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Monday 25 July 2016

NEWS. (25/07/16)

I hear that economic disaster is just around the corner as Dave and Gideon predicted. Brazil, Argentina, Australia, America, New Zealand, China and India are all in the quue, I mean line, I can’t spell kew, they are wanting trade deals with us. The problem is they want to send all their unemployable citizens here, they want British law to be subservient to their law, they insist on fishing our waters and we will have to pay them billions of pounds a year for the privilege. That is completely ridiculous. Who would agree to terms like that?
I went to shift some hardcore and the rubble area is being shared with the pigs. I don’t know where all the others are but a couple came running so I asked them to pose.


They soon tired of the entertainment and settled down to a good wallow. I like animals and pigs are gentle intelligent beasts. Alf is frightened of them but Molly always has a chat with them, what they chat about I don’t know but I doubt they discuss politics. The spotted pig is a Black Spot and the black one is a Large Black/Wild Boar cross. There are about a dozen of them but as they have about five acres to wander in I’ll have to have a proper pig shooting day; I’ll also have to pop my wellies and waterproof trousers on as it’s all too easy to get covered in wet mud.
The excavator waiting to spread the hardcore, whilst I waste time talking to pigs.

This is quite a large moth and I’ll guess it’s a Grey Arches, Polia nebulosa.
This is a Red Campion seed pod and PHIL found one with a caterpillar. I didn’t but did find a caterpillar on an adjacent flower.

This must be a Campion Moth Caterpillar. Maybe it’s something else that is lost.
That’s all for today.


  1. The Great British sell off under way I fear. Actually saw two coaches taking Chinese students on a tour of the local Uni yesterday.

    1. Douglas, not much left to sell, the french own most utilities, the Americans, Germans, the Indians and Japanese the rest of our industry. If you go to any University City the Chinese students seem to be the majority.

  2. A pig shoot would be great, the kind without bullets of course.

    The little creatures are incredible, as usual.

    1. Marie, I'll have a wander that way with a normal lens on the camera. I like most creatures but Moll has a bad eye from a deer tick. Deer ticks are not in my good books.

  3. Unfortunately, "a proper pig shooting day," doesn't result in bacon in this case.

    1. John, I'm hoping there may be some bacon heading my way.

  4. Sorry Adrian just catching up!... The pigs look as happy as..er?..pigs!

    I think your moth is a rather worn Engrailed (Ectropis bistortata) (90% sure!!)

    No idea with the caterpillar though...[;o)

    1. Trevor, thanks for the ID. I spent ages looking in British Moths but I go dizzy after a while.
      The pigs are a pain one managed to uncouple the hydraulic hose to the tipper trailer. They are happy snuffling and digging.