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Thursday, 8 November 2012

PLAGEURISM. (08/11/12)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           On Tuesday I had to switch the radio off so went back to rooting about in old hard drives. My hard drives save things but I really must tell them to save things in folders. I couldn’t even remember taking this.  The only reason I could be sure it’s mine that there are five of them.

004_edited-1  Mine again same story. The first is I think is just north of Lowestoft and the second on the approaches to Copenhagen….. I hope!… I used to like windmills till I saw the latter.

I love news programmes, I don’t know why, I like to think that I want to know when Armageddon is coming. If I'm honest then I couldn't tell, I couldn’t care less and I’m a sad voyeur.

I got really pissed off with myself and the American election because I couldn’t tear myself away.

Two candidates Obama a Muslim but not practising, Romney a Mormon….possibly practising…he wears the vest and thank the Lord I can’t vouch for his knickers. Mitt does come across in the Old World as very insular and a touch more duplicitous than your average politician…He probably hears voices or worse can ask the voices……  He needs treatment!  I thought at first it was a bit of a close call…..Like a bag of M&Ms. They all taste the same but come in different colours….How does one pick the good one?…Roll ‘em out and gobble, gobble gobble …last one left uneaten is the winner.  Good a way of electing a leader as any.

I know that religion is not a barrier to election in America and for that I admire the Constitution. Your ancestors were in many cases fleeing persecution both religious and secular Many were forced by us and the Dutch to board a ship in Africa bound to the New World to work under slavery. It shouldn’t have happened but we live in today. Humans whatever colour  are the same as I am…….most are much better. the only ones I am wary of are the idiots that use belief in mumbo jumbo christ…god…jesus to attack me for my atheism.

. Treat everybody you meet with kindness. If they start to exhibit aggressive tendencies then hit them and hit them hard. Do it yourself!…Don’t ask others to do it for you….A young Squaddie here or a GI over there should not be a pawn in a politicians game…..Bring back jousting. Dithery has been honing is equestrian abilities. He borrowed an ‘orse from a person of dubious morality  but at least he is trying.

As I was saying…..I got fed up with politics and fired up some music. My computer fires up a random track. Bob Dylan..The Times they are a Changing was first up…..okay I can live with that. It then went to another Bob Dylan track…….God is on Their Side……A Bloody Fenian song he ripped off …..The Patriot Game by Liam Clancy..The Patriot Game. A much better song and so much sadder……my  music must be better organised than my pictures.

The war with the Fenians  is yet to reach a conclusion, we hates them and have done for a thousand years. It’s a good cause we want their country and we want theirs…Bugger all in Ireland so why can’t they have it back?

It’s so hard to hit the Irish…they play wonderful music, write wonderful books and much like us try and fight away their troubles. The female of the Urse speaking nation are the wonders of the female world. They say FECK  OFF like no other woman can. Just a big pity and a beauty that we are such near neighbours. Of course they do not attract the weak of heart. That’s why it’s Fenianesses fault there are so many catholic tiddler and toddler diddlers. Get a life in Ireland  and stop exporting your major asset. Your Ladies.

The  Fenian males are either normal, much like the females but less aggressive or Catholic paedophiles. Many of our lords and right wing politicians fall into the same category.

Grow up!  Own up you kiddy fuckers and If you can’t tackle a mature lady then give up and beat your own meat. DO NOT mess with kids. The UN should invade and police the Vatican. The House of Lords here should be purged of paedophiles . Buggery between consenting adults is fine, a bit smelly in a non fishy way perhaps. No worries, horses for courses.  Adult humans like adult dogs or sheep should be trusted with children. Those  that can’t stop molesting the weak should be shot. The same applies to those that can only find power over the weak by using that power. . Buy a Ferrari if your willy or fists don’t work.

Look at this wee lassies work…………………………………. Might be a big lassie for all I know…..she must be a film star to produce these magic  GIFFs



jamie-beck-22[4]                   Sheer plagiarism. Jamie Beck’s work is great I have spent two days trying to replicate it. Not a cat in hells chance for a muppet like me. Go here for a look at what else this film star can do……Look Here…. her work is harder to follow than it is to do…..  Bloody brilliant. it is though.

