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Monday 10 October 2011

A STEP BACK IN TIME (10/10/11)

The weather gets worse. Yesterday was fine for an hour or so in the morning but not picture taking weather at all.

The afternoon was terrible but it mattered little as I was hospital visiting. The staff in hospitals need to be canonised. How they face the job I just don’t know. I have been in once or twice myself…….it’s no joke being in there but it must be worse having to come in for a shift knowing I’m going to be there grumping away. The last time I was in was in the Azores……..I had to learn to be objectionable in Portuguese. No easy matter with pipes up every orifice and some up orifices of their making. 

Today I have re worked a few images from earlier in the year.


Some of them twice………..One of my favourite places……Boat House Ullswater. I have loads of views of this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Sheep in the Yorkshire village of Dent.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A view down Derwentwater.  Perhaps that should be Derwentice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Bamburgh Castle Northumberland.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        L’all Ratty……………Ravenglass.      

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Saturday Morning Darlington.

Before I go a couple of posers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fungi from yesterday. They are not Field or Horse Mushrooms. They have a damp cardboard smell. Taste is bland……….I only have a minute bit and spit it out. My Fungi book gives taste. No help this time. Growing under young Beech.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Anybody know what eleven across is? It really irks getting so close to finishing.

I can feel a rant against politicians coming on. They are too soft a target so I’ll wish you all a good week and clement weather. If it’s not benign then I hope it is interesting.


  1. 11 across - CITING

  2. Anon, many thanks it is. I'm a Muppet.

  3. Hi Adrian...I would not have been any help with that word! I ususally get so flustrated doing those dang thing!!
    I especially like the first set of photo's..very charming place...but I like the one to the right much better!!

    They are all very nice though...and of course a mushroom ! ; }
    Hope that hospital visit has good results!!


  4. Wonderful images, Adrian. Thanks for sharing your crossword puzzle too. ;)

  5. Grace, thanks......I play when I'm bored.
    The hospital wasn't for me. I was visiting mother. She has had enough but doctors can't let them go.

  6. I'm with Grammie G on the boathouse.

  7. More beautiful pictures and the writing isn't too bad, lol.

  8. I spent ages on the crossword (well a minute or two) and couldn't get citing either. The Derwentice photo is spectacular and the boathouse on Ullswater is something I've always wanted to photograph. There never seemed to be a parking spot nearby and I was always driving past with no time for a long walk back.

  9. That photo of Derwent Water is fantastic! Would probably look great as one of those trendy large canvas prints.

  10. Yes.Fantastic images. Some of them, specially the first image, the 3rd and the 6 th are like paintings. Great!. Say hello to those sheeps, also!
    My best regards and thank you, Adrian!

  11. Great set of images Adrian. The boathouse ones are brilliant...and Derwentice.

    Sorry but no joy on the fungi ID...did you take that bite out of the one on the left?

    Hope your weather improves for tomorrow, but it looks like you're stuck with it for a couple of days yet...[;o(

  12. A lovely read Adrian I hope your weather picks up soon but I think it's going to get worse rather than better..

    Keswick is my default holiday destination..a wonderful image towards Castle Crag.
    I have walked all the tops in your lovely image..

  13. Great series of reworked pics, Adrian. Nice variety.
    Gee, I wish we had real castles...

  14. Yes "Citing" is correct!
    Well Adrien it seems that you are quite a linguist!
    French, Portuguese...A man of many talents i have to say.
    Love the effects on the photos!
    Bad weather forecast (again!) for tomorrow...

  15. I, for one, will give thanks for your lousy weather I like what you did with the time. Sorry to hear about your mum. And hospitals! The only place I get to brush up against angels but I still avoid them whenever I can.

  16. Grace, thanks for the good wishes. The hospital will turn out for the best.

    Hilary, it rather looks as if today's post will be similar. Awful weather.

    John, good powers of discrimination you have. The first was degraded to give the Lomo effect.

    C.John, The nearest parking to the boat house is the layby in front of Patterdale Church. It is a little beauty. Icy Derwentwater.......superb weather.

    Mark, a couple of years ago I had several prints done onto canvas. I now prefer art paper. Canvas is fun though.

    Wind, thank you. Praise from you is always very welcome.

    Trevor, thanks and thanks for trying. The fungus looks familiar but I haven't a clue what they are. No I didn't have that much. It's corvi and slugs seem to do the damage. The birds don't seem to eat them just peck bits off and throw them around.

    Andrew, I suspect you are right about the weather. Despite Keswick it is a wonderful area.

    Laura, Northumberland seems to have a castle every mile or so. If there isn't a castle then there will be a Priory. Amazing place.

    Dee Bee, I can massacre several languages. Spanish is the one I speak best. I can really make a mess of Spanish.
    I worked for several weeks every year in the Vendee. Rigging yachts. Much of the French I learnt was unfit for print.

    Pauline, as I write this it looks as if it's another vile day in the offing.
    Hospitals...........they are horrible places but the staff are angels.

    Bob, thank you.

  17. Adrian, excellent re-workings of these.
    I remember the boathouse well. I think I prefer the left hand one, but both are very good.
    Lovely angle on the mushrooms too.

  18. I like the colour markings on the sheep matching the window frames! :) As for the boat house I think I'm leaning towards the right one too. But both are good!

  19. Keith, it is a good photogenic boat house. I was in full wet weather gear so no problem getting down for the fungi snap.

    Monica, the sheep are treated to soft focus. The colour is known as Raddle.

  20. I'm really dredging my memory banks now but I seem to recall that when a friend and I used to stay in a hotel right on the banks of Buttermere 45 years ago there was a similar boathouse and a tunnel though the rock under the banks.

    The Derwentice photo is one I would have loved to have been in a position to take. It really is an emotional statement in my book.

  21. Graham, I love the Lakes in winter. They can be stunning.

  22. Great stuff. Re: puzzle ... well no, I mean pictures ....Shame you said where they were, with exception of the sheep and mushrooms, I had them all sorted ! Nice to see them again. Re:Derwentwater - I bought a snow shovel on saturday ! Don't worry about being a grump in hospital, I'm the opposition & it's amazing what sick things make us smile ... it keeps me going !!