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Sunday 30 October 2011

All AT THREES AND FOURS (30/10/11)

Yes; I forgot to put my clock back before retiring……….silly me.

It has rained all morning so I watched the Grand Prix live on BBC IPlayer, I usually wait for them to produce the highlights version as it saves a small fortune when one is downloading via a dongle.

For all it’s promise it was a pretty processional and predictable affair at the front. The Indian Grand Prix looks to have the makings of an exciting high speed venue. We’ll see next year when it’s settled down. It was still superb to watch these drivers flicking cars through high speed chicanes and with the odd exception being inch perfect.

I just love watching the skill………Contrast it to golf, tennis, cricket or football. Just not worth watching for me. Indy car racing…….least said……..one starts the fastest at the front. Not Indy….they pay to invert the sensible order and get the carnage their aficionados so desire.

Vettel was dominant, Button didn’t disgrace himself, Hamilton had yet another coming together with Massa. No change in form in the top seven. I liked Hamilton's helmet…….decorated with Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’. His girl friend has ditched him……….nice to see a bloke that can laugh at such adversity. Mind you going out with a lass called Nicole Schirtswinger is bound to cause problems, not the least of which is spelling or pronouncing Scherzinger. A good job these lads don’t drink much…………only the Lord knows what her name could degenerate into after a gallon of the falling down water.

We are just back in from a sunny stroll…….nothing to show for it but these two images.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I have never noticed this before. The light green bits are Lichen growing in moss. I’ve spent a good half hour ploughing through images on the British Lichen site and just got more confused. The black splodges are also a Lichen. Forget them for the time being.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The light green is the same thing but I was focussing on the water droplets on the moss. There is a wonderful world in miniature lurking on stones in dry stone walls……………I’ll try not to become obsessive. A futile exercise if the month I spent crawling around after fungi is any thing to go by.

Tomorrow we move over to a place near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. I’m looking for old coal mine remnants and seeing an old mate. The latter is guaranteed the former will be much harder. Evidence of the coal industry was obliterated by the government after the Thatcher/Scargill fiasco. Both bright but ultimately stupid people unfit for public office. Pride is a terrible thing………..that’s why I liked Lewis Hamiltons helmet.

Have a really good week.


  1. Thanks for telling me what happened in the Grand Prix. And I liked Lewis' helmet, good music.

  2. BOB, sorry if I spoiled it. I too an a big Bob Marley fan. Is that the right expression for someone no longer with us?

  3. Adrian, Yeh, I agree the GP was a bit of a procession...a stunning new venue though!

    Let's hope that the regulation changes for next year will bring some closer racing (although Adrian Newey may have different ideas!!) and that Hamilton gets his head back together by then!

    I reckon your lichen pics are of cladonia pyxidata. Found on heaths and rotting wood.

    Have a great week...[;o)

  4. Trevor, I could never drive one. They are unbelievable. Adrian Newey is a king. Vettel is a star but give him a Force India to drive?.....it will go faster but......? Hypothesise till kingdom come, it's a great sport.
    Miss a service in tennis, one gets another go. Miss an apex in qualifying and one could be an ex person.
    Lichen....That's what I thought but these wee devils, though trumpet shaped are growing at 1200' on a bit of limestone.

  5. Adrian, after further research on your lichen pics, you may have already been here but try this...www.britishlichens.co.uk...species gallery...Cladonia pocillum .....[;o)

  6. Cladonia are incredibly difficult to identify - especially when not 'fruiting' so I always settle for Cladonia species.

  7. (Damn, hitting preview just wiped out my comment, ah well here goes a second time).

    Yeah I agree a procession for a race but the track shows promise: some high speed chicanes and that long right hand corner is great. Maybe Herman Tilke can design a decent circuit, or maybe this is the exception that proves the rule.

    I think everyone should see an F1 race in person at least once in their lives. We went to Silverstone a couple of years ago and it was fantastic!

  8. I thought of the change of time yesterday then completely forgot about it today until late afternoon! I wish the UK could stick to the summer time for one and for good! I read that it might happen next year...

  9. I caught the end of the Grand Prix the venue looked fantastic.
    It was a wonderful day in my part of Cheshire today Adrian...
    The sun shines on the righteous...

  10. When I first glanced at your photos I had a "What the..." moment - thought it was coral! Very pretty whatever it is.

  11. I've always been happy that I invested in radio controlled clocks, and watches. I never have to worry about being caught out with the nonsense of upsetting my biological rhythms twice a year.

    No idea what the first picture is but it is very pretty.

  12. All this clock turning business is confusing ... don't the silly people who set such rules know that you can't turn back time? Our clocks don't change until November 6. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting recently, although I have been reading and enjoying your posts. I lichen your lichens :) It's amazing to see detailed macro shots and catch a glimpse into such a fascinating ecosystem ....they don't have to worry about the time. Nature takes care of that.

  13. Trevor, thanks for the link......that's where I went.

    John, I'll follow your example.

    Mark, they are an incredible spectacle. I've seen them testing but never justified the cost of a race.

    Dee Bee, stick to one or the other I agree.

    Andrew, the sun may shine on the righteous but remember the devil looks after his own.

    Pauline, there is a wonderful miniature world in Lichen and moss.

    John, sounds a good idea.......didn't they play about with the frequency a year ot two ago?

    Glo, you feel free to comment when you feel like it. No worries. The Lichen are very beautiful and easily wandered past.

  14. At last. I'm go this morning and have all the final things to do in the house. So what am I doing? Catching up on your posts. 'Sensible' is no longer my middle name.

    Going round with CJ I've come to appreciate and enjoy lichens and these are crackers.

    I though the GP was dire. Back to the processional days with a few moments thrown in to make me (well, not just me) look at the screen. Mark says we should all see a GP. Does going to the British Grand Prix at Aintree in 1955, when Stirling Moss won, count? By the way did you know that Aintree is the only purpose built GP circuit in Britain and that it still exists in its entirety today?

  15. What happened to the 'ing' as in 'going' which is what the fourth word of my comment should have been?

  16. Graham, probably more lichen than fungi......I know few of either but am trying to identify them.
    Captain Sensible now...Eh!
    I must admit I like processional. Having driven cars competitively. A slight distotion of the truth I drove them in competitions!
    Dnot wrroy aobut an Ing.......I can rdea bwtene the lneis.

  17. This post reminded me of turning the clock back on me being an ardent fan of F1. Due to sunday afternoon circumstances I've lost touch with it but enjoyed the moment when I was in Monaco 2009 ... errr the week before !! I often wondered about what the F1 WAGS thing was all about, maybe she was hoping for a magazine deal and it didn't come !

  18. Jay, at least Hamilton got a new helmet out of it.