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Friday 3 February 2012

SORRY (03/02/12)

I have to apologise for being so dilatory in replying to all your wonderful comments. I have spent today shopping and arranging the dogs haircut.

Then I read in the Western Gazette, usually a local paper of endless amusement, that the authorities are culling Canada Geese on Windermere, apparently they are shitting in the lake…dirty birds. There are a lot around but they are a bit smaller than our native Grey Lags and a whole heap quieter. I don’t disagree with wildlife management but if one shoots a goose one should shoot it’s mate. They pair for life. Am I correct in this assumption? Are the shooters aware of this and are they breaking the law? I was under the impression that wildfowl shooting finished at the end of January……Perhaps Canadians are fair game? Or perchance geese are not just big ducks!

_2011314_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1Dawn on a Beck.

Have fun, I’m catching up only to fall behind again next Wednesday.

Life is good…I’m alive.



  1. Adrian, you are in this moment in a beautifull place... so nice and you are so closed to natur, I'm glad to read your news, yes life it's wonderfull when we joing the fact the we are alive!!

  2. Adrian, a friend of mine who absolutely loves hunting won't shoot geese for that reason. I'm amazed, though, that grey lag geese are noisier than Canada geese. I don't mind listening to them, but it's best from a distance. Great photo.

  3. Superb picture Adrian.

    Sadly, I think Canada Geese are classed as vermin at times, and become fair game for the trigger happy bas...., sorry, people.
    I heard about this cull yesterday. A shame they don't include the scum in our society too.

  4. Wow....what a lovely moment, and a fantastic picture.....colors are superb.

    Greetings, Joop

  5. I love this shot Adrian! That's soooo nice!!
    Surviving the cold??

  6. I just want to walk along that beck - for ever...

  7. It's a real shame Adrian..
    The cull will go ahead but I read a report this morning that as the birds mate for life they are waiting for them to nest so they can blast them into oblivion as husband and wife... to relieve stress.

  8. Lovely meandering beck, Adrian. Glad to hear that life is good for you :)

  9. I could sit by that beck and be happy.

  10. Hi Adrian....Great spot...I think I could waste some time there ; }!!
    Enjoy..who know about tomorrow!!

  11. Brilliant piece of photography.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Awesome photo my friend. It's really to bad about the Geese being culled. I hope they give the Birds as food to needy families. Would be nasty to just let them rot.

  14. Beautiful golden light, awesome picture.

  15. Laura, it is stunning at the moment. Not too good in summer.

    JoLynne, I love Grey Lags. One can hear them for miles. Peter Scott who became a conservationalist used to shoot wild fowl!

    Keith, they have to be a water fowl. It is necessary to control them but a bit harsh to shoot them. I really don't know the answer.

    Joop, many thanks.

    DeeBee, I love the cold.

    John. Get walking or come up and I'll find folk to push.

    Andrew, thank the Lord for small mercies, they are becoming pestilent.

    Glo, Thanks, life is good, I'm walking without any problems.

    Graham, a place to die for.

    Grace, thirty years ago we both could. It's now just conjecture about the waste of time.

    Bob, thanks.

    Horst, needy families here would not know how to cook one. I blame the Industrial revolution.

    Gillian, glad you liked a peek into my world.

  16. Your world is very beautiful Adrian!