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Monday 3 October 2011


Today we moved back over the hill into Derbyshire. We are just outside Buxton in an old quarry. On the way I stopped at the new Tesco supermarket in Chesterfield…………well blow me down…………impressive! I was gobsmacked!

Chesterfield Football Club have a new stadium next door………..how they afford it only the Lord knows it is as posh as Tesco! It has some grass as well. For all this urban regeneration and modernisation I wasn’t impressed. Had to park my van hundreds of yards away, then find the trolleys,(free to be fair), then get on one of those moving ramps so beloved of airports. At airports one can lift the back wheels up and push………Not at Tesco all four wheels are locked,  up hill and down. Slow, they go at snails pace. I shouldn’t be impatient.

The disabled have dedicated parking right next to the store entrance, as do young mothers, size of most of the latter they could do with a stroll……… they then have to negotiate a moving ramp then two miles of isles. Come on if you are fit enough for the latter you're fit enough to cross a car park.

When  I made it to the sales floor…………..Bloody Hell!………..One could live in here. Chesterfield could live in here! Twenty yards of Newsagent. Bookseller racks…………cheap but nowt of substance. Electrics………..Trousers….Shirts……….Frocks…….Knickers…….. Then televisions. ………….All I needed was a bottle of wine, some milk and a loaf and a bit of salad and meat. I purchased……………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is why they are successful, they are brave. I bought the dog food because I was running low. Potatoes because they were cheap. Mushrooms because we ate the free ones last night. Pain au Chocalate because they are brilliant with espresso. Stella cos it was cheap.  If you work it out I spent £ 20.14p to avoid stopping again. It was no pleasure shopping there. No reflection on the staff, they were lovely. It must be as bad for them as it is for me and my bank balance.

Before I departed I had one last go for the Green Woodpecker. I saw it yesterday, I saw it today. No chance………Are they allergic to dogs or people whose name begins with an ‘A’?……….. It is always a hundred feet away in young Silver Birch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Common Puff Ball……………I hope.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Either Liberty Cap or Hay Cap……I suspect the latter……Maybe something else?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Loads of Canada Geese…………this is stitched and played with. I had a long lens on……..I was Woodpeckering.

Tomorrow I’m out before dawn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The wee blip is Solomon's Tower…………..Views east, west, north and south. I hope I get a good dawn or sunset or two.

It’s hellish hot still. I blame the politicians………..three party conferences one after the other. That much hot air plus mine any global system would have trouble coping with.

Have a good week.


  1. Ah Adrian, on the road again!
    Always such a pleasure reading your posts, so witty!
    Make the best of the heat as it' supposed to get cooler from Wednesday...

  2. Fancy not enjoying a trip to a supermarket. There's one of those magastores not far from us - I think they sell campervans on aisle 208.

    Like the fungi - keep 'em coming.

  3. Dee Bee, No stopped again. It will not get cool till the Political Conference season is over. This lot blow hot air. Thanks.

    John, I love shopping for food. I only needed a bit.
    Should have stopped in Tideswell, Brough and I'd have got what I wanted.........Silly Me!
    Something else are Tesco Extras.......never found the camper van isle but it will not be long arriving.
    Bigger than cathedrals but with no art are these.

  4. HI Adrian..I am back home...it rained a pour the whole darn weekend, and foggy couldn't get a darn photo of anything !!
    I see you haven't gotten over your mushroom hunting yet ; }!!
    I see you have a few rants going about the weather and politics..always make a good chat!! ; }}

  5. A lovely read as I get home from work... My holiday is over.
    Love the Tesco receipt shot..quite frugal spending until the last item.
    Expensive tastes?...or a 3 litre box lol.
    Take care.

  6. I love your bit about Tescos, I laughed a lot, hee hee.

  7. Grace, sorry the weather wasn't kind to you. Short of pictures for this post hence the chat.

    Andrew, Ta........3 litre box I'm afraid.

    Bob, it was a nightmare in that shop.

  8. Cathedrals is right Adrian. You are worshiping in the cathedrals of consumerism. It's just like the religions that worship the other god who sells redemption and salvation - leastways his (or is he a her) earthly representatives do. If you have your pension fund partly in Tesco then you have a dilemma when you visit these cathedrals: your future or the future of mankind.

  9. Graham, I think it will be a long time before I pay another visit..............they are just too big.
    What amazes me is that you get competitors next door to each other. Where do all the customers come from?

  10. I passed through Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago and was horrified at the traffic on the south westerly exit of the town. I'm not a fan of T.... !, although I have a free food hand out scheme with the club card thanks to Eon. Funny, ... I'm in Buxton on saturday for a couple of hours on a charter railtour.

  11. Jay, If you turn right out of the station head towards pavilion gardens you will find a wealth of material. A wonderful crescent, the opera house. just off to your right the old indoor riding school, ex hospital, something to do with Derby university. The Spa Baths are a shopping arcade.
    I'll leave the town to you!