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Thursday 27 October 2011


I was awake and full of the joys of spring at three thirty this morning. I have been ploughing through old images. They are from a few weeks either side of this time last year.

Why?………….it’s wet and cold……….not freezing just totally dismal, the dogs wouldn’t get up, they can hear the rain. I was late to bed, a lass pulled up next door yesterday evening. Her two daughters wanted to take the dogs out. Fine I said but don’t let the little bugg…….blighters off the lead. Ten minutes later the eldest returned in tears. I’ve lost the dogs………..don’t worry………..No, they have run away……….don’t worry. Off I toddled, persuaded her to shout …….DOGS!  Shout as loud as you can. Two goes and two minutes later they appeared, muddy, wet but happy. Little buggers!

I was down to my last bottle of lager……..Mum agreed to share it with me. She was impressed with my relaxed attitude……….the beauty of a new acquaintance…..little does she know! I didn’t enlighten her but she was away by ten this morning. So perhaps has the innate intuition I associate with ladies or possibly rendering River Deep and Mountain High on the flute was not one of my better ideas. I can also play Mull of Kintyre and lots of hymns, I’m not religious but I avoid tunes with lots of sharps and flats, most hymns fit that bill.

On to the trawl through the bin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Cows in Rain…….much like today’s abysmal weather.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Dawn Down Derwentwater. I love cool weather.


PA187490_1_2_tonemapped_edited-1 Derwentwater from the south end. Only a couple of days since the last image. How our climate changes!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A reflection of autumn colour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Sunset over the Esk estuary.

P2182551_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1 Sunset over Wastwater…….This brought back memories of very wet dogs and very wet me. I got disorientated in the headwaters and went in up to my waist.

Lets hope for views and clement weather tomorrow.


  1. such a nice variety of lovely shots!

  2. I love that fourth image Adrian...lovely shot.


  3. Hi Adrian...I do believe perhaps the Lass was able to read your mind..; } and I believe that the little diddy on the flute really sent here of early...I have no more to say about that...lol
    You have some funny experiences on your travels!!

    The fourth and fifth photo's I especially like!!

    Hope your weather inproves ..

  4. I liked the last one, it is a monumental photo.

  5. All such beautiful shots, I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favourite. I'm glad the dogs returned safe and sound.

  6. Those are breathtaking, all of them. Looks like a productive rainy day to me.

  7. You old romantic you!..... half a bottle of lager and a quick toot on a flute...I can't see a problem with that, it should work every time!!!

    Excellent set of images Adrian, I really like the last one it's a beauty (maybe a little tweak anticlockwise?... to stop the water running out the bottom right!)

    Hope you have a better day weather wise tomorrow (it rained for most of the day here too)...[;o)

    Hope you don't mind the criticism!

  8. Terrific images Adrian, all of them by my favourite are 4 and 3 and the last!
    You seem to have recovered your "spirit"! :)

  9. I like most of those. Favourite would be a toss up between autumn colour and Wastwater sunset.

  10. Norma, thanks.

    Trevor, the fourth one should be looking south from the south end of Derwentwater. A lucky shot.

    Grace, she was away anyway. Nothing happens for days then it all happens at once.

    Bob, thanks it is a beautiful place.

    Hilary, they always come back when they are ready.

    JoLynne, I hate sorting images but it's amazing what I find.

    Trevor, I don't mind at all.......I did straighten it........I'll try pulling it with free transform.

    DeeBee, I am okay thanks. I just need some cold frosty weather.

    John, thanks........Wastwater is a wonderful if generally gloomy place.

  11. Another cheer Andrew up after a horrible day post Adrian... the pics of the lakes are lovely... my feet have covered most of the tops.

  12. Adrian, I love all of your images today. They are awesome.

  13. Some stunning images there, Adrian. The light streaming through the clouds by Derwentwater is brilliant.

  14. Andrew, ta. You missed nothing by being at work today.

    Horst, many thanks.

    Jeremy, thank you, it is one of my favourites.

  15. Nostalgia is great. Don't think I caught some of these images first time around. Superb.

  16. Jay, half are unpublished or were. I end up with several similar images as sunrises/sets are always a waiting game.

  17. Wow - fantastic shots! So gorgeous!

  18. Ladyfi, even the incompetent can produce a result given time.

  19. oh my gosh, all are so beautiful. but that autumn reflection brought tears to my eyes. i can't say how beautiful it is!

    congrats on your POTW!

  20. Amazing images. I particularly enjoyed "A reflection of autumn colour". Congrats on your POTW.

  21. I can certainly see why you got POTW on these. Really beautiful images here Adrian.

    Sorry I've been gone, my blog disappeared while I was in New England. I've put up a new one here to keep up for now.

  22. Congrats on POTW...richly deserved!
    xoxoxo, cd

  23. Texwisgirl, glad you enjoyed them thanks.

    Linda, many thanks.

    Scott, found your new blog.

    Clare, Thank you.