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Monday 6 February 2012

A LITTLE HARSH ( 06/02/12)

Yesterday I think I was a little over the top.I described Keswick as a dump. It is fine if you want to buy a fleece or cheap tat and brilliant if one wants serious kit. I endorse George Fisher.

  The dogs had a long overdue haircut today. This morning was foggy on our walk. No bother but fog and not mist. So no pictures.  Keswick is never cheap but the dogs are back to normal. well shorter than normal and they don’t smell of baby powder. _2061458_59_60_61_62_tonemapped_edited-1  The ‘Ol Main Drag’. I really can’t get into this place in winter. In summer…..I’ll not go into contemplating the horror.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The dogs… short hair but filthy as usual.

Dirty wee buggers.

See you all tomorrow. Wednesday we are back to Coniston. I hope the weather holds up, or down. I really feel for the boss at Heathrow……Another bonus down the toilet.

Have fun.


  1. Your picture of Keswick looks like a painting. I agree that some of the shops and the plethora of cheap tat leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately the Lake District that my parents knew and loved in the 1930s had been 'ruined' by the time CJ and I (and our parents) went there so much in the 50s and 60s but to CJ and I it was as near heaven as we got. Now everyone wants a bit of the action. They even let camper vans in!

  2. I first visited Keswick in the 1980's Adrian and it has changed so much even in that short time.. but still remains my fave because of it's situation.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay I had a nightmare of a trip home tonight..Fog!

  3. I love the way that you do the blog, simply, lol. And your dogs, they are pretty things.

  4. Those critters are just adorable. Too cute.

  5. The dogs look too cute to be called horrible names, Adrian.

  6. The dogs are so cute...lovely shots Adrian!

  7. I love my dear brother's comment - fancy them letting camper van drivers wander around the place!

  8. Those dogs are show stealers.
    Such innocence lol

  9. :-) it is not to cold for the short hair cut?

    the place is so nice..

  10. Aaaah! Butter wouldn't melt, would it?

    Keswick at the height of summer? Hmmm!

  11. Keswick shot is like a painting! And the dogs are adorable :)

  12. Class post ... tidy hair and tidy streets, wish it was like that for a few more months of the year. I always seem to find my way back here anytime of the year after a day in the northern fells even if it is just to sample some cheap pub grub. Love that light effect on the stone cobbles.