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Saturday 4 February 2012

A SENIOR MOMENT (04/02/12)

I lost the van keys last night when out walking the dogs. Never slept a wink.  It’s really difficult to retrace ones steps. I took four passes over our walk and missed them. By Jiminy! The dogs thought all their birthdays had come at once. Going walks in the dark is great for them, they set a fox up. The yipping must have been heard in Keswick. No good for finding keys though. A real pain finding two terriers in the dark it was!..Little darlings!!

  A mate rolled up at lunch time today and said fancy giving the dogs a run?….Why not, life can’t get worse. We had only walked for ten minutes and I found the keys. I felt like crying…..silly me!…. I’ll get a spare set cut. I never lock the camper anyway! The gas locker, diesel filler and all it’s other lockers were locked. I was shitting myself. The levers that open them are only accessible with a key….Daft idea! …..Don’t camper designers know they are selling vehicles to folk in the first stages of Alzheimer's? Obviously not.Silly buggers!

I took an Alka Seltser.  Efficacious in every case.

Today the Met Office were predicting disaster. It has snowed but is raining now. No sign of the wind. I really hope and pray that the last few days are not the end of winter.

Keys are hung up……best place for keys!….Dogs have a hair cut on Monday….We should get a walk tomorrow…..They have gas here….They have a clothes washer here…The truck is clean, well, cleanish and life is back to normal.

A Beck……………..I love them but this is from last week. It’s HDR as most of my images are._2011339_40_41_42_43_tonemapped     Torver Beck….I delight in observing these little corners.

Have fun and I’ll see you from a very dismal Derwentwater tomorrow.


  1. Hahaha!!! That's great. I don't think you're losing it. I have the same problem. Think I lose my keys. Cat gets out the door because I think I left them on the gate. Frantic. Panic sets in. Catch the cat and bring her in only to find them where they should be!!! Thanks for the AM chuckle:)

  2. Great picture Adrian.
    Glad you found your keys, very nerve racking experience, I lost mine last week and was a wreck by the time they finally turned up.

  3. A terrible ageing experience, losing ones keys. Must have been a nightmare. Glad you found them in the end.
    No snow here yet, but gloomy enough for it. I think the press and the met office get some sort of kick out of predicting doom and gloom.
    Like the beck. Take care. A spare set hidden by the camper would be a good idea; maybe.

  4. So pleased to hear you found the keys Adrian.. I have a very close friend visiting Keswick this weekend... so if you are approached by a stranger with a Wirral accent it's Cally..

  5. You poor "old" thing, fancy losing your keys. Lovely photo Adrian.

  6. You poor "old" thing, fancy losing your keys. Lovely photo Adrian.

  7. Well, at least your Alzheimer is not that bad because at least you can remember what your keys are for!! (A bit switched on the subject as Alzheimer is a good friend of my Dad!)
    Lucky you found your keys, but honestly what an idea of not having a spare set! Guess you learnt your lesson, hey!!??
    Great shot by the way, like the colours!
    The snow seems to have focused on the Londoners! :)
    Glad you like the interface i'm using right now, i changed it so i don't have to "hear" you moaning about it on each comment you post on my blog! :)))) Have a good Sunday!

  8. Another of your photos that has touched base with me.

    Keys! I was warned not to lose mine when I bought my last car. £275 to replace one he said! It has to be sent away to get programmed and in the meantime your car sits where it stopped - for 5 days! Now the keys are probably worth more than the car.

  9. That is a wonderful little corner to photograph. Great photo. I have carried spare keys with me for years. I have a set hooked to my belt loops at all times, and one set in my pocket. My key hook is a special hook made for climber. Can't loose it.

  10. I'm trying to come up with something clever to say about your bloody keys and I'm stumped!

    Great photo, is that "Key Creek?" Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

  11. Fortunately I feel too old for senior moments but my son has the same problem with his laptop - keeps losing the keys. And he's only in his twenties.

  12. Roherebot, you have a laugh and enjoy.

    Gillian, thanks there is nothing worse other tan burglary......buggery is possibly less attractive.

    Keith, a spare set are in the system. I'll leave them on the front tyre. Everyone does that but thieves should have a hand chopped off.

    Bengts, thank you.

    Andrew, not met her, mores the pity.

    Bob, Ta! It was not a laughing matter.

    DeeBee, my mum has it as well. It's an awful way to depart this earth.

    Monica, so am I.

    Graham, go on the internet for a local locksmith and it's sixty pounds. Still a rip off but only a quarter of a rip off.

    Horst, I am just not that well organised but it is worth a thought.

    John, you are within a gnats whiskers of my age. Kick him out and let him spill drinks on his own keys. I did that to my son and I got the boot. Perchance it is not a good idea.

  13. I must look like a gaoler these days. I got so fed up with mislaying sets of keys I have them on chains attached to the belt loops. I hope spare keys for the camper are cheaper than those for my car at about £80 a time.

  14. Hi Adrian. I went to a local locksmith for a spare key for the family's Ford Explorer we had here and he said he could cut a key for a more reasonable price but then I would have to take it to the main dealer to send away to get programmed because the ignition security system needs the code in the key to activate it. They have you all ways but then you are getting security for your money I suppose.

  15. John, they are simple keys. The local Locksmith can cut them for a tenner.

    Graham, I'll look into it here. Those sort of profits and someone must be undercutting the bandits.

  16. I always lose things all the time. No, its not because of old age ;))). But that must have been awful until you got it back.

  17. I once had to get a spare set of car keys cut, expensive business with alarms and chips in some of them and fancy anti theft attachments... looked everywhere for them until I found them in the bottom of the open washing basket two weeks later.
    Keep warm.