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Wednesday 26 October 2011

ON THE RIM (26/10/11)

I’m just outside Leek on the edge of the Potteries. To be honest what were the potteries, like much of British industry there is little or nothing left of what was once a major source of employment. It must have seemed an easy option to deregulate banking and insurance in the 1980’s. We now need industry but it’s probably too late. Politicians come, feather their and their friends nests, then go. Little wonder that few of we plebs bother to vote. image

image      I did put an arrow in but it has disappeared……….It does that from time to time. Must have vamoosed  in sympathy with the coal mines and ceramic industries!

We were out at dawn in thick fog. It felt freezing but was a relatively clement three degrees celsius. I am only about eight miles from yesterdays stop. I love this country, it’s diversity within a mile or so is always a revelation.

_A268820_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1  This is the view looking north from a couple of hundred yards from the van. In cloud on the left are the Roaches, centre is Hen Cloud and on the right are Ramshaw Rocks and the Winking Man.

Roaches are a derivation of the French ‘Roches’ meaning rocks in English. Things usually sound posher in French unless one is a purveyor of pancakes and speaks like our queen……………… My mind has gone of on a tangent.

“ Phil just excuse moi, I need a crepe.” Though she being German and a lady wouldn’t say this.

‘Ich möchte ein Pfannkuchen.’ Has little in the way of lavatorial humour, more is the pity.

Have fun, weather willing, I'll get out for a long walk tomorrow.

Has anyone read anything by Joanna Trollope? I’m a couple of chapters into ‘Marrying The Mistress’…….By god it’s boring I’m skimming as fast as I can and it is still an effort.


  1. Adrian, I know what you mean about the loss of all the industry, but just think what the view would be like with all those pit heads and stinking pottery chimneys...and that nice photogenic fog would have been smog and would have lasted all day!

    So what I'm saying is, all those 'rich' MP's that ru(i)n our country must have got it right...haven't they?

    And what's wrong with plain old ROCKS it's manly and straight to the point...what more do we need?...[;o)

  2. Looks like fine countryside - never been down that way but we're planning a visit next year..

  3. Thanks for the map - I always like to see where you are.

    I tried a Joanna Trollope once - can't recall which one but I didn't get very far. Much prefer her fifth generation uncle!

  4. Adrian if I start a book and it doesn't grab my attention straight away it's cast aside...My attention span usually lasts long enough to read a magazine article.

    You are in a lovely part of the world Bosley Cloud is a lovely high point with wonderful views over my side of the hill. Croker and Shutlingsloe are also lovely to climb.

    Take care..

  5. If the Joanna Trollope doesn't catch your interest, just ditch it. Looking out the window at the beautiful scenery in your photos has got to be more interesting. Or you could try Lee Childs' books. Apparently they really zip along.

    Love your posts, Adrian. Cheers!

  6. Love the new scenery and I'm sure you'll find a lot of inspiration for your new set of photos.
    The book? i agree if it doesn't catch your attention after a few pages just stop and find another one. Keep well.

  7. Trevor, I see your point but it's the loss of skill I mourn. I must admit to having forgotten the odd negative aspect of industry...silicosis..explosions...roof falls and flooding. The government were probably right but I suspect for the wrong reasons.
    Roaches is far better than Rocks.

    Phil, it's well worth a visit. Spring for the Orchids any time for the views. Avoid school holidays the Peak District get very busy.

    John, I suspect Joanna Trollope writes chick lit. though I confess I'm not sure what that is.

    Andrew, I only lived in Tideswell so this is almost home. it's raining so I'll probably wait for the moors.

    Canadian Chickadee, I have read Lee Childs. He writes a good read.

    DeeBee, I like to persevere with a book. I'll get to the end. I will be back this way if the weather improves. I'll try for some pictures later but it sounds a little damp outside.

  8. Hi Adrian ...would you believe that my Internet service was down almost all day grrrr...what's with this crazy stuff ..don't they know I have people to visit and comments to leave ; }
    Thanks for showing the map to where you are encase I happen to want to drop by for a cup of tea. ; }
    Honestly I do like the maps..so many names of town the same as here in Maine!
    I do like your ..just so lovely there...I didn't see the winking man though ...is he short?

    Hope things improve for ya!

  9. I always like to see your maps, so I have a bit of an idea about where you are. When it comes to books, once upon a time if I started one I would finish it but now I figure there are too many great books out there waiting to be read, to stick with something that I find a trial.

  10. Shame about the weather, what else should I say, all the rest have done it.

  11. Grace, I usually show a map if I have sufficient band width. The Winking Man is a natural rock formation. If the rain stops I'll get a picture. It was vandalised many years ago.

    Pauline, I usually have at least two books on the go. This one is a real pain.

  12. Interesting hills. Never been in the Peak fringes ... one of these days.

  13. Jay, it is well worth a visit but not this week. Foggy, rainy and cool.