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Tuesday 25 October 2011

THE DUKE OF YORK (25/10/11)

I am staying behind a hostelry called The Duke of York. It is situated on the A515 between Buxton and Ashbourne. Wonderful views over the White Peak but the light has not been so good.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is as good as it got but it’s better than the rain that was hammering down for most of the night.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are still fungi about. These are I think members of the Psilocybe family but despite a trawl through my book and the internet I can’t identify them. They are very wet whatever they are. I’ll not taste these as I’m daft enough without hallucinogens.

Tomorrow I’m moving down the road a few miles. There’s a lake I want to look at and some Wallabies to investigate. That will be a challenge as the last confirmed sighting was in 2009.


  1. Adrian, it looks like it's been a bit damp of late up there in your neck of the woods!....let's hope it dries out soon for you!

    Your fungi look very much like Liberty Cap (psilocybe semilanceata) or to give it it's more common name MAGIC MUSHROOM!! Apparently they turn that dark brown colour when they get wet.

    Now, I'm glad you resisted the temptation (or did you?) to pick any as it's illegal to possess them due to their hallucinogenic giving properties!!.....Mind you, they might help you in your quest to find those wallabies tomorrow (or maybe you can already see them!!!)...[;o)

  2. Trevor, They are Liberty caps then. I didn't know they changed colour. Thanks for that.
    I'll leave them alone. It's pasta for tea and I forgot to buy a pack of hundreds and thousands so no psychedelic spaghetti for me.
    Twenty years ago the Roaches Wallabies were a common sight............They should release some more.
    I'll go now.........have to get back to Pink Floyd and the wall album.

  3. I had to do some googling on the wallabies to make sure you had not already eaten some of those fungi... Good luck with the hunting and don't go falling down some hole into Wonderland.

  4. Hi Adrian...I am glad to see you around today!
    Do you suppose that mushroom tasting bits you have been doing put you in wimpy mood...lol..they could be the downer type...well glad you are back no matter what the issue was : }}}!
    Great photo's, and the.. mushroom good thing you didn't indulge in it...!!
    Wallibies huh...good luck with that..; }


  5. You need about at least 100 mushrooms to feel intoxicated, so I've been told. Well you might need them to see the Wallabies!!!!!!!

  6. On the road again! Good...can't wait for some wallabies shots under the rain!

  7. When you look at the fungi their caps look too large for their thin delicate stems...fascinating.

  8. Good luck with the Wallabies. You'll be a real celebrity if you photograph them!

    Hope things (and weather) improve for you.

  9. Monica, you have been googling......the hidden hole is worth a look if I can find it. Luds Church i think it's called.

    Grace, no mushrooms......The wallabies i suspect are gone now.

    Bob, cheers.........I couldn't find a hundred but thanks for the info.

    Dee Bee, I think a zoo will be the only place for Wallabies.

    Graham, there are an awful lot of these about this year. They are delicate little things.

    John, If I find one I'll be a super star. Things will get sorted thank you