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Monday 7 February 2022


 A new family moved into the glen around two years ago. Nice folk now they've settled. Mrs Newfolk rides horses as does her daughter. The glen road is single track so folk pull over and wait for them to ride past. Now folk round here can't just let a chance meeting go to waste and usually send their window down for a chat. Some even do so in the middle of town. I stopped for Mrs Newfolk last week and sent the window down to say hello and the horse stuffed it's nose in the car. She said I wish people wouldn't do this, he thinks they've stopped to speak to him. I said, he's most likely right as I scratched his nose. Took her a couple of days to come round. 

Yesterday I was casting my eyes over a few Blogs. Hiawatha was still in a muddle, struggling to work his glasses mask and hearing aid. The worrying thing is he is still driving a car. Could be worse. His car could be a truck.

 Seem to be doing all right do those Canuke truckers, good lads and lasses. Nothing much on the news but plenty of updates on YouTube. Don't know whether Fidel Trudeau has come out of hiding but he ought to. I'm slightly surprised he isn't poncing about dressed as a trucker, he has much in common with our Royals he seems to love dressing up.

 I then had a look at Tasker Dunhams blog. He has a bit of a problem but he does post through a posh domain so I thought I'd give his issue some attention. I use CS6 as it was paid for by a lovely if hefty lass who worked for Lovejoy Productions. Prior to her or her company's generosity I used Photoshop Elements or Gimp. I don't work on photoshoots or movies anymore as if I kneel down I find it embarrassing to be helped back up. Anyway lets get back on track here. Taskers slides.

Not good and it's funny that the tint is uniform. I decided to have a play it took three plays as I've never been good with colours.

This is better but a bit blurry.

This looks okay to me but if a proper editor got to play he/she/it could make me look a right numpty.
This one is a challenge so I spent twenty minutes on it. Just for fun as I'd forgotten to look at the clock and had a cuckoo to sort first thing. It was before first thing so I gave it a go.

This is odd as analogue film is very forgiving. It's so uniform that I wondered if someone had got some filters for Christmas. The information is all there but a bit of a bugger to mask and retrieve.

Not bad but I used to mix with folk that could colour correct video on the fly. The hefty unit being one. I'd have got a boot up the bum for this. It does show that nothing is lost and computers can sort most problems. This is a multi masking, cloning job and could be improved over an hour or so but I doubt by me. You can do it with video frames by tracking the mask and praying hard. If you are not into prayer one has to be bloody good. In theory anything can be sorted. Look at colourised war footage. Magic it is.

I feel a bit sad for Australians. This is their new Wellcamp in Toowamba Queensland.

No chimneys yet. At least not in this model. It has a runway and not a railway but suspect that is what our rulers call progress.
Have fun.


  1. Thanks Adrian. Pure genius. As said by email, following your tips I'll be having a go again myself when I get out my old computer that runs Photoshop. I'll also add that your use of the images is with both permission and encouragement.
    The problem with posting through a 'posh' bespoke domain is that when I stop paying the blog is likely to become inaccessible, and if I change it now then it will be inaccessible on the current URL. I wish I'd never set it up in the first place.

    1. Thank you. I am thinking of taking some macros of insects again this year so I both enjoyed and needed the go in PS. I will have a go at them in Blender and see if that works any better. It will certainly work out cheaper. Fusion is another high end compositor and became free when BlackMagic the Aussie posh camera makers bought it. Don't know whether it still is and if you look don't get it confused with Fusion 360 which is a CAD programme and costs so much that it makes Adobe look like Woolworths or Iceland.

  2. Wow, what a difference to those photos! I'm nowhere near as clever and my printed photos that have turned bluish will just have to stay that way. They are only photos I took of toys, so not that important. Everything I've printed since that batch seems to be fine.

    1. Not clever It just seemed silly to have cameras and lenses worth a fortune and not be able to take advantage of all that digital can offer. Much easier than printing analogue.

  3. I had a laugh at your encounter with the horse. Thanks for the aerial photo of the camp at Toowoomba which is not far from where I was born. There are a lot more buildings since I last looked on Google Earth.

  4. This is just a model. I don't think they've built it yet. What a terrible thing to do to folk.

  5. Good work, Adrian. The photos look much improved.