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Wednesday 12 October 2011

WHAT A SURPRISE (12/10/11)

There is a change in the weather. It was raining and it’s raining again now but for twenty minutes whilst I was out this morning the sun came out, not just a bit but a lot.

I’ve been driven half mad by Wrens and Long Tailed Tits. It was too dark and dismal for photographs of them and when the sun appeared they disappeared. Such is life!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is what a Wren should look like………..it’s as good as mine get anyway. It’s much better than the indeterminate little brown blurry blobs I got this morning. This is from a while ago.

I did get some pictures today. Nothing stunning but at least they are pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                   This is how good it got………….we still wave at aeroplanes here. I try and tell folk it makes them look dumb and the passengers can’t see them but they wave anyway!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  The only colour around when we set off. Dark and windy it was. I at first thought these were Hawthorn berries but then noticed the leaves looked different………………I know they are dead………..I meant the shape was not as the Hawthorn leaf. I’m going to identify them as Cockspurthorn. A new one for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sunlight on a cliff face and some Rose Bay Willowherb.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The same sort of thing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is the fungi I still can’t identify…………I am going to give up now. I’ve been three days taking it’s picture and pouring through the book.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is the last chance. Camera shutters have a finite life and I’m getting no nearer.

I had a phone call this morning from Wrexham……………been sunny there all week. I’m stuck here for a while I just hope the sun heads this way.

That’s all for today.


  1. Dare I say it Adrian, but it's been sunny here most of the morning. Sorry.

    It looks a lovely golden light on the cliff; early morning is certainly the best time of day.

  2. We have had some sunshine for the morning, but, then it went away, ah. Nice to see the mushrooms in its glory, well even if is a few days old.

  3. And the sun has come out here today too! I love the little wren and the fungi - we have similar here growing in the garden (if the rain hasn't washed them away!)

  4. Tony Hancock - The Radio Ham - "It is ah raining here also." That fine stuff that looks nothing but still soaks everything and everyone in no time at all. Also it has been so dark the past few days, more like mid-winter. In fact worse, as mid-winter often has sunny days. Typical UK weather.

    I saw a Wren a few minutes ago - the first since last Spring.

  5. Nice sunny afternoon here Adrian, mowed the lawn then had lunch in the garden...perfect!

    Those Wrens are annoying little blighters aren't they?, they never sit still!

    How about Beech Milkcap (lactarius blennius) for the fungi? I'm still not really sure but it's my best guesstimate!...[;o)

    And could you please not wave at the planes, it just makes you look silly and upsets the kids!

  6. Keith, It is and it was good of the sun to grace me with a brief appearance.

    Bob, the weather is awful.

    Annie, Glad your weather is improving. The wrens are little devils to snap.

    John, exactly the same as the rain here misty vile stuff.

    Trevor, the sun obviously shines on the righteous. Beech Milk cap isn't in my book. I'll google it. Thanks.
    Waving at planes is fine up here in the hills everyone does it!

  7. Wrexham - as in Wrexham just twenty or so miles from me? They were pulling your plonker, Adrian. Either that or I'm definitely living in the wrong place!

    Lactarius leak milk so if that almond flavoured stuff you ate hasn't killed you yet, try drinking it. No more posts and we'll assume your doctors are working on further identification...

  8. Rained all day in Manchester but at least I was indoors working....

  9. John, yes that Wrexham. He can't be that confused, I hope. He still drives.
    I don't eat strange fungi. I just have a taste and spit it out. Most ID's seem dependant on flavour as well as smell.

    Andrew it is horrid.

  10. HI Adrian...It was a lovely morning but rain in the forecast!!
    It was just cool enough to dig out a Comfrey plant out of the garden with root's I gave up on after 2ft...if you feel the earth move under you feet (hmmm..isn't there a song that goes something like that) it's where those roots caved in the ground after I pulled those miserable things out!! ; }
    A fruitless endeavor I am sure ..I will throw them on the mulch pile on the back side of the property..they will grow anywhere...the Deer just love the leaves and what's growing out there now is eaten down to the ground!! ooop's I am rambling!!

    I like you berry photo, and the mushroom upside down...pretty cool stuff!!
    The color on the cliff's is very nice!!
    I don't know why you grumble about your photo's ..I always enjoy them ...even airplanes...; } I only wave at helicopter's ..if they see you they tip a bit and wave!!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!


  11. The sixth photo - I like it particularly because it is so abstract and hypnotic.

  12. Grace, I hope you don't sprain a wrist or ankle. Comfrey makes a good poultice.
    Foggy here this morning.......Arggh!
    Thanks for the compliment.....I'll try and find something later.

    Olga, it isn't that sort of fungi......I did crop it like that. Thank you.

  13. Bonjour Adrien!
    Your mushroom is a mystery for me, I checked all the names mentioned by your followers' replies but can't recognize any!
    In my old reference book (yes, i use books, love them) the closest to your mushroom would be Volvariella Speciosa...
    Get your camera ready, i think today is not too bad, i mean not too rainy...

  14. Dee Bee, it was clear in the night but around six o'clock the fog came down. We'll see.

  15. The pictures have come out well ! Yep I too see many people waving on a flying plane even after knowing the passengers can't see them!
    check this one out -
    Am I a Day Person or a Night Person?
    Do you like bright days or calm nights?

  16. Fabulous sunny day all day Wednesday here in the Hebrides too. As you'll see in my post tomorrow!

  17. Graham, even the Outer Isles deserve some sun. It has been really grim here.