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Monday 14 February 2022


 I have had a few hours YouTubing and am now using Blackmagic's tutorials. They are both extensive and for the most part easy to understand. I have started with the 'Introduction To Colour Grading.'  I'll now upgrade to the new Version 17 as it has many features my version is lacking. One thing that I like straight away is that by using the scroll wheel you can increase/decrease settings by tiny amounts. The mask tool is a dream to use though I'll watch the tutorial again as I fouled up.

I'll get Version 17 tonight as it's a big upload and will take several hours.

Then I plan to shoot some video and have a play with that. I can see this software seeing me out. Not really, a couple of hours a day for a month should see me get comfortable if not proficient. I have always been impressed with this programme but I was never enthused enough to bother learning it. 

I heard on the radio yesterday that I should go and get AIDS tested. Whatever else I am I'm certain that Aids is the least of my worries. I wonder what money laundering scam they will come up with next?


  1. I used to have a video camera, made filsm and do editing when I was an art student at Chelsea. They encouraged us to do stuff we had never done before (most people ignored the instruction because all they wanted was a certificate at the end to say they had signed in for the course). Film editing is a doddle compared to that Blender stuff you do.

  2. I use Blender as an editor for video but it is hard work. Resolve is a full professional edit job and also has an audio editor, special effects and colour correction/grading. I'm just starting out with it. I wish I'd started years ago. I'll try and get a video done for next week, The only way to learn these things is to use them then when it goes to rats find out why.
    It's just a pastime for me so no pressure.