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Tuesday 22 February 2022


 Fibonacci, the famous one legged, Sub-Saharan, lesbian, man who was very good at adding up and could also manage taking away.* He, she, it has given me a few hours entertainment over the last couple of days. Is it still Black History Month? I expect so, it's always Black History Month unless it is MGBGT Month.

* Just in case I've caused confusion Fibonacci was Italian so White, possibly slightly tinged.

I got it doing it. These are Geometry Nodes in Blender, it's like programming for dummies. This follows exactly the same maths as that in the previous post. As you can see it now animates. Which would have been beyond me using Python.

Now what I have to do is model a sunflower seed and pop it in to replace the squiggles. A simple job using a node called Point Instancer or something like that. There are still several hours work and fun left in this project. This was done in an older version of Blender as the Attribute Nodes seem to have been decimated and I couldn't find anything I wanted. Bloody Blender.
I'll have a look into the matter later. 

Tomorrow is a busy day for me, I'm going to see the horses in the morning and after that I have a motorbike to investigate. Hopefully it will be something and nothing but it did sound a bit poorly on the phone. 

I am still on track to get a quick video out over the weekend with all the bells and whistles that Resolve can manage. That should read "I can manage."

It looks as if the Truckers are hanging on in there. I guess it won't stop till Trudy starts shooting their children. I'm somewhat surprised he hasn't already. Nasty bastards are Liberals if you upset them.


  1. Well I'd heard of Fibonacci and his numbers and I can cope with horses and motorbikes. Good luck.

    1. Getting there now Graham. I've updated my brain to cope with the new Blender 3.0 workflow.
      Horses all have new shoes, bike is still poorly, cylinders 2 & 3 missing badly. Ordered a new fuel pressure regulator, that should sort it. He only uses the bike for racing so it has been sitting for months. I hope he hasn't chucked E10 in it.