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Thursday 6 October 2011


We are still just outside Buxton in Derbyshire. I’ll be here for another week.

There can be few things odder than our climate. Last week a heat wave. Monday was so hot that the van was completely opened up then it got hotter so I shut the doors and windows and put the air conditioner on.  Today is cold wet and very windy. The light when the sun does shine is great.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Early morning sun on rocks………………..and sheep.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The top of the quarry face from outside the van. A grand morning but we still got wet.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Sleet and hail this afternoon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Ten minutes later the late afternoon sun catching Solomon’s Temple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The dogs being quiet for once………..Molly in front and Alfie.

I’m praying for a better day tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy some clement weather.


  1. The light at this time of year is pretty dramatic. Your pictures of the sun on the rock face capture it well.

  2. Good dog portait - they look a little windblown though ;) I like your capture of the light in the other pictures as well. We've had just about the same weather drama here but no hail and sleet yet!

  3. Good to see the tower in daylight. The dogs are looking pert too. As for the weather least said...

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  5. Love the rock photos, and your 2 dogies are just wonderful. The autumn weather is just as bad here in Alberta, Canada is just as bad as your weather. I hope you have a great day and weekend.

  6. The dogs are so beautiful to see.
    This image of them in the winds is fantastic... Was chocolate or a chewy stick being waved for attention...

  7. Annie, I love winter light. The weather too if it's cold and crisp.

    Monica, thy are but seem not to care. It's hardly weather conducive to hanging around.

    Graham, It's sleeting again now. I want to get the Tower in the dark I'll try tomorrow as the forecast looks okay.

    Horst, I was lucky to be out for the light I didn't wait long today. I kept moving it was gloves weather this morning.

    Andrew, nothing as edifying as a chew stick. Dirty little devils were eating cow muck and I shouted to ask them to desist.

  8. It's spring here and the weather is just as unreliable. Love the light on the rockface. And it's always a joy to see the dogs. Molly looks so innocent, I'm sure you were mistaken about what she was up to.

  9. You'll have to pray harder Adrian...the forecast is not great!
    Bad weather? Deja Vu...
    Love the dogs with their hairs in the wind!So cute!

  10. The light on the rocks is good but the portrait of the dogs is what we've been waiting for some time. Windy or what.

  11. I love that first image Adrian....but I love the shot of Molly and Alfie even more.


  12. Beauties as always, Adrian. I was so taken with the rocks that I missed the sheep. Your dogs are just adorable.

  13. Hi Adrian...I am afraid I am sneaking in again while your covered heavy in dogs and extra blankets ...lol!!
    Today was brisk and sunny ...our first frost was last night (26f)and it was good-bye to many plants this morning!! Had a bunch of outdoor stuff to do..thus this late comment.

    Your first photo is very nice, but was not impressed with the subject being hail shot...eeeks !!
    Your furry friends are the cutest little bugger, a great shot..even if the where being naughty lol !!


  14. Pauline, I was not mistaken! Filthy little beasts. Good job they found it edible or they would have rolled in it.

    Dee Bee, as I write this dawn is arriving. The rain and wind is still here......Ugh!!

    Jay, I'm struggling for copy. The thing i have to do is keep going out. The light on the rocks lasted minutes but was uplifting.

    Trevor, thanks, they are fun dogs if fun dogs with horrible habits.

    Hilary, many thanks.......life is a bit cold and damp at the moment.

    Grace, I impressed with the hail. It was painful. The dogs do keep me amused.

  15. Nice portrait of Molly and Alfie, they have a grand life.

  16. You'd have got blown down into the valley if it was half as strong as here. Ugh. May you have sunshine and warmth on your life!

  17. Bob, they do .........not careing what the weather does helps.

    J Bar, thank you.

    John, same wind twenty minutes later. Horrid it is.

  18. Oh, what a wonderful light and landscape! And the two dogs are really sweet:-) Hugs from Luzia wishing you better weather next week.