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Friday 31 July 2020


I have been out insecting today and found nothing new. I did have a look in the files and found this Two Banded Longhorn Beetle. I have never been a one for saving images as there is usually something I don't like about them. Insects are particularly affected as very few people want an insect a metre wide on their wall and consequently I have only ever printed and sold one.

We have a big muck shift on at the moment and I have nothing to do with it but on my way over to see the horses I nearly had a whoopsy with one of the eight leggers carting muck up the single track road. After I had reversed for miles....well a couple of hundred yards.....I wound down my window for a chat with the driver. I thought he wanted directions. He was brilliant.
"What about these French fuckers wanting our fish Eh? 
"Just heard it on the radio."
"I'll tell youse something now. We have a wee ugly Sturgeon in Holyrood and the buggers are welcome to her."
With that he slammed his truck in gear and departed.

Just in case you need clarification on the Batflu nonsense.


  1. God that third photograph looks menacing, no I would not want that on my wall. And fuck the French and fuck the EU.

  2. A lovely beetle Adrian, one I've yet to see in the flesh, as it were!....I'll keep looking!
    However, I did have a Dusky Longhorn Beetle (Arhopalus rusticus) in my moth trap a few nights ago...an equally stunning beast!

    Have a good weekend...[;o)

  3. Trevor there are some really stunning Longhorn beetles. Unfortunately I have yet to find them.

  4. You don't save images! That comes as a surprise. I treasure mine as my memory store and reference point. (I also erased several I wanted by mistake and now delete nothing for fear of doing the same again.)
    The little policeman clip. There are so many contradictions in everything happening at present! Speaking as someone in one of the areas with extra restrictions newly imposed - fortunately Friday was very sunny here and although it must have been awful for those expecting to have family celebrations for Eid there was a very cheerful atmosphere in the neighbourhood, the streets colourful with so many people in their best and new clothes but not so many that they couldn't walk far apart. Sometimes it's like a dance, crossing and re-crossing roads or walking in them to avoid going too close to others. Haven't been into the middle of a town in months.

    1. Lucy, I do save a few. Every now and again I'll delete the dross and just pop the others on an external drive. They aren't catalogued so almost impossible to find. The fun for me is taking them and editing.
      The Batflu has to be laughed at and for the most part ignored. ne would go insane otherwise. I see the BBC are suggesting that when the schools go back the pubs will have to shut can see no logic in this unless it is the only way they can get teachers back to work.

  5. In New Zealand I developed a fondness for Longhorn Beetles (and a dislike of Gisborne Cockroaches). That one is a beauty.