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Thursday 20 October 2011

TAKING A BREAK (20/10/11)

I am taking a rest from blogger…………just too much going on and very little of it good.

This is a view over the Derbyshire Wye valley taken from the van. Great light in between the hail and rain showers.


I hope to be back soon………………have fun and keep safe.


  1. Take care Adrian. Hope things improve for you soon.

  2. Bye bye, I hope things will be ok.

  3. Hope you're back on the blogging trail soon Adrian.
    Take care...[;o)

  4. I will miss your posts....
    Look after yourself and come back soon...!!


  5. I hope you see this Adrian...enjoy your time off it does take over your life a bit.
    I sometimes feel like I have deadlines to meet.

    Keep the camera to hand though.. you may capture something you really want to share.

    Take care.

  6. Keep well Adrian and come back soon.
    I love reading your posts full of humour!
    Don't be away too long!! :)

  7. This sounds worrisome. I hope all is okay. Sending best thoughts your way.

  8. Sending warm wishes for things to get better for you. Take care; I will miss you.

  9. John, thanks..........things will all work out.

    Bob, I'll still keep reading, so expect a comment or two.

    Trevor, Thank you......did you see the comment from the Indy boss? He needed more carnage. I despair.

    Trevor (bicycle), I'll be back...........I hope.

    John, I'll do my best.......I am working on a new blog format....not template.....I hate gadgets on blogs though have added Postvorta. He helped me so even though I don't understand it I'll scratch his back. Mark tries to be intelligible but I'm a wee bit thick, half the time he could be communicating in Mandarin.

    Andrew, I have always tried to shoot and publish the same day. Thanks.......I'll be back.

    Dee Bee, I'll concentrate on the humour........not today. All clowns are sad.
    I'll get back and thank you.

    Hilary, I have always lived life on the limit...my limit anyway. Sometimes I just overstretch myself......no worries.

    Norma, I've not died yet nor do I intend doing so. if you want a piccy polishing then i'm still here and it's still free.

  10. Spectacular image Adrian!

    Take care...

  11. Hope everything turns out okay. You will be missed while you are gone.

  12. Beautiful view. It's a dreary weather season though... Wish you best of luck with whatever is the trouble. Hope things will get sorted out soon and blogging inspiration return.

  13. Claudia, I will look after myself. It was wonderful light.

    Mark, thanks and thanks for your help. I'll be back.

    Monica, it is dreary but if one waits the light can be wonderful. I am inspired but this walking and posting the same day is causing quality to suffer. I will be back soon.

  14. That's a pretty photo. Hope it's a good sign. Best wishes--JoLynne

  15. I miss you Andy :) Take rest and come back to us :)

  16. Hope you get stuff sorted. Blogging is a funny business, life seems normal until someone disappears for a while & you realise that they have to cope and deal with other things away from the computer screen that aint anyone else's business !! Speaking from experience mine is a combination of treading the Hamster wheel and keeping too many juggling balls up in the air !!

  17. Jay, hopefully some order is returning to my life of chaos. Thanks.