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Sunday 30 October 2011

All AT THREES AND FOURS (30/10/11)

Yes; I forgot to put my clock back before retiring……….silly me.

It has rained all morning so I watched the Grand Prix live on BBC IPlayer, I usually wait for them to produce the highlights version as it saves a small fortune when one is downloading via a dongle.

For all it’s promise it was a pretty processional and predictable affair at the front. The Indian Grand Prix looks to have the makings of an exciting high speed venue. We’ll see next year when it’s settled down. It was still superb to watch these drivers flicking cars through high speed chicanes and with the odd exception being inch perfect.

I just love watching the skill………Contrast it to golf, tennis, cricket or football. Just not worth watching for me. Indy car racing…….least said……..one starts the fastest at the front. Not Indy….they pay to invert the sensible order and get the carnage their aficionados so desire.

Vettel was dominant, Button didn’t disgrace himself, Hamilton had yet another coming together with Massa. No change in form in the top seven. I liked Hamilton's helmet…….decorated with Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’. His girl friend has ditched him……….nice to see a bloke that can laugh at such adversity. Mind you going out with a lass called Nicole Schirtswinger is bound to cause problems, not the least of which is spelling or pronouncing Scherzinger. A good job these lads don’t drink much…………only the Lord knows what her name could degenerate into after a gallon of the falling down water.

We are just back in from a sunny stroll…….nothing to show for it but these two images.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I have never noticed this before. The light green bits are Lichen growing in moss. I’ve spent a good half hour ploughing through images on the British Lichen site and just got more confused. The black splodges are also a Lichen. Forget them for the time being.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The light green is the same thing but I was focussing on the water droplets on the moss. There is a wonderful world in miniature lurking on stones in dry stone walls……………I’ll try not to become obsessive. A futile exercise if the month I spent crawling around after fungi is any thing to go by.

Tomorrow we move over to a place near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. I’m looking for old coal mine remnants and seeing an old mate. The latter is guaranteed the former will be much harder. Evidence of the coal industry was obliterated by the government after the Thatcher/Scargill fiasco. Both bright but ultimately stupid people unfit for public office. Pride is a terrible thing………..that’s why I liked Lewis Hamiltons helmet.

Have a really good week.

Saturday 29 October 2011

A RESIT (29/10/11)

image We are roughly here…….or here roughly would be equally accurate.

image Yesterday morning we left Leek in thick fog. I checked my glasses weren’t steamed up then gave the windscreen a good leather………..no improvement so foggy it was. I drove the eight miles or so on the A53 towards Buxton and as I was dropping off the moor the sun came out but what amazed me was that the Wye valley was full of mist……..I kept trying to stop for some pictures but as is usually the case not a layby to be found. A great pity as it was one of the finest inversions I’ve ever seen. The rest of the journey was conducted not in fog but in an inversion. It made no practical difference but did cheer me up.

I hate fog. I hated it when I worked at sea, hours gazing at a cathode ray tube, plotting echoes and praying that the watch keepers would spot anything I’d missed in time to dodge. ( Take appropriate avoiding action.is the official term). It got easier with computers but then I was relying on software to reduce sea clutter so not anymore relaxing. Worse in a way………Now it is much easier. Vessels have their ID on the screen, speed, course, the maiden name of the skippers mother, closest point of approach, what they are watching on TV. It does allow confident use of the radio, at least one knows whom one is chatting to. Then; vessels are not all so equipped. Back to square one. Glad I can relax in the van………..not in fog though.

A couple of days ago I posted this image of Wastwater.

P2182551_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1   It is straight but I’ve never printed it because something is not quite right. I wanted to keep the foreground as I like the pebbles. It probably wants binning but Trevor at Three Counties Herald commented that it is the feeling that the lake is flowing away to the right. It made him feel nauseous………too polite to say so…….a gentleman.

I was probably in the wrong place but the head waters of Wastwater are a mini Amazon delta and trying to navigate the couple of hundred yards to terra firma is a horror show in the dark. I try to send the dogs ahead but they aren’t that daft. They are content to let me be pack leader and take the wetting in the dark.

straight2   This is my homework re done. It’s better…………..I hope. Thanks Trevor , want a job as unpaid editor, it’s yours.

We parked up behind the Waterloo pub yesterday. The low winter sun came out and illuminated some of my favourite countryside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s not dramatic but it does lift my spirits.

I missed dawn this morning……….well I was sitting in the truck watching it and it didn’t look too promising. We went out a bit late.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A little bit of light.

The dogs enjoyed a six mile round trip……….I saw and failed to capture much at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A little bit of frost.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There was light but nothing to write home about. Some days are like this……..it’s raining as I write.

That’s all for today. have a great weekend.

Thursday 27 October 2011


I was awake and full of the joys of spring at three thirty this morning. I have been ploughing through old images. They are from a few weeks either side of this time last year.

