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Monday 24 October 2011

PERSPECTIVE (24/10/11)

I’m back but for how long I’m not sure. I’ve been all wimpy…..feeling sorry for myself. No real reason to be as I am feeling physically in top form. My corporate top form does, admittedly, have a pretty low mean from which I  judge it’s fitness for purpose. If I’m alive, can write drivel, take the dogs out for a good run, grab a piccy or two then life is good. Pictures may suffer as I’ve sold all the posh gear. I’ll do my best with what I have left.

I was watching Moto GP yesterday……..posh motorcycle racing…… to those that are not aficionados. What I always dread happened……A fatal crash and on a circuit with so much run off it’s hard to believe.  Simoncelli died pretty well instantly from injuries sustained in the accident. It puts life into perspective. I love an adrenalin rush, I’m addicted to danger. It’s still very sad to see a young gladiator dead. It has put life into perspective.

A shot of dawn this morning………….not the best but the best I got.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     It’s a funny business this snapping I waited an hour for this and had no foreground. I have spent two weeks chasing a sunrise like this with Solomon's Temple as a perfect foreground. Such is life!

Così è la vit et mort.  My tribute to Simoncelli. I wish I’d had your skill and your HAIR………….sleep well. You were a star. A happy star.

All the very best till next time.


  1. It's a perfect sunrise! Nothing in the way to block the view! ;)

  2. This is a lovely sunrise Adrian and I agree with the comment above,nothing to block the view.
    Love the new header by the way,keep your spirits up,hope things sort them selves out for you soon.

  3. A beautiful photo and your tribute to the moto GP of Simoncelli. I'm glad you're back - for as long as you like.

  4. I agree, beautiful Sunrise. Much more difficult to capture than Sunsets, I find. They seem to last for a much shorter time.

    By the new header I guess you are in reflective mood / mode.

  5. A tragic accident and a great loss of a natural talent Adrian.. If you follow two wheel racing you may be aware of Craig Jones who lost his life in 2008 in a similar way... He went to school with my son and I know his Dad... they all know the danger and just say bring it on..
    A beautiful sunset and a lovely tribute.

  6. Adrian, you are back and you should stay with us, no good to feel sorry for yourself on your own!!
    Nice tribute for the loss of such a young life...
    Take care.

  7. HI Adrian...so sorry my friend that you are not feeling up to pare...lonely perhaps...that's what gets me down, and also that time of year that the weather isn't so great for getting out bothers me!!
    I was disappointed when I saw your post that you wasn't posting for awhile!
    Glad to see your today's post..."Absolutely gorgeous" shot of the sunrise!!


  8. I really like that photo as it is. A background like that needs no foreground. Welcome back!

  9. Beautiful sunrise. And I really like your new header. Reflective or topsy turvy? Those darn spirits of ours are bothersome things sometimes, aren't they? I know I get cross when mine take a dive and half the time I can't understand why. But they always rise again and I hope yours do, too, soon.

  10. Ahh yes, perspective is everything. Beautiful shot.

  11. Fantastic Sunrise, and you got some awesome clouds in with it just beautiful.

  12. Glad to see you back Adrian. You do have a lot to offer the blogging world. Beautiful sunrise photograph... a time of day so sadly missed by most of us. Lovely tribute to a brave young man doing what he obviously enjoyed. So sad.

  13. Monica, thanks, I'd have preferred a bit of foreground interest.

    Carolyn, Things will be fine. Thanks

    Bob, I'm okay. I can't stop away too long.

    John, I just thought I'd brighten the blog up. It seems to take for ever for the sun to rise. It doesn't last long.

    Andrew, they do know but also think it something that happens to others. It was a good dawn.

    Dee Bee, thanks I'm okay. Life will get sorted.

    Grace, many thanks......it is dismal weather but the sunrise cheered me up.

    JoLynne, thanks, it was a wonderful sky.

    Pauline, topsy turvy or maybe insane. Who knows? I am fine thank you.

    Hilary, cheers,perspective is half the battle.

    Horst it was a stunning sky. Thanks.

  14. Welcome back Adrian.
    Your dawn picture is a stunner, in my opinion, it 'works' fine as it is and doesn't need any sort of foreground as it would only detract from that wonderful sky....[;o)

    Yeh, another black day for motor sport.
    Sitting at home watching the TV, with all the onboard cameras bringing us action packed close up images, we tend to forget about the speed and inherent danger that these modern day gladiators have to deal with, until within a few short seconds it's graphically brought home to us, as it was on Sunday.

    R.I.P. #58 Sic

  15. Trevor, that's haunted Trevor, thanks. It must be a grand way to earn a living but it does have serious consequences if one gets it wrong.

    Trevor, three counties Trevor, it was a belter of a dawn.......they seem few and far between.
    An awful day in Sepang and on what appears to be a safish circuit. One can never tell.

  16. Graham, thanks I am strong.......a bit strong anyway.

  17. With the whole spectrum of colours on show here, who needs a foreground. I know what I need and thats a kick to get me out earlier in the day with the camera.

  18. Jay, you also need a head torch. Don't forget it!