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Saturday 8 October 2011

COLOURING IN (08/10/11)

Well the wind has dropped but the rain is that persistent drizzle that seems innocuous enough but leaves one wringing wet after five minutes out in it.

It’s been another colouring in morning. I used to love them when I was at little school. We had to bring old wall paper from home. Why did I always seem to get that embossed stuff ? Anaglypta  I think it was called. Fun with poster paint and a stiff brush slapping colour on that . Little specks of paint everywhere. It’s name is derived from the Greek Ana meaning raised. The Glypta bit must be Greek for wallpaper. I learned that at big school.

The result of this morning endeavour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I know it’s a bit lacking!…………..I decided what it needs is a little fairy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  So I popped one in……………There!…… Perfect!

I’ll be glad when the frosts come and the air clears. If it’s like this tomorrow I’ll do a hunt through the bin for some out takes. They have got to be better than this. I do enjoy doing these though. Mores the pity!

I hope your weather is better than mine.

Enjoy Sunday………..I’m now going into mourning. Those damned French have just shown those lazy, incompetent, useless, beer guzzling philanderers, we call a Rugby Team, the plane home………It could have been worse. Scotland, Wales or Ireland could have been responsible for their demise….. Alors que vous célébrez votre victoire souvenez Azincourt!

It was well deserved. Congratulations. (Try not to do it again).


  1. Looks like the fairy is running away before the moon falls down and crushes the tower! (sorry) You should go into special effects illustration of children's books and fairy tales.

  2. Yes. A bit of a bummer with the French but I now have no problem with the Wales v France match because Wales was my childhood team. I'm still going for the ABs v the Saffers in the other half of the semis.

  3. Monica, it could have been a whole lot worse. Considered putting a flasher in.
    I look at illustrations............love them but I'm not good enough. Then i look through the magazines. Saturday Telegraph and see the best. The Senna film advert is brilliant. The Clarks shoes could be better. I'll take a snap of it for tomorrow...........it's rubbish.

    Graham, What's bummer in French? Derrierery? I would prefer the All Blacks to win.....NOW!
    Home matches. Plus they have had a derrierery of a year. Earthquakes....aftershocks..they deserve a win. Only we could win them.......As footballers say............So that's why god gave the victoire to the bloody French. They have no chance....Just lucky yesterday.

  4. Hi Adrian...I just can't help laugh sometimes when I read your post ..sorry!
    The fairy was great but a flasher would have been good too!!
    Sound like you have camper fever...hope you weather improves!
    I think Dawntreader is right ..some children book illustations...these would be great, but not with a flasher!!

    Cheer up my friend

  5. A wonderful thing to do to while away time Adrian... I have just spent hours redoing some of my videos.
    Time flies by sitting watching the puter load stuff...

  6. And Vettel got pole as well! Ugh.

    I'm wondering where you managed to find the fairy. There don't seem to be as many of them around these days.

  7. Awesome images Adrian, I wish I had that tower to work with instead of 2 apartment towers.

  8. Ohlalaaaa Adrien! Your are so spiteful! :))))))
    You have to admit the superiority of the Frogs over the Roastbeefs!:))))))))))
    I thought we were friends now, that it was the Entente Cordiale! :))))))
    Have a great Sunday!
    If the weather was not rubbish as usual in this country of yours, we could presently witness up to 600 shooting stars/hour falling on Earth as we are crossing the path of the cloud left by the comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner between 8-10 October...Some say the number of shooting stars could be as high as 800/hour. The peak will be at 9pm uk time, so very soon...your UK weather is very FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!

  9. Excellent work Adrian...see!... your school days weren't a waste of time after all!...not sure about the fairy though, perhaps a few so called rugby players peering helplessly from behind barred windows might be more apt!

    I suppose our boys in Japan will get another trouncing tomorrow morning when that young German upstart becomes world champion yet again...[;o)

  10. Bob, cheers.

    Grace, I hope so too, It's not too bad at the moment weather wise.

    Andrew, I am not sure about wonderful but it does pass an hour or so.

    John, lot's of fairies they live under toadstools. Vettel always gets pole!

    Horst, The tower is the best bit.

    Dee Bee, every frog deserves it's day.
    The weather is good so far today but I have other things to do. It would be good to catch the meteor shower........make a change from rain showers.

    Trevor, They all want locking up. Button did it today......makes a nice change.

  11. I know an epic fantasy writer or two who should hire you to do a book cover.

  12. Excellent work on those pictures Adrian.
    Nice touch with the fairy ;-)

  13. JoLynne, this is the third go I've had internet is awful. I'll e-mail tomorrow.

    Keith ta. Not excellent but occupational therapy.

  14. 'Twould make a good Si-Fi book cover - prefer the fairyless one.

  15. John, the fairy is just very silly.

  16. Awesome, I hope JK Rowling or someone like that looks in .... inspiration to start an appropriate novel.

  17. Jay, these are impressive but could be a hundred per cent better technically.