Why?………….it’s wet and cold……….not freezing just totally dismal, the dogs wouldn’t get up, they can hear the rain. I was late to bed, a lass pulled up next door yesterday evening. Her two daughters wanted to take the dogs out. Fine I said but don’t let the little bugg…….blighters off the lead. Ten minutes later the eldest returned in tears. I’ve lost the dogs………..don’t worry………..No, they have run away……….don’t worry. Off I toddled, persuaded her to shout …….DOGS!  Shout as loud as you can. Two goes and two minutes later they appeared, muddy, wet but happy. Little buggers!

I was down to my last bottle of lager……..Mum agreed to share it with me. She was impressed with my relaxed attitude……….the beauty of a new acquaintance…..little does she know! I didn’t enlighten her but she was away by ten this morning. So perhaps has the innate intuition I associate with ladies or possibly rendering River Deep and Mountain High on the flute was not one of my better ideas. I can also play Mull of Kintyre and lots of hymns, I’m not religious but I avoid tunes with lots of sharps and flats, most hymns fit that bill.

On to the trawl through the bin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Cows in Rain…….much like today’s abysmal weather.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Dawn Down Derwentwater. I love cool weather.


PA187490_1_2_tonemapped_edited-1 Derwentwater from the south end. Only a couple of days since the last image. How our climate changes!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A reflection of autumn colour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Sunset over the Esk estuary.

P2182551_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1 Sunset over Wastwater…….This brought back memories of very wet dogs and very wet me. I got disorientated in the headwaters and went in up to my waist.

Lets hope for views and clement weather tomorrow.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

ON THE RIM (26/10/11)

I’m just outside Leek on the edge of the Potteries. To be honest what were the potteries, like much of British industry there is little or nothing left of what was once a major source of employment. It must have seemed an easy option to deregulate banking and insurance in the 1980’s. We now need industry but it’s probably too late. Politicians come, feather their and their friends nests, then go. Little wonder that few of we plebs bother to vote. image

image      I did put an arrow in but it has disappeared……….It does that from time to time. Must have vamoosed  in sympathy with the coal mines and ceramic industries!

We were out at dawn in thick fog. It felt freezing but was a relatively clement three degrees celsius. I am only about eight miles from yesterdays stop. I love this country, it’s diversity within a mile or so is always a revelation.

_A268820_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1  This is the view looking north from a couple of hundred yards from the van. In cloud on the left are the Roaches, centre is Hen Cloud and on the right are Ramshaw Rocks and the Winking Man.

Roaches are a derivation of the French ‘Roches’ meaning rocks in English. Things usually sound posher in French unless one is a purveyor of pancakes and speaks like our queen……………… My mind has gone of on a tangent.

“ Phil just excuse moi, I need a crepe.” Though she being German and a lady wouldn’t say this.

‘Ich möchte ein Pfannkuchen.’ Has little in the way of lavatorial humour, more is the pity.

Have fun, weather willing, I'll get out for a long walk tomorrow.

Has anyone read anything by Joanna Trollope? I’m a couple of chapters into ‘Marrying The Mistress’…….By god it’s boring I’m skimming as fast as I can and it is still an effort.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

THE DUKE OF YORK (25/10/11)

I am staying behind a hostelry called The Duke of York. It is situated on the A515 between Buxton and Ashbourne. Wonderful views over the White Peak but the light has not been so good.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is as good as it got but it’s better than the rain that was hammering down for most of the night.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are still fungi about. These are I think members of the Psilocybe family but despite a trawl through my book and the internet I can’t identify them. They are very wet whatever they are. I’ll not taste these as I’m daft enough without hallucinogens.

Tomorrow I’m moving down the road a few miles. There’s a lake I want to look at and some Wallabies to investigate. That will be a challenge as the last confirmed sighting was in 2009.

Monday 24 October 2011

PERSPECTIVE (24/10/11)

I’m back but for how long I’m not sure. I’ve been all wimpy…..feeling sorry for myself. No real reason to be as I am feeling physically in top form. My corporate top form does, admittedly, have a pretty low mean from which I  judge it’s fitness for purpose. If I’m alive, can write drivel, take the dogs out for a good run, grab a piccy or two then life is good. Pictures may suffer as I’ve sold all the posh gear. I’ll do my best with what I have left.

I was watching Moto GP yesterday……..posh motorcycle racing…… to those that are not aficionados. What I always dread happened……A fatal crash and on a circuit with so much run off it’s hard to believe.  Simoncelli died pretty well instantly from injuries sustained in the accident. It puts life into perspective. I love an adrenalin rush, I’m addicted to danger. It’s still very sad to see a young gladiator dead. It has put life into perspective.

A shot of dawn this morning………….not the best but the best I got.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     It’s a funny business this snapping I waited an hour for this and had no foreground. I have spent two weeks chasing a sunrise like this with Solomon's Temple as a perfect foreground. Such is life!

