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Wednesday 29 July 2020


One of the New Hollands needs a clutch pack replacing. 
Not such a bad job as long as the tyres don't deflate whilst she's split. If they do then the two halves of the tractor will be out of alignment and it will be a real mauling job slotting it back onto the splines. Lots of "Oh bless my souls." "Well send me to the bottom of my Grandma's stairs." I have many other special words if these phrases don't do the trick. Last time I was involved in splitting a tractor it took a full day to get the bugger to line up and that was the little Zetor which weighs a third of this beast. 

Now what in the name of all that's Holy is going on here.
Looks exciting.
Looks like a posh pan mixer and a very smart mini-digger.

It's a big concreting job. I hate concreting and I've got a poorly back, toe, neck, knee and am terribly incapacitated by a debilitating attack of Idlitus. Fortunately there appear to be more than enough hands for the job and I would hate to get in the way. 
That's about it for today. I've finished the draft of the suspended table and the lassie popped round last night for a look. She has decided to increase it's plan view or footprint by a third. I can do that while she watches. She also asked if it could be made more decorative. Of course it can but first she has to find someone to make it for free. Pity the Technical Colleges were ditched in favour of silly stuff courses at pretend universities. Were they still to exist she would then have had access to loads of posh welders, plasma cutters, lathes, mills and testosterone filled young men who, if she kept out of the way and didn't distract them, would have built it for her quick sticks. I should have my bit done for the weekend and will colour it in and post a picture or two.


  1. Agnie, they are HDR processed from a single image. Not as good as multiple images but good enough for here and it saves masking out the ghosting in the moving bits. These are done using NIK filters which for a while were free. They have started charging for them again but this is where they come from.
    As long as you shoot in Camera raw and correct them something like neutral prior to letting Efex loose the results are acceptable. I always adjust levels and saturation in Photoshop after HDRing. Gimp would do the same but I, who love free, have never got on with GIMP.

  2. PS. forgot to say I set the camera to under expose by a stop or third of a stop. It's easy in RAW to pull back dark bits but impossible to rescue blown areas. You can if you forget replace the white areas with grey but that is yet more work. Work is to be avoided at all costs.

  3. It's very busy in your Comments, too! Can't understand any of it, not that that's unusual for me. Hope you had good luck with your clutch.

    1. Pauline, the new one never turned up so I had a lazy day.

  4. I've reconditioned a gearbox but never changed a clutch even on a car. I don't envy you the job of aligning it. You need a large overhead gantry crane. I hope the lassie is duly grateful to you.

    1. Graham, the tractor is on a five tonne trolley jack and we move it using long bars to lever the front wheels. If I do gearboxes I always do the clutch as they cost nothing and are easier done at the same time.
      She is pissed off that nobody will build it, then she would want it transporting about. It is more an exercise for me.

    2. I've no idea why I didn't put a new clutch in when I was overhauling the gearbox. It was the 1965 Volvo estate. The gearbox whined in one of the gears. The old M40A geabox was tiny and very solid and simple. I managed to split a tempered washer when re-assembling it and had to drive to Manchester from the Wirral to get a new one to avoid my fairly recent marriage coming to s quick end. Lesson - never try to recondition a gearbox the week before going on holiday. When I came to recondition the gearbox on a split-windscreen Morris Minor I was rebuilding Haynes said don't even try - get a reconditioned one. It was half the length of the vehicle. I couldn't believe it.