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Thursday 16 February 2012

IT’S BEEN OVER A WEEK (16/02/12)

I’m still in the land of the living and back on the internet. Thank you very much to all those concerned about my welfare. I do have good days and bad but feel fit at the moment. I love winter I’m so fit that the new crampons and ice axe are starting to look a wee bit secondhand.

There are areas of the lake District still cut off from communication to a greater or lesser extent. If there is one thing worse than no internet or phone signal it is an intermittent connection to the rest of the world. It almost drives me ‘ More Insaner’!

I have found an area where I’ve been truly happy so will be back in Torver for a few days next week and then on to Ravenglass. I am at Meathrop Fell, it’s just over the river from Leighton Moss in a corner of Morecambe Bay. There is nothing here to shout about…..except Pork Pies, they are a camel march away!

I’m feeling guilty for my ignoring blogland. I hope this guilt is enough to promote a positive attitude towards catching up. Over the next few days.

_2071505_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1   A very belated Valentine's card to all the the ladies…………..The above view of Derwentwater was taken on the last good day for the best part of a week

I left Keswick a week last Wednesday. There was no lying snow under fifteen hundred feet. Dropping down the hill into Grassmere on the A519 the poor camper had white wall tyres………..very smart! The snow was down to the valley bottom. It made the run from Ambleside through to Coniston a challenge. A narrow twisty road reduced by the snow plough to an even twistyer narrower road. No bother, it’s winter but I could have done without it being….. ‘Bin Day’.

Bloody refuse wagons everywhere. Even a green waste one……….Who in their right mind indulges in under snow gardening?……I chatted to one lad on the collection truck……….’Don’t you go spoiling this. We Are Job and Finish!………..It’s a proper job and not seasonal.’… Okay! I can live with him.

The County Council bosses have got a far bigger earner, they condone it. Who am I to argue……….I’m out of the system and the moral confusion and  corruption.

It’s not often I have anything good to say about Dithery Dave but his lassitude in tackling local politicians is commendable in this case. It is providing jobs. Raising the retirement age does the opposite so he has still not sorted the job. Only the arrogance of the ruling class in this country insulates them from the needs of the masses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            HI Boys! Alright? Any gentlemen of the other persuasion, here's your card……..If only out of political….nay….moral correctness……It is by an American called Robert Indiana….I hope!  It was sited at Chatsworth in Derbyshire a few years ago.

Very little to show for the week I’ve been away.

_2151555_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 The view from the van. Great to wake up to and better that I have to walk for a better one…….better for the dogs!

_2141550_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1The rock around Coniston is slate, these gate hinges are unique to the area. I think I’ve got it right….the hinge is the hole and the iron bit is the pintle. If I am perchance mistaken then feel free to educate me.

_2141545_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 Another wee bit of Coniston Water. A boring scene…..I Drag myself up here for good light….Ho! Hum!

I’ll do my best to catch up with your blogs…..Promise.

DeeBee…Pour tu………

No I can’t tell eleven things about me……I’m in love with a twenty six year old and her mother and Shirley who just works.  The pub they run. A retired school teacher. A sheep farmer or three. A civil engineer and the boss and Chef MIke,The Church House Inn at Torver. The countryside, the rain, the light, the weather, the food and the landlady’s daughter…..Am I repeating myself?….. Many more than eleven…..little about me though. I’m an old cripple……..

Tu est satisfait mon amour?


Have fun. It’s peeing down here.



  1. Beautiful landscape..A few years ago I was on holiday in New castle .. beautiful city.have a nice day

  2. Great to see you back sir.
    A cracking post.
    I think that last shot is far from boring.

  3. Hey it happens:) We have lives and sometimes that comes first:) There is beautiful landscape going on in this post:)

  4. If there is one thing worse than no internet or phone signal it is an intermittent connection to the rest of the world. It almost drives me ‘ More Insaner’!

    I'd agree - if this damned router would let me...

  5. I wish you well and I wish you happiness. Of course sometimes we have and need a holiday from Blogland for one reason or another. It's like the milk bottles though (in the days when milk was delivered). Everyone in the street needs to know you've gone on holibags or they get concerned. Happy holidays.

  6. Nice to hear your alive and well Adrian as you disappeared off the radar during a reported bad spell. Lovely images of a beautiful place..
    Take care.

  7. Great to hear that all is well Adrian....Nice post to kick it all off with again...


  8. Glad all is well with you, more or less
    and you've returned to us, more or less.
    Yup, you've been missed..

  9. Great to have you around again Adrian.

  10. Good to see you back and in good form. I'm fascinated by that gate hinge. Stay well.

  11. Great to see you back in blog land. I love your pictures especially the hinged gate and that last one isn't boring at all.

  12. Welcome back in Blogland Adrian! I thought you might be hibernating in your snowy land up there! Your Valentine's Day shot is mar-ve-lous! Greta reflection!
    Thanks for your answers...wishing you all the best...and age is in the head...And you are not old at 62 silly-billy! :)

  13. Welcome back Adrian, glad you survived the 'Winter'...[;o)

  14. Nice to see you back,though I have been absent for a while too.Lovely set of photos,have a good weekend.

  15. Adrian, I love those cloudy shots. I'm also impressed that you're tramping around in crampons.

  16. this is as I say last time a beautifull place, so silent or? the silent of natur..

    funny valentine fotos too :-)

  17. Welcome back! I wouldn't mind being in a "boring" place like this.

  18. Oh, my...I'm speechlessness...

  19. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Adrian!! Its great to have you back. Inspite of the chill, it must be wonderful to wake up to that view. Do check in your blogland once a week though :) Cheers, Ruby