You all have a great weekend.


  1. Adrian..can you see shaking my head at you, you are a real ticket if I ever saw one!!: ))
    Your rants are what politicians should be saying, it makes more since!!!
    No I did not Look here...I was afraid I was going to see something repulsive...I still can't get over that enough people in this rinky dinky little state of Maine voted yes to make it legal for same sex ( or gays') to get married!! Gag!!
    I am probably being an old stodge,but that's my opinion for all it's worth !!
    You have a good weekend to!! : )

    1. Grace...I suspect there was a collective sigh of relief around the world. The USA does a great job of policing the world...or as good as anyone deserves. It has a tendency to go over the top when Republicans are in charge.
      Check the link it is not a bit mucky...I was dumb struck by these moving stills...A brilliant lass is Jamie Beck.
      You have a great four years...your democracy is reaching maturity so it matters not a jot to the average Joe Citizen who is in charge. Try living here...we are still Subjects. Something that should have been remedied years ago.

  2. Funny how TV can suck you into something that you don't want to watch. Election returns are a powerful attraction to us. Sorry! It just works that way.

    1. Red, I don't have TV...it was the radio.

  3. Wow!! Nice post. The gays are getting married and that's that...referring to a comment above:) It was a deciding factor when it came to electing the President. I agree with you on the stuff....but what separated me on the m and m issue was the fact that the Romney et al have isolated themselves into the last of the white people vote and we are not that anymore. There's no more room for that hatred, racism, bigotry, bla bla bla. And a President that accepts someone for who they are is the guy I want. Not one that is part of religion who would prefer their kids who are gay to put a gun to their head and pull the trigger. Women's issues etc etc.

    Love windmills......they do go round and round like most of our politicians:)

    1. Chris...Thanks. I just rabbit away when I get upset. I have always enjoyed the USA. Nearly always...the exception was a trip to the Rockies foothills in Idaho. I thought the Hillbillies were an invention....they were alive and strong there. Racks of guns on pickups and dashing off to church on Sunday....One hell of a culture shock that was.

    2. I know....I think several of them live here. Part of the reason why I haven't visited the south of the US is because they still live in the Civil War times. They'd kill gays, blacks and any other people they could that didn't believe in their god. And worse, the hillbillies live in isolated pockets around the US including AZ. I have a hard time around uneducated folk who don't practice what they preach....especially when they try to jam their religious hoo hah in everyone's face. Yeah I could go on:) Sorry you had a bad experience here.....some of us are good people:) I know how the rants go....I've had a couple myself on this thing:)

  4. Quite a post Adrian.
    Politics, religion and world news are three things I have little interest in. Maybe I should, but as I get older I feel less bothered about the human race, and more concerned with the natural world and the other animals that live in it.
    And don't get me started on wind farms; hideous things. If the planet wasn't so overpopulated, the natural resources would be plenty.

    1. Keith, I suspect you have a healthy attitude. We are both of an age when we can do sod all about it.

  5. Someone once said in my hearing that 'they wouldn't allow windfarms in New Zealand'. I felt obliged to point out that we have the largest one in the Southern Hemisphere (I assume we still do have) atop a most beautiful mountain range. It is one of the largest tourist attractions apparently. I love it. Not that I'm convinced by the economics and not that I'd want one in my back yard. But 'twas ever thus.

    Jamie Beck's stuff is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the introduction.

    I'm not sure whether it's just me but whether or not the people of the Us are happy with the election result at least most of the rest of the world is happier and less scared!

    1. They have brought GIFF files to a level of maturity I never imagined. Jamie Beck is a super star.
      I always rest easier having a Democrat in charge over there. The East coast of America gives a false impression of the place...I thought it was a normal country till I went westwards. Some seriously deranged folk in Idaho.
      Wind farms are a Blot on the Landscape....I re-read a Tom Sharpe novel this year and didn't really find it that amusing....Much like wind farms I suppose.