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Thursday 10 February 2022


 I offered some help on image editing. I can hear some of my peers pissing themselves, they'll be saying what next, the blind instructing the hard of hearing. I have made a point of never listening to their mockery. I accept I know sweet fuck all compared with the professionals but I console myself with not being as tedious as them. I'm also much better looking.

I took this HDR image this morning, it was snowy and icy on my side of the glen but the north side looked fine.

The road follows the south side so it was a bit slippy slidey and I noticed someone had hit the bank big time. Not me I've got posh tyres on specially made for freezio and can go zooming along fine until ground clearance becomes a problem, didn't need the traction control once. I can turn that on and off, wish I could do the same with ABS. I hate the brakes doing their own thing, sometimes it's nice to be able to aim hit the peddle and slide into something soft.

I have been giving the colour correction business some thought. I have got some basic videos tagged from good teachers on the Blender work flow. What they don't tell you is how to either get Blender or set it up so that you can use it. I'll do that for you on Sunday. I'll warn you now you will have to pay attention. It uses Nodes where as Photoshop uses layers. If you can't use Photoshop this won't be a problem. If you use the industry standard which is called NUKE you won't be interested, it uses nodes as well but theirs go vertically and not horizontally and don't say in the box what they do, like Fusion you have to have a gander across to another window.
 Blender is free and for the most part doesn't need compiling skills, certainly not for what I anticipate showing you. You can use it without short cut keys but it's easier to use them than hunt through menus. It will be confusing but not as mind boggling as listening to Chris Whitty, Valance, Ferguson. Hope I've spelt his name correctly but no matter it will be more accurate than any of his forecasts.
I'll do it as a video, I find videos a few hours work but no worries, I enjoy doing them. If all you want to do is edit snaps then white balance in Gimp is fine along with crop and other basic editing. If you use your phone then don't bother if all you want is a 3"x2" image for Facebook or Blogger there are apps available that will sort things with a click or not and editing JPEG is a waste of time.

Have fun, I'm going to. I have a Kindle 4 whose battery is on it's last legs. I have a new one winging it's way to me from Batteryupgrade. They have done a couple of deliveries here, they aren't cheapo but the two I have, one for seed drill and the other for a laptop are top quality. I got my first Kindle eleven years ago and the screen died thirteen months later. After much argy bargy I got a new one. The lassie said is all this worth your time, I told her it has taken two hours and it's a rare day I can earn fifty pounds an hour. The new one is fine but a couple of years ago I had to swap the battery from the duff screen one into my new, by now, old one. I have to do it again next week. It's not difficult but it is fiddly. Amazon don't make it easy they glue the cover on with a double sided Sellotape stuff for no obvious reason other than to stop you getting in. Five minutes with some totties hair dryer sorts the glue and with the plastic chisel I got from the mobile mending man I'm in. A few tiny screws, off with the battery cover, prize the old battery out lift up the flap on the power lead tape, rinse and repeat with the new battery and pray. It's harder than swapping a GPU but only because computers aren't stuck together with Sellotape.
Have fun.
See you Sunday if there is any interest. 



  1. I'll watch the video, Adrian, just in case any of it makes sense to me. I doubt it will and, anyway, I rarely attempt to edit photos these days as my eyesight isn't god enough. Old age is proving to be a pain in the butt.

    1. I've not done it yet. There is a few hours work in a video and there doesn't seem to be any real interest so I'll wait and see.