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Friday 4 February 2022


 I look back to comedy sketches made half a lifetime ago and realise that the snowflakes have taken them as literal instructions. Monty Python et al what did you do?

This would be funny were it not for the fact that many individuals in government think it worth sabre rattling over some shithole on the north shore of the Black Sea. They have oil and gas, they pay the Biden family's expenses. We could do that, the British Isles are made of every sort of hydrocarbon stuff. It pops up and out all over.

However they prefer to argue over parties, cake and whether or not Sir Queer let Savile off, our NHS gave Savile free reign so did Queeny. He had little choice if he wanted to be dubbed. The decision he should be tackled on is the Muzzie paedos. I wonder why Boris didn't bring that up. It's a mystery beyond my ken. I shouldn't hazard a guess but I will. I suspect too many state employees were possibly involved. Let me know in the comments. Did you work in the police force, education, the NHS or social services and were a paedophile?
For those hard of thinking in those sectors paedophile means shagging children or getting a blow job.
It's much the same with climate change, governments think they are omnipotent and can control our planets climate and it's populations sniffles. Rubbish the state sector can't go for a crap without instruction and supervision. That supervision is very expensive. We are better off than we were but what use is a smart phone, a posh car or computer without affordable and reliable power?

I am starting to wonder if the Greenies in suburbia will still be pontificating about things they know nowt about when they have to cope with not just an increase in energy costs but a rationing of energy itself.

You will really laugh at this. Our glorious leader up here; Wee Nippy has decided to increase oxygen in school classrooms and hence in the students blood by chopping a foot off the bottom of all school doors. I just hope they never have a fire. I would just tell the kids to take their masks off and try breathing deeper. I doubt Monty Python could have dreamt that one up.

Have a great weekend. (French, Weekend)


  1. We are living in a world where nobody represents my wishes at all so I am left with no choice but to ignore them all.

    1. I sympathise. They can usually be safely ignored.

  2. I know what Rachel means. My thinking now is that it's their world and not ours for much longer.
    Bottoms off classroom doors! Pity the kids who have to sit in the cold draft. I wonder what fire safety think of it. Less than 20 years ago they removed all the beautiful hundred year old oak doors in the university building where I worked and replaced them with modern fire doors (the ones with an expandable sandwich that seal you into the room if there's a fire when you're asleep on the job) with automatic closers and windows so you don't break the nose of anyone inside when pushing open. The guy who kept wedging his door open to be more accessible to students got written warnings and threats of dismissal. This is where the money goes. The people who do the actual job are an afterthought.

    1. I haven't voted for over forty years and then it was for the Monster Raving Loony Party.
      I think they should swap all school doors for those Western Saloon ones. Imagine the fun kids would have with them.
      It's getting ridiculous but what can you expect when you look at MPs and Civil Servants.
      A firm I do a bit of work for have had to sack a seventy year old ex employee who does about ten hours a week vacuuming swarf and coolant. They wanted him to be trained to use the vacuum. He told them his mum had trained him. He'll just have to come in early mornings or weekends that £150.00p makes a big difference to both him and his wife.
      I thought that when I left school this nonsense was all behind me and it was while I was at sea. Almost, most of the rules and training were there to assist one.