behind again next Wednesday.

Life is good…I’m alive.


Thursday 2 February 2012


I felt on top form yesterday. Cut down on the falling down water as I’d fallen in lust.

The dogs and I were up early rucksack packed with a flask, a handful of dried hound meal and a cheese and onion sandwich.  The dogs love the bag coming out. I forgot my phone…..accidently on purpose……If I have a cuckoo then so be it.

_2011294_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1       The sun poked it’s head up.  On we wandered. It was freezing……my sort of weather…..I love it.

_2011403_4_5_6_7_tonemapped       Slag heaps are a factor of life in the north of England. A bit of snow and sun  just brightens things up..

_2011373_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1           A picture of nothing. I love nothing.

_2011388_89_90_91_92_tonemapped_edited-1  Even more nothing. It is fantastic sitting and watching the light play games.

GH!         Goats Tarn………I came up here for a mirrored image of Dows Crag. Blowing a ripple so no chance. Knock me down with a feather, crush me with a grape but no worries. The new crampons are now used.

I love this weather and now have internet so will catch up as quick as I can. Have fun.