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Tuesday 11 October 2011


My weather just keeps getting worse. It’s not cold just very wet. The crossword is done, the dogs are walked, Alf’s leg is better so, precipitation excepted, all is well with the world. Well it was, we now have a power cut or as the electricity company term it ………….’A Planned Outage.’ They must employ people to dream up such terms. Whatever they call it, it’s back to the generator for me.

Another trawl through the hard drive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lambs in snow………..Bamburgh at the end of October last year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA corner of Bamburgh Castle taken four days before the snow came.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cattle relaxing by the River South Tyne.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Infinity Bridge, Stockton on Tees. A real gem. Last time I was there the lights were not on. Cut backs or a planned outage? I don’t know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another bridge I admire at Chatsworth.


POPUP-BOOKbirds   After Pop-Up Fungi……….I now have a Pop-Up Bird book. The Robin seems to have become semi transparent….Whoops!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI posted these yesterday and after much deliberation I think they are Club-footed Funnel-cap. They are supposed to smell of almonds…….if I stretch my imagination there is a slight whiff of marzipan about them.

That’s all for today………….I’m wringing wet so off for a shower now.


  1. For a moment you scared me...until I read the caption...I am talking about the snowy photo!!! That would have been really an awful type weather!
    I LOVE these 2 bridges, the first one is stunning, so sleek and light, it looks like a flying above the water, and the second is equally beautiful in its conventional and classical way and its reflection is stunning!
    Should we ship some candles to where you are?!?! :))

  2. I like the bird book. Best wishes for better weather.

  3. HI Adrian ...I was a bit startled when I saw your first one...wow I am not ready for that ...but it could happen...the weather is crazy!!

    I love the bridge at Chatsworth and the reflection it is perfect!!
    Ya..a little tranparent on the Robin,but if you hadn't mentioned it I would never have seen it! : }

    The Ravenglass would make a very nice postcard, but people don't even send them anymore...they just take a picture with there phone and send it..what ever happened to rotary dial phones and 1 cent stamps ??


  4. Sounds good, ,cows relaxing,....
    All the images are very interesting because of treatement, processing and composition.
    I like the way you are doing this!
    Anyway,like Deebee I thought that winter is almost there...
    I hate winter!

  5. Brilliant Adrian. It's lovely to see all again, well some them were oldies.

  6. Dee Bee, I love snow and frost. The sheep are Poll Dorset breed. They lamb all year round. The photograph was taken on the 28th of October last year.
    The power is back on now.
    The infinity bridge is a wonder. If you look carefully there are blue lights on the handrail which illuminate as someone crosses. It's a footbridge.

    JoLynne, I'm just in from an afternoon walk. it only rained for half the time.

    Grace, the snow came last year a fortnight from today. Wonderful it was.
    I don't know what happened to the Robin I only noticed after I'd uploaded it. A senior moment!
    Ravenglass is another image with the Michael Orton look.

    Wind, I love winter as long as it's cold. It's this rain I cannot abide.
    I like the soft, glowing look from this process.

    Bob, all unpublished but the views are similar.

  7. Another productive day out of the rain Adrian!

    A great selection of well worked images, my favourites are Cattle relaxing and Ravenglass.....now, a see through Robin that would really get the twitchers twitching!

    Still no sure about that fungi ID tho'...[;o)

  8. love your images! I hate outages; I am spoiled by easily accessed electricity; I have no generator. We are lucky in this mobile home park; our lines are buried.

  9. Trevor, I've got soaked three times. I getting fed up.
    I like your choices, they are my favourites.
    The fungi don't look like Funnel Caps. I'll have another look at them tomorrow.

    Norma, Thanks, I was only fed up by the power cut because I spent ten minutes in the rain.

  10. Beautiful images.. Chatsworth is photographers dream and a lovely place just to visit...
    I could have done without the snow shot... I still have to commute through the stuff.

  11. Your pictures are absolutely awesome. The first image is my favorite. All these shades of brown and grey and yellow...

  12. Ravenglass is a cracker Adrian; and I love the pop-up bird book.

  13. Wonderful images, all of them even the birdbook.

  14. ...i had to stop by here...i see you at a few of the other places i wander. i'm glad i did.
    your photos are beautiful!! i epsecially like the reflection...ravenglass! it looks like a painting. the lambs look warm at least...and the old brick castle & reflection of the infinity bridge...love it all! fantastic pictures!! :)

  15. Andrew, you are sitting on tons of salt. It won't snow yet.

    Olga, it was shot during a break in a blizzard.

    Keith, the book is playtime. So is Ravenglass come to look.

    Horst, many thanks.

    Laura, The Ravenglass image is in the style of one of your compatriots....Michael Orton.
    I'm glad you popped round.

  16. Teach me to read the first paragraph before looking at the picture... Gosh, I thought, Adrian is having rough weather!

  17. John, I'm sorry about that. Shocks are dangerous at our age.

  18. Another amazing pop up book. You are a clever clogs.

    As for the first photo - by the various forecasts it could well be a similar view at the end of this October!

  19. Beautiful selection. The infinity bridge contrasts wonderfully with the Chatsworth one... I'd love to see them both. Can you walk over to infinity? Now THAT would be something!

  20. Bamburgh Castle is a strange place. The clock seems so incongruous to me.

    When I saw this photo of the Infinity Bridge I had a curious picture in my mind of people walking up and skiing down the slope. Silly mind I've got.

  21. Haven't had time to browse this week. Glad I remembered today. That's a lovely shot of the cattle! Maybe I'm nuts but it looks almost Constable-ish to me!

  22. Graham, it is a bit of a Hotch Potch. Looks good from the beach if the light is right..I love that bridge, though they don't light it as well now. Cut backs!

    Pauline, It does have a slightly surreal feel to it. I like the effect though.

  23. Nice nostalgia stuff. It's great to have a book like that when the weather is bad !!