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Saturday 25 July 2020


There are few things I enjoy more than investigating the intricacies of CAD or 3D software, as recent visitors will know I am modelling a funny table. That job is coming together but having been granted a fortnight to do it I feel there is no rush. I need to be told. "Yesterday would be good." To get anything done on time. The lassie to her credit is following along with screen grabs but keeps getting in a muddle. Before you criticise try it. Not as easy as sketching on a bit of paper. Last email I got was.
"Fuck me. I wish I'd never started this."

FreeCAD is either getting much better or I am, I doubt it's the latter but I keep finding things it can do and playing. The lofting on a path is wonderful until one want's to add wall thickness. I can't do that bit yet, whatever I do it goes tits up. When I learn then it will be perfect for someone wanting an exhaust manifold doing, be even better were they paying for it.
 Clive who steered the 'Lassie of the Table' my way used to give me mundane tasks using SolidWorks and I really enjoyed doing stuff for him. When I got stuck I used to shout Clive, Debbie! One or the other would appear and with a couple of clicks my errors would be gone and a few more clicks from either of them and the job would be done. Made me feel superfluous and a little special needs or spastic as they phrased it. It's amazing how fast the job is and converting drawings to machine code is a matter of minutes. Selecting the right tool and tool path requires knowledge. It's all too easy to bust carbide tooling, I was middling good at picking feed, cut depth and cutting revs. Good but a little on the conservative side. Anyway I digress.

I suspect I'm turning into one of them. I have a Vegan meal on the stove. It's a Cajun fried cabbage. Cajun's are a bit odd as the cabbage is gently cooked in it's own juice not fried at all. Cajuns were from France.... This explains some of it.....Interbreeding could account for the rest. They are a bit like our Royals though I suspect most of the Royalty would struggle to Identify a cabbage in the round. Most Cajuns can and have the ability to cook and work banjos and fiddles. Not a skill set I've noticed in the Queen's progeny or her for that matter.

 Now we have a problem..............This is nearly Vegan..............Vegans will have to pretend  the smoked sausage and the little square bits of gammon are jack fruit, tofu or whatever shite they use to make them fart and feel self righteous. It's mostly peppers and onion and garlic and cabbage. Near enough vegan for anyone who isn't a pedant.

I think I'm turning into a Liberal. Liberals have much the same outlook as I do. They are for free choice.
Then I hear them.
They don't seem to want choice on schools, trade, health care, energy, plastic, which of the liberals are allowed little children to screw. So they are pervy twats. I think I am going to settle for being an almost Vegan. Sounds good. I could be a LiberalVeganabit. I suspect I will remain normal.
Have a great weekend or what's left of it.


  1. Perhaps you might like to consider bringing out a healthy cookery for vegans, Veganism with Dead Animals to Bish Bash Bosh on the Camp Fire. How super.

    1. Rachel, it does have that 'Pavement Pizza' look about it.

    2. Rachel try as you might I'm not tempted. Attacking retards is just picking the low hanging fruit.

  2. Agnie, this sort of stuff lasts me three days if I make a big enough pot full.