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Tuesday 7 February 2012


I was up and out before the break of day………it was cold, crisp and chilly. A beauty of a day was on the cards. No dramatic light but well worth a wander. I had breakfast…..scrambled egg with tomato, toast and ginger marmalade, the latter on the left over toast. I could hardly move…..made a change from porridge though.

Off we set down the lake, my mate has little legs but both lungs…he sets a cracking pace. I like to stroll. It is why I walk alone. I can have a sit down now and then.

_2071485_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1     What this is all about  I have no idea but I like the whimsy of it and it’s artistry. It is about a yard or metre  in diameter. 

_2071500_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1  A perfect morning for a chocolate box shot. It was cold my fingers were frozen. This is Old Man to the right and Skiddaw to the left…the water is Derwentwater. I quite fancied tackling Skiddaw today, glad I didn’t I struggled for breath on this walk.. On we wandered till we got lost. Then we found the jetty and crossed the road and walked up a steep hill till we found…………….


_2071515_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 Ashness Bridge…….It’s fine as bridges go. The most photographed bridge in the whole wide world it is. Doesn’t mean it’s a good bridge, it means it is accessible by car!…Idle fat folk we are in the UK.

On we wandered…………….this is a steep icy pull, I was about buggered but kept on plodding to the top of Low Moss. There I took this panorama.

DERW72121  It is a grand view but the weather was starting to become hazy. All the white houses are Keswick. The lake in the background is Bassenthwaite.  One of only a few lakes round these parts. We called for a pint on the way home at the Inn in Keswick. A most acceptable pint  it was.

Have fun……Tomorrow we are back to Torver near Coniston. I love the Lake District in winter. Internet will be a bit variable though.


  1. Lovely pictures, ...wonderful area to take photographs.

    Have a great evening.

  2. That's a funny one, the first one, how or why did they do that, but I love it. A chocolate box is the right phase, it's beautiful, in fact, they are all tremendous.

  3. I look at your pictures with open mouth! It's just amazing!!!

  4. A bit further up the lane from Ashness Bridge you would have reached Surprise View.. a wonderful spot to view Derwentwater.. keep driving (or walking) and you reach Watendlath and it's lovely little Cafe.
    The sculpture on the waters edge is the Centenary Stone... 100 years of the National Trust..1995.

    I have visited Millican Daltons cave in Borrowdale and wandered every square inch within (Eightish) miles of Keswick.

    Google Langstrath it's a wonderful valley to walk... and not a building in sight..

  5. Beautiful area this lake district. Love the stone artwork, just awesome. Wonder when it was created, the stone looks cut with some kind of machine, it is so straight, and the pattern is awesome, beautifully sculpted. I envy you the lifestyle you have chosen, to see the UK in person. The exercise you get is wonderful.

  6. Ah. Memories. Fabulous memories. I'd love to look out my photos of Keswick from the same spot and compare then and now.

    The 'what's this all about' is very very curious indeed.

  7. The chocolate box shot is a stunner Adrian.
    I love that sculptured rock too; very unusual.

  8. Great walk you took us on today. I went back to sit by the lake in your chocolate box pic. Wonderful!

  9. Hi Adrian.."WOW" that chocolate box shot is just gorgeous.. what a wonderful sight..I gasped (yes I did) when I saw it !!..
    The bridges at great to, some very nice shots of a lovely area!!

  10. Great pictures Adrian. What a great day for a walk. That first one reminds me of a labyrinth puzzle. My favorites are the chocolate box shot and the bridge with the rushing water. Thanks for letting us come along. :)

  11. I love coming across odd pieces of sculpture in the countryside. That one looks great and whimsy is definitely the word for it, Adrian.
    As GB said - "Ah. Memories. Fabulous memories. I'd love to look out my photos of Keswick from the same spot and compare then and now." The problem is that I suspect our photos would show Keswick a lot smaller than it is now. Time to hunt out some slides and get them scanned in...

  12. Beautiful countryside. You have a knack of hunting out those old bridges. At first I thought the carving was a maze. A fantastic carved pattern. Reminded me of a grass maze which is somewhere near Barton on Humber.

  13. A great set of images from your walk Adrian.
    The carved stones are interesting, not what you'd expect to find on a walk beside a lake!
    'Chocolate Box' is a stunning image, as is the last one!...[;o)

  14. That second shot and the bridge too are wonderful, crystal clear and beautiful light. Like that first one too, very intriguing.

  15. I'm envious of you now. Lake district is my most favorite place and your photos are excellent!!! Cheers, Ruby.

  16. Lovely images Adrian. The 'chocolate box' one is beautiful and the dogs look lovely too after their haircuts, on the previous post :-)

  17. Top marks for the chocolate box shot Adrian. A real cracker.

  18. Love this series, every one of them. You're the master of the mirrored shot.

  19. Adrian, I like you style. A stroll is to my liking too. The photos are top notch. Interesting stone art, I'm left wondering what the story behind it is all about. Your treatment of the bridges enhances their beauty.

  20. Hello Adrian, I have put a TAG on your blog from my post.
    Please have a look and hope you will join in. DeeBee

  21. Beautiful photos, the second photo is breathtaking!
    Have a great Sunday.
    Greetings Mette

  22. Wonderful Landscapes.
    I was fascinated the first time I saw that stone, it's as if the sculptor makes you think differently about the structure on the inside. The Millennium stone has captured the imagination of passing walkers of all ages this century as Ashness Bridge did to the first Victorian Artists that inspired Lake District tourism. It's a great walk, I usually do Keswick to Walla crag first (ok it's a bit steep near the top but it's only 1200 ft) and then all downhill to Ashness and a lake shore walk back.

  23. there is somthing magic in this place... the little bridge fotos are inspiring