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Tuesday 4 October 2011

SOLOMON’S TOWER (04/10/11)

I was out before dawn this morning. What a change in the weather……..freezing it is. I’ve not much to show for todays expedition to Solomon’s Tower…………..well a few pictures of an uninspiring sunrise and a touch of frost bite excepted.

_A048088_89_90_91_92_tonemapped_edited-1  Solomon’s Tower. The humps and bumps in the foreground are the remains of old lime kilns and their spoil heaps.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Victorian two story platform giving views over Buxton.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the view from the top of the tower looking east down the Wye valley. The vista north over the town didn’t work out at all. Ho! Hum!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A young beast in silhouette.

That’s it for today………..I’ll try and do better tomorrow.



  1. We saw a very similar tower on a hill overlooking Inverary in Scotland - I think the architect must have hawked his plans around the country.

  2. I like the innocents of early morning, I am pleased that they (goverment) are leaving the tower alone. Great photos even if you don't.

  3. That first photo is so dramatic,wonderful sky.I like the the beast in silhouette as well,though dare I tell a pro,that I would have cropped out the hill,to focus on the animal and the silhouetted grass on the skyline.!!!

    It is wet and cold here,had the first frost of the season this morning and have a fire in the hearth this evening.

  4. I love the first image Adrian.. it looks like a lovely place to visit. So near to me but I was so unaware...
    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Me too. Just love that first image.
    I also love the little tidbits of info you include. Adds meaning and spikes interest.

  6. Hi Adrian...your probably at this time all tucked in with those two little bed warmer!!
    Thought I'd sneak in an leave you a comment...
    Your first shot is gorgeous..and the history amazing to know about...My daughter lives in a little town south of me called Buxton..there are so many towns here that must have been named from there when they came over from that side of the pond!!
    I have to study up on that!!

    Hope your morning is going to be a good one!!The rain here is getting old, but at least it isn't snow!!

  7. The sunsets are awesome and the silloette of the cow is great. Love your photos today.

  8. The lightning on your first photo is golden. It is completely transformed the landscape. Beautiful!

  9. John, I think they did.........The Hunting Tower at Chatsworth has a twin in southern Ireland.

    Bob, thanks. I should have taken the tripod. I will next time.

    Carolyn, you are right. I did crop but not enough. Raining here at the moment.

    Laura, thanks..........this place must have been like hades a hundred and fifty years ago. Kilns belching smoke and flame everywhere.

    Grace, thanks........I usually get something when I go out. It looked promising but was just okay. Rain here this morning.

    Horst, many thanks.......I'll try and get out in the dark and light it with flash.

    Olga, I was lucky........the light came and went very fast.

  10. I love the way they are: the twer, the kow...the landscape...all so beautifull...
    Love it all...

  11. Such beautiful, moody hues. Lovely.

  12. Blueshell, many thanks.

    Hilary, I'm hoping for a perfect sunrise......maybe tomorrow.

  13. I like the sunrise - real sky drama! I was thinking of walking there yesterday when I went to Dove Dale, we might have bumped into each other!

  14. George, you would have heard the dogs that's for sure.

  15. You had a good crack at these and even though you might be disappointed, there are other elements that stand out. The last shot is a beauty.

  16. Jay, thanks, I have good days and bad. This one was middling.