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Thursday 2 July 2020


I am up to date with all my jobs, paddock sweeper mended, quad tow hitch replaced with a new one and extended to take a pin and a ball hitch, it's shitty throttle cable replaced with a proper Bowden type cable with hard soldered ends, I had to pop the ends on but amazingly got aircraft spec cable with an outer built to the length I asked for and for twice the price of crap, got something that should last forever. We will survive with or without China, there are folk here and hereabouts that know what they are doing.
 We have new sheep on new grass. All jobs that didn't require heavy lifting. The job is a 'gud un' brilliant but without doubt something else will break.
 I have never understood why Quad manufacturers went from manual gearboxes to the Variomatic Dutch invented crap, all machines ought to be warmed up before use but the young just expect to jump on, start up and shoot off at full throttle. I expect I was just the same but I was told and told with a clip round the ear if I had to be told twice. I noticed the quad was a little snappy in reverse and I hate doing Variomatics but dislike them or not five grands worth of machinery can't be just scrapped for the sake of a days frustrating and really annoying labour.
I have got a bit sick of looking at the blog header winding it's way in and out of trees. This is just a first draught of something I'm pondering. A teaser.

I'm also thinking of moving to YouTube and this will animate very nicely. I am more interested in moving images these days and 3D stuff. I have a back catalogue of many middling high definition live insects which few folk now on Blogger appreciate, they go down a treat at the Rotary or W.I. I can understand that, it's knew to them. An MPE- 65 lens is a sod to work and shooting down a microscope is impossible with live subjects. It's far from easy with the MPE but makes a good slide show. The lens costs an arm and a leg used. 

I don't know what else I have to impart. It appears the 'Forensic' Starmer is no longer a fan of BLM. 
He was a fan of Jimmy Saville, or didn't prosecute him. If you are going to buy into a bandwagon then at least kick the tyres Kier. I could add get a descent suit, the lasses in Tesco dress better. What a tosser. Who advises these people? The answer is other tossers.
We may be getting a few hundred thousand Hong Kong folk but they will be for the most part a benefit and grateful. Even if a few Triad creep in they will make the others like the muslim and our anglosaxon peados think twice. What is it about these folk? Children can be attractive or down right ugly, they are without exception annoying. Sexual objects.........I just don't get it. They want a bit of lead in their ear do folk that sexualise children.  When one is a child it seems to take forever but as one hits the declining years it was over in seconds. 
That's all.


  1. The problem is that the declining years are going over faster than ever too.

  2. These people who jumped in at the deep end in support of BLM just didn't look before they leapt.

    1. Rachel, at best they are idiots and at worst Marxist which probably amounts to the same thing.

    2. Marxist, 30 year old leader out to destroy capitalism. Momentum lover of the far left. He doesn't give a fuck about black lives matter. How many people licking up to BLM UK actually bother to find out? Blogs are full of them. They are the idiots.

    3. Rachel, this virtues signalling is mildly annoying. It's what dumb clucks like doing and for the most part does no harm.