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Saturday 29 October 2011

A RESIT (29/10/11)

image We are roughly here…….or here roughly would be equally accurate.

image Yesterday morning we left Leek in thick fog. I checked my glasses weren’t steamed up then gave the windscreen a good leather………..no improvement so foggy it was. I drove the eight miles or so on the A53 towards Buxton and as I was dropping off the moor the sun came out but what amazed me was that the Wye valley was full of mist……..I kept trying to stop for some pictures but as is usually the case not a layby to be found. A great pity as it was one of the finest inversions I’ve ever seen. The rest of the journey was conducted not in fog but in an inversion. It made no practical difference but did cheer me up.

I hate fog. I hated it when I worked at sea, hours gazing at a cathode ray tube, plotting echoes and praying that the watch keepers would spot anything I’d missed in time to dodge. ( Take appropriate avoiding action.is the official term). It got easier with computers but then I was relying on software to reduce sea clutter so not anymore relaxing. Worse in a way………Now it is much easier. Vessels have their ID on the screen, speed, course, the maiden name of the skippers mother, closest point of approach, what they are watching on TV. It does allow confident use of the radio, at least one knows whom one is chatting to. Then; vessels are not all so equipped. Back to square one. Glad I can relax in the van………..not in fog though.

A couple of days ago I posted this image of Wastwater.

P2182551_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1   It is straight but I’ve never printed it because something is not quite right. I wanted to keep the foreground as I like the pebbles. It probably wants binning but Trevor at Three Counties Herald commented that it is the feeling that the lake is flowing away to the right. It made him feel nauseous………too polite to say so…….a gentleman.

I was probably in the wrong place but the head waters of Wastwater are a mini Amazon delta and trying to navigate the couple of hundred yards to terra firma is a horror show in the dark. I try to send the dogs ahead but they aren’t that daft. They are content to let me be pack leader and take the wetting in the dark.

straight2   This is my homework re done. It’s better…………..I hope. Thanks Trevor , want a job as unpaid editor, it’s yours.

We parked up behind the Waterloo pub yesterday. The low winter sun came out and illuminated some of my favourite countryside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s not dramatic but it does lift my spirits.

I missed dawn this morning……….well I was sitting in the truck watching it and it didn’t look too promising. We went out a bit late.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A little bit of light.

The dogs enjoyed a six mile round trip……….I saw and failed to capture much at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A little bit of frost.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There was light but nothing to write home about. Some days are like this……..it’s raining as I write.

That’s all for today. have a great weekend.


  1. I just found your blog and have to say that your pictures are candy for the eyes! Lovely!

  2. I love fog but have never had to navigate through it with anything other than my tow feet.. and a camera. And your beautiful photos are anything but nausea-inducing.

  3. I do like your pictures, and I like your maps too of where you are. We had friends in Buxton, so I know the area a little bit. I like both your images of Wastwater and neither of them made me feel nauseous! They didn't look wobbly to me!

  4. You've made me think--the difference in cropping that photo is subtle, but I think it's an improvement. I share all your feelings about fog. Here we get a lot of ugly winter inversions that stay until the next storm blows them out. Yuck.

  5. Excellent images! All pictures has wonderful colors.

  6. Beautiful light in all these photos!

  7. Lovely images Adrian... the best inversion I have ever witnessed was at Wastwater.
    I climbed Great Gable one day in the early 1990's and as the views opened up I was above the clouds in bright sunshine. The top of the screes and Yewbarrow were visible it was just the lake and valley that sat in the thick white mist.. a beautiful thing to see.

  8. You've redone your About Me and I quite like it!
    Great photos despite you moaning about the fog. I really love the last one!
    Wastwater redone! I like them both!
    Hope you'll have a dry and enjoyable Sunday Adrian!

  9. With my customary lack of visual imagination I had failed to realise that the first picture was having that effect. It took a while before I became fully aware of the difference. I'm not very sharp that way.

    I'm not a fan of fog either although the most beautiful effects of fog for me have also been in the Lake District over Borrowdale and Derwentwater.

  10. I had to do a fair bit of scrolling from one image to the other but I do now see the difference. When I like a shot, I just like it, rarely know why. But today I know it is the light in your shots that appeals to me.

  11. Adrian your photos are absolutely beautiful. They have a lot of character, that's what makes them so good. When enlarged, then you see all the great detail, just beautiful.

  12. Different moods of the sky so well captured.
    But the best I liked is what you said "All images are shot and posted the same day" It makes a lot of sense.

  13. This images are wonderful!! It's made me speachless :)

  14. An outstanding collection Adrian.

  15. Brilliant collection of the landscape.

  16. Vagabonde, thank you for popping by I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Hilary, There is just something wrong with this sunset.

    Annie, Thanks, I'll take more water with the falling down juice then perhaps it will look better.

    JoLynne, it is cropped and it isn't. I pushed and pulled it using the free transform tool and a grid to square it up. It is better for it.

    Claudia, thank you. I keep trying.

    Monica, I have had to give them a good nudge.

    Andrew, they can be stunning. I love the ones where the cloud surface boils up. Any are a bonus though.

    DeeBee, I decided I needed a makeover. I'll try for a new avatar as this one is a good two years old and I've matured a little. It's rained all morning.....Ho Hum!

    Graham, I've never seen a good inversion there but have seen several good ones over Ullswater and Wastwater. Derwentwater would be great if the islands were just poking through. Another Photoshop opportunity!!

    Pauline, I was struggling.....these have been edited bits lifted and bits darkened.

    Horst, I'm down to a prime lens at the moment. It does produce good detail.

    Haddock, I'm glad you came for a look. I always try to say if images are not taken on the same day I post them....I do forget sometimes.

    John, I'm pleased you did. I hope you enjoyed the GP.

    On the Way, thank you very much. I'm glad to see you.

    Keith, thanks......not outstanding. Good to see you back.

    Bob, many thanks.

  17. Ula, surely not that good. Speechless ladies are very rare.

  18. Looks like a stunning location there Adrian, and some great exposures on those beautiful images. I really like the last one!

    I'm still feeling guilty about criticizing your Wastwater image, but I think the re-worked one is much better ! !...[;o)

  19. Trevor......never feel guilty. Sycophancy boosts esteem but does nothing for quality. I appreciate criticism. I do my best and through folk helping know I can do better.

  20. The last one is outstanding and you passed your re-sit with flying colours. I'm just pleased that Trevor's not following me ;-)