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Tuesday 7 July 2020


A couple of years ago they culled a score or so of deer as they were getting a real pest, wandering through the crops and stripping bark of trees. I was a bit slow and never thought to buy one for the freezer. The numbers are slowly building up again but they are not trashing the place so are fine for another year at least..... All bar this one who is barking outside my van at four in the morning.

What it's barking for at this time of the year I don't know.  At least it is on the fallow field and not in the barley, this despite it's being a Roe Deer and not a Fallow Deer. It must be an MGBGTXYZ Deer. Even I could have shot this one. You aim just below and to the left of it's front hip joint. A soft nosed 22 slug on a 303 cartridge does the rest. They are called Hornets and I suspect they will be banned as they work just as well on politicians.

This morning I was chatting to the lassie stocking the shelves in Aldi and she was moaning that all the 2m lines would have to be stripped off the floor and replaced with 1m lines. I suggested popping another bit of yellow tape between the existing ones. She looked a bit perplexed and then the penny dropped. Fucking hell, you must be a genius and yoose being English at that.... (Bloody racist Scots)..... I'll away and tell the manager and away she went with her nubile bum looking chirpier and livelier the nearer she got to the 'Staff Only' door.
 I know it's been a metre in England for a while but Wee Nippy has to exert what power she has and be as annoying as is possible with it. I can never tell how much of her nonsense is pure Bolshevism or whether she is genuinely Special Needs. In practice it makes little difference but apparently when the distance drops on Friday we will all have to wear masks. I think I'll see if I can find a Megan Sparkle or Lewis Hamilton mask, they being half black and half white I shouldn't upset anyone.

I have been quite busy, mowing in the day for few hours and after much thought I have a new project to occupy me for the rest of the time. Years and years ago Ferrari designed a wet sump supercharged two-stroke engine, it never came to anything as common rail injection and posh ECUs hadn't really got going. With modern processors, capacitors in plug leads, electronic ignition and multi stage injectors it ought to be possible to make a tidy engine with a respectable power band. I am playing with this idea. I am thinking of a three cylinder 600cc in line water cooled bike engine, it's that or a twin which could be converted to a V-four. I'll do a single first at about 125cc. Something to keep the little grey cells busy and not as boring as mowing, topping, horseing, sheep supervision or welding. We had a slight incident with a naughty dog chasing the new sheep but they are only being fattened so no real harm done but as I said to the lady with the bad dog had they been in lamb and near term it would have been shot, as the bloody things would have been dropping still born lambs left right and centre. Not shot by me, I like dogs and would most likely have missed and hit a sheep. The lady was very upset so I invited her to turn up with her dog, a lead and I would show the little tinker the error of it's ways. Dogs generally want to do nothing but please, an hour should see it sorted. It is a Spaniel so maybe two hours and a trip up the glen to see the Alpacas. Alpacas can be really funny buggers. Okayish when they get to know you but even then they can be a bit funny. They would sort a Spaniel quick sticks.
That's all.


  1. Try telling the Odeon it's only a metre and to stop following everyone around with a sanitiser spray and rules are made to be broken in any case. How has this happened? We are doing too much of what we are told.

    1. Rachel. I don't take any notice at all. It's been a load of bollocks from day one.