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Saturday 12 February 2022


 Post production.

Unfortunately what follows has nothing to do with these sort of posts, it is much more complicated than firing a chainsaw up and sharpening a stick.

At the pinnacle of free post production software is Davinci Resolve, I have tried using it in the past but through idleness have stuck with Adobe and Blender. Regardless of any interest here I thought it a good opportunity for me to learn it or at least try to. It will take many hours so unless you are interested in image production then I suggest you don't bother.
Here is a starter video. It will show the words and music to get you going.

Now have a look and see what you think. If you are going to learn anything complicated from YouTube you will not want adverts popping up or the internet throwing a wobbly so I suggest you go HERE and download WinX You Tube Downloader and keep it updated as YouTube don't seem to be friends with it. It's a bit naughty but naughty adds spice to life. You will need two screens so you can edit and watch at the same time. If you already have a camera and lenses a monitor is peanuts, get the biggest and best you can justify. It is also sensible to get a Spyder to colour correct your monitors. Have a look here at DATACOLOUR. Mine is a really old one but still seems to work. I understand that digital studios do theirs every shift and probably leave them powered up, I do mine every month or so or if I have to send something for print.

I'm going to start learning the Davinci workflow, promise. Resolve can edit video, edit audio, colour correct, colour grade, the latter can be done semi automatically using Look Ups or LUTs or manually.  It is now owned by Black Magic the Melbourne builders of very posh and very expensive cameras but you don't need their hardware to use their software.

I'll see how I get on and hope to share the experience with someone or someones.
 Should you win the lottery or are already blessed with mega bucks and purchase a Red or Black Magic video camera and can't get on with it then I would be more than interested in offering it a good home. I also lust after an Arca Swiss or Ebony camera with a digital back. I suspect this isn't going to happen but dreams are free.

I'm off today but working tomorrow. I was given a digital gift card for Aldi this Christmas but until this morning it has been of little use as the casheruppers didn't know what to do with it. Third time lucky, there was a very pretty young girl on the checkout, red hair, freckles and blessed with an arse to die for. I said don't panic over it. She said it'll be a piece of pish, now don't you worry yourself. I'll type the bar code in then the pin and you'll see, away it will go. Away it did. She then said very slowly, as if talking to a geriatric, now don't you go losing it, keep it safe as there's still three quid and a bit left on it. I said you are a star bar, they should make you manager. She said I'm far too bright to manage an Aldi. A great lass, I can see how Prince Andrew got in bother. She's going to break a heart or three. She has already broken mine. I hate being old. I do accept that she'd consider twenty five ancient.


  1. Watched the video - looks very interesting. Wondering whether to try it out on Linux or Mac. Depends how much storage it needs on install. So far searching the Resolve site I haven't found a description of which versions of Mac OS it works with.

    1. John, I have version 16 and it takes 2.14Gb.

    2. PS. You will need a minimum of 16GB of RAM. This is a proper professional editing suite so with enough perseverance anything you see on film or TV can be reproduced.

    3. Found v17 on the Mac Ap Store - 3GB download. I must have tried an earlier version at some time as the Ap Store indicated a 'cloud download' which means I had previously downloaded it. Yes, I have 16GB ram.