Così è la vit et mort.  My tribute to Simoncelli. I wish I’d had your skill and your HAIR………….sleep well. You were a star. A happy star.

All the very best till next time.

Thursday 20 October 2011

TAKING A BREAK (20/10/11)

I am taking a rest from blogger…………just too much going on and very little of it good.

This is a view over the Derbyshire Wye valley taken from the van. Great light in between the hail and rain showers.


I hope to be back soon………………have fun and keep safe.

Saturday 15 October 2011


We were out early this morning, a beautiful clear sky and our first frost.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Not much of a frost but it was a little nippy on the fingers.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe moon was there in these shots but this moon was shot separately. It’s just too small unless you catch it just as it’s rising or setting.

That’s that job done, now for some flashing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo flash on this one as I couldn’t get round to the door fast enough.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Flash on this one. Two bursts inside and two outside. Not really worth the effort.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack inside and up the stairs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Looking north over Buxton.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Looking east down the wye valley. Someone will have got some great misty shots this morning. I was in the wrong place but not to worry it was a great start to the day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I did intend waiting for the sun but I was freezing and the dogs needed a run. We were almost back at the van before it deigned to bless us with it’s presence. I’m glad I didn’t wait, there is not enough cloud to make for a spectacular dawn.

That’s all for today, I’m moving on Monday, I’m not sure where yet. There are lots of Small Tortoiseshell flitting around I’ve seen them on warm days in January. Where they hide is a mystery. They are all in perfect condition so probably just hatched.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Small Tortoiseshell.

Enjoy Sunday.

Friday 14 October 2011


I could have titled this Thursday night and Friday morning. The sun came out yesterday afternoon. We had a grand walk before going out for tea.


This shrub is really confused there are both blossom and berries on it………….I’m sorry I don’t know what sort of it it is. Phil Gates described this phenomena here at CABINET OF CURIOSITIES.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      These are Guelder Rose Fruits……………I hope! I found these whilst creeping up on a Woodpecker. Ten minutes creeping and I reappraised the Woodpecker, it was a Magpie. I need an optician.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The view from the van. Blue sky, great.

This morning we were out before sunrise. I was going to set up and light Solomons Temple with flash. After stumbling around in the dark for half an hour I arrived and set the camera up. It was a waste of time, far too windy. It always comes as a surprise how little wind is required to ruin long exposures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Solomons Tower………this was taken a couple of days ago. I lugged the gear inside but there isn’t much room, two dogs, a spiral staircase, a tripod and me just about fills it so I left the camera bag outside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Buxton at night from inside the temple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Looking westish.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Looking up at the base of the viewing platform. These three images were all taken at around two second exposure with a burst of flash………..not what I was hoping for but at least we all had an outing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADawn. This is as good as it got. I was up on the top of the Temple when the dogs started yipping and yapping. I shouted Be Quiet!…………that produced the expected result…………They carried on carrying on! I looked over the edge and saw a cow licking the camera bag. That got me moving. I went out and it never even looked up. Just carried on exploring my bag with it’s tongue. I gave it a slap and she backed off a couple of feet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     What’s it got to do with you? A lady with attitude.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     She is a beauty and a poser. I’ll go back in better light as these were shot at 1600 ISO. It’s about the usable limit on my camera. Half that is a realistic setting.

Not a particularly productive morning but the best this week by far.

Have a grand weekend.

Thursday 13 October 2011

SOME DAYS! (13/10/11)

I was up at four thirty this morning, I looked out of the door and was greeted by a starry sky………..had a couple of espresso, charged the flash batteries. Looked out again and it was foggy. Went back to bed but couldn’t sleep as I’d had too much coffee.

The dogs didn’t seem interested in going out so I waited till eight, reopenned the door and lost the little sods. They were out like greyhounds after rabbits which I had failed to notice. No point me shouting, they take no notice and I just look a noisy fool. I eventually tracked them down and off we set in fog…….makes a change from rain.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Not the rabbit’s fault……….it knows it’s safe the warren is only a couple of yards away. The daft thing is the dogs don’t kill them. If they get close enough the rabbit freezes and they just give it a sniff. Molly pokes them up the bum with her nose to try and get them running again………..it doesn’t work!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    We are well in to autumn………….On I plodded looking for birds. This used to be a good place with Kestrel, Owls and all the usual small birds. It is now overrun by Jackdaws and Magpies. I suspect these are pinching eggs from the smaller birds and have driven the Kestrel away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A Jackdaw…………a handsome bird but they can be a noisy pest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   My birding was a disaster……………….this is the only other image I managed in an hour of sitting waiting and the same walking.

I can’t even do the crossword.


Some days are like this but there have been far too many lately. I’ll finish with one of my favourite images from this year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Hells Angel and his dog.

It’s sunny now but I am out visiting tonight so will have to get polished up.

Tomorrow will be good weather. It will……..It will!