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Monday 27 July 2020


The rain has hammered down all day. I went to Aldi for some cooking oil, a pack of a dozen milk cartons and one of their malted bloomer loaves. I forgot my mask but it was fine, the lassie let me in which was very gracious of her. I also forgot that I have to go to Lidl for UHT milk in bulk. It's virtually next door in Cupar and Lidl have never paid anything but lip service to all the Batflu malarkey so I was fine just wandering in. I didn't risk Tesco.
I am surrounded by Stoats this year. This is where one was. Lightning fast little devils they are even in the rain.
Moll spotted it and has spent thirty minutes trying to find it.
Here she is nearing home after another fruitless hunt.....She is cleaner than I expected but very wet.

I still have five days to finish the table thingy and it's just as well as I still haven't worked out how to loft hollow sections along a path. There is a way it's just a bit of a problem finding it.
The Bezier curve tool is a dream to use in FreeCAD. The other thing I appreciate is that it's parametric so that one can edit anything in the tree on the left and it updates to the last operation which in this case is called Chamfer001. I should rename it to something sensible like crap tension bracket. This software is slowly getting to SolidWorks standard and it is free so a thousand or so pounds cheaper.

This is one of two tensioning arms one will be welded to the top frame and the other to the base. They will be made in four parts out of 3mm plate and TIG welded together. I don't like the shape so will sleep on this bit and see if I'm inspired in the morning. I'm tempted to go for a tapered 'T' section to match the top and bottom rings then if it fails the FEM analysis I can increase the vertical section of the 'T'. It looks naff like this.
I haven't an artistic bone in my body. Plenty of autistic ones so maybe I could ask to swap one or two. There really is no need to model this as from a manufacturing point of view I could just draw it. The problem with a drawing is that artistic folk need something that is 3D to criticise and since everybody now uses 3D CAD, folk are used to seeing a proper picture of the finished object. The plate I expect to be laser cut so it will have to be converted to CAD at some point for the laser machine to cut it. I'm wondering if it could all be fitted into a standard sheet of cold rolled mild steel. This is turning into a really good skill expanding project.

Here is the latest interpretation of what is expected from us sheeple. Give a round of applause to Andrew Lawrence.
This bloke helps keep me normal if not sane. Do folk still clap for BLM, the NHS? I suspect not, even idiots eventually realise that clapping and banging pans makes no difference to the efficacy of a killer virus. I see this is the two thousandth post I've done. Mostly shit so not worth pan banging for. 
Have fun.


  1. Andrew Lawrence brightens my life. No mask heavies here, but then we are all morons in Norfolk, fit, but morons. Brilliant, 1000 posts of insects on flowers and CAD drawings.

    1. Rachel, he is good. I used to do some photography stuff as well but got bored with landscapes and such. I have been blogging for ten years or so. Always tried to help with image editing and simple computer problems. Now I just post what I want and when I want.

    2. Yes, he is good. Very good. I remember your old blog years ago.

  2. Fortunately only one sharp shower here. Quarter of an inch in ten minutes.

    1. My rain gauge broke and I never replaced it but it never stopped for a good twelve hours.

  3. I gave up trying to understand all your modern computer drawing malarchy ages ago although I can usually understand the words individually just not the order they are in. However 'parametric' had me foxed. It's as bad as builders using 'metric feet'.

    Stoats are photographable when dead I've discovered but never when alive.

    1. Graham, parametric is a non destructive way of working. It means that if I want to edit anything I can select that bit, alter it and the model will update. The alternative is to start again from scratch. I do have a couple of stoat snaps but where they are is anyone's guess.