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Saturday 16 July 2016

A RIGHT MUDDLE. (16/07/16)

This isn’t a very sharp photograph but it has kept me entertained for a couple of days. Fruitlessly entertained as once again TREVOR correctly identified it for me. It’s a Sawfly, Agloastigma fulvipes. I cannot find any confirmation on the internet but I’ll take his word for it as the Library Van in Northamptonshire has books showing every insect…This one may have a book all to itself. _V0G0161

I have looked for it or another one but they are very quick and disappear before I can get them in focus. Yesterday I did find some excellent Slime Mold it was about the size of my hand and in perfect condition. This is just a corner of it as I only had the MP-E 65mm lens with me.


These usually appear in their thousands. This one was all alone and the first I’ve seen this year. A common Pollen Beetle, Meligellies aenus. I have only seen these on yellow flowers before, in fact anything yellow, they aren’t fussy.


The next one is a lone Red Soldier Beetle. These are very common but it’s unusual to find one on it’s own. Common Red Soldier Beetle - Rhagonycha fulva. What a good poser.




I’ll finish up today with a couple of male Crane Flies, the first one is Tipula lunata.



This one is Tipula oleracea. I hope.


I’ll see what today allows me to find, it’s fine after yesterday’s rain so I should get out again later.


  1. The anterior of he sawfly has a grasshopper look. Great photos as usual.

    1. Marie, I rarely see Grasshoppers and if I did they would hop before I clicked.

  2. Keep the macro work coming, Adrian! I just can't get enough of it! Not sure about the merits of the slime mould however ;-)

    Hoping you're getting better weather than we are - - - Richard

    1. Richard, I have a bit of a change tomorrow. Poured most of yesterday but it's not been bad today. I have tried to capture slime mold and grow it on porridge oats for a time lapse but it always dies on me.

  3. The red soldier's first picture is really interesting. By the way, thanks for your comment on the flowers--- I decided to clarify what I wrote. One of those cases in which I knew what I meant, but.... (insert silly face here)

    1. Bill it does look a bit cheeky. I'll go and have a look what you meant.

  4. Just catching up with posts...

    Check your Sawfly out here naturespot.org.uk/species/aglaostigma-fulvipes

    1. Got it Trevor thank you. I have this site bookmarked so how I missed it I don